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  1. Ty. I rezzed at the temple instead of going back to my body Asgard
  2. Was away for a few patches, just got back the other night when 5.7 was released to the Live server. I warped out of the beachhead, the map showed nothing even after exploring said area. It looked to be a tower owned by order or balance but no castle or keep that I could see. I was not paying attention and got taken out, I'm guessing by the AI guards in the tower? But when I rezzed I had no inventory so does that mean it had to have been a human player that took me out? Also I waited around in crow form trying to see who killed me before I rezzed and no one showed up. Am I missing something? Stealthers can loot in stealth mode correct? Thanks, Asgard
  3. Hoping to see the Stoneborn in game soon!
  4. Anyone see an actual advantage to leather armor for a Cleric? For those that may have tried it, does it make us too squishy? Asgard
  5. 10-4, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong. The current disc that say plate matching or plate w/e I think just add attack or support power. TY
  6. It would be amazing to have something like WoWhead for Crowfall. And def being able to plan out your skill tree ahead of time would be most helpful!
  7. Any good crafting guides out there that someone could recommend? Thanks!
  8. Is there a way currently in 5.4 for a Cleric to use a Disc to wear Plate? I tried the 2 available and it still wouldn't let me where plate armor. Asgard
  9. 2FA is only required for gifting and receiving items. My WoW account was hacked back in the day, believe me you will be glad you did 2FA.
  10. Agreed. I have never enjoyed playing a pre alpha this much. Night and Day between this and another MMO that I contributed to a kickstarter for.
  11. Thanks for the responses guys. Very helpful!
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