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  1. Harvesting and crafting time sink
  2. Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Hello all. I'm a 44 year old man that has been playing mmorpg since shadowbane. I live in eastern time zone and am a casual player. I work mostly days so my plat time is evenings. Looking forward to joining a guild and playing this game. Hook me up please.
  3. Will This Be The Theif? Stealing Please.

    I concur the thief was so awesome to play. Please figure it out many would love to play this type.
  4. The Black Watch (From Dread, Sbemu)

    Hello all. I used to play on the dread server and was a huge Shadowbane player. I loved that game and have sought to find a game to replace it. I hope Crowfall will. I would love to play with so old familiar names. I went by this name and have used it on all accounts since. Im not a real awhole just find the name funny. If your willing to accept me as a guldie it would greatly be appreciated.