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  1. О, уже почти ещё два года прошло, едрыть мою прыть
  2. Год не вспоминал Кроуфоллец, захожу-смотрю статус «преальфа 4». «Пре». Альфа. 4. А в моем кикстартере сказано «эстимейтед деливери декабрь 2016». Короче, МММ тут? Или подождать-таки еще пару-тройку лет?
  3. Hello Mr Mulligan, small question about those of us that sort of dropped out region-wise: - what about Eastern Europe, but mainly Russia & CIS? When I accepted new ToS it said my country will be managed by Travian, but will it really? - And if so, will you be providing Russian localization which was promised as one of the KS stretch goals that we helped achieve? Thanks.
  4. Да потому что этих мраззиков и прочих кореедрочеров в этой игре не надо, все просто. Надеюсь, долларовый б2п их отрежет от неё напрочь
  5. Не нашел инфо, когда Альфа-2 доступ стартует. Кто-то может тыкнуть?
  6. ??? ?????? ?? ?????????? ?? ????????? ??????, ??? ???-?? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ??????????
  7. ??-?, ????, ?? ????????? ?? ????? ???-?? ??????????? ???? ?????? ? ??????, ?????, ??????:'(
  8. Played the Russian 1st beta. It's so grindy I left it after a few hours. No obvious end goals, no motivation to kill all the thousands of mobs hour after hour. Not thinking of going back, let alone supporting it. I don't think the game will be well received in the West either.
  9. Also supported this a while back, great concept, good systems, but only gonna play at release as I don't want to undergo wipes and do any bughunting, for that matter.
  10. I'm not too hot on my account being "terminated or suspended at any time, for any reason" from communication channels, basically meaning that if anything I post contradicts the personal opinion of anybody who is able to enforce such measures they could just cut me off within a heartbeat.
  11. Simply put, to even consider having battles of 500+ scale you'd have to get a stable game population of 1kk+ to be able to support the concept, with our current numbers our best hope is to aim for
  12. Not gonna support Behavior as they already rolled back on their promise of open world and mass-RvR, some key people also abandoned the company in the course of it's overly lengthy development. For what EC looks to be shaping up to atm I'd much prefer Blizzard's upcoming Overwatch for a sessional shooter. I'm also confident CF will reach release date sooner than EC, if the latter is to be released at all, which I also doubt.
  13. It sure does, thank you. I solemnly, yet strongly request that you revise your intentions to search for a Russian partner. Recent experience shows that Western companies were discouraged with the financial results their localizers were showing them and the overall quality of service, and their games closed down in our country (refer to Rift, LotRO). The current rate of the ₽₽ also contributes to the overall purchasing power. However, most of these games are now directly available to our players either in EU, or, in some rarer cases, in NA. I would thus suggest that you consider offering CF to Ru+CIS directly from EU. Since you already have the budget to translate the game, your main concern would be PR & Marketing, and adjusting the price for the product & services. Steam is also a very effective instrument to automate these processes. Some other indie MMOs have found their way here through this platform and were well received (refer to The Repopulation, Shroud of the Avatar etc.). Thanks for considering.
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