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  1. I add, that I am an Emperor in T.E.S.O. and apply for remaining an Emperor in Crowfall.
  2. Thank you Kraahk! I found something for you . Bethesda in T.E.S.O. had Emperors, in German "Kaiser" . Emperors are the rulers of at least one or several Kings. Please integrate, that EKs can combine themselves to an Eternal Emperor area . Or better implement, that Eternal Emperor Areas are in the game and make a possibility to lower the borders to combine to Eternal Emperor Areas .
  3. Hi ! I'm planning my own class and race decision and need an explanation of the stats, so whether my Cleric shall be Human or Guinecean? Thank you in advance, the Godson Seraiel.
  4. Hii ! I hereby apply for new Godfather, Godson, Emperor and King Accounts or whatever you may want to offer. Godson Seraiel.
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