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  1. Because they can either say Yes/No/Maybe and the thread can be locked. Too many people brigading this thread with their idiocy because they are afraid of human interaction in a game.
  2. When will people figure out in this thread that proximity voice isn't intended to be heavily used between guild members?
  3. No answers from devs yet? A Yes or No will suffice.
  4. Dev time to implement shouldn't be even considered a factor, if they want to make a great game, features like these are needed to provide a unique immersive experience.
  5. I'm facepalming at some of these replies lmfao
  6. Are there any plans for in game voice chat being implemented? This will make it possible for roleplaying, and countless other interactions with other players because of the ability to communicate on the fly. I feel like without voicechat we are limiting many options we have when encountering strangers (which basically results in kill on sight). I made a post going more depth about this topic in a similar alpha game's forums which gives many reasons why in game voice chat is needed for most MMO's to provide a better experience for the players. Here is a link: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/6564-Let-s-talk-about-Voicechat-and-why-a-built-in-Proximity-Voicechat-system-is-bene/ EDIT: People are getting the wrong idea, here is a good reply that sums it up
  7. Apply here https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/595-Vendetta-Guild-Recruitment/?pageNo=1
  8. Did you leave titans?
  9. Vendetta is a fairly new hardcore PvP guild that left their mark on being sucessful on all of the Albion Online tests. We will definately try this game out. Our guild is planning to be a smaller coordinated force focusing on guerilla warfare.
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