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  1. Because they can either say Yes/No/Maybe and the thread can be locked. Too many people brigading this thread with their idiocy because they are afraid of human interaction in a game.
  2. When will people figure out in this thread that proximity voice isn't intended to be heavily used between guild members?
  3. No answers from devs yet? A Yes or No will suffice.
  4. Dev time to implement shouldn't be even considered a factor, if they want to make a great game, features like these are needed to provide a unique immersive experience.
  5. I'm facepalming at some of these replies lmfao
  6. Are there any plans for in game voice chat being implemented? This will make it possible for roleplaying, and countless other interactions with other players because of the ability to communicate on the fly. I feel like without voicechat we are limiting many options we have when encountering strangers (which basically results in kill on sight). I made a post going more depth about this topic in a similar alpha game's forums which gives many reasons why in game voice chat is needed for most MMO's to provide a better experience for the players. Here is a link: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/6564-Let-s-talk-about-Voicechat-and-why-a-built-in-Proximity-Voicechat-system-is-bene/ EDIT: People are getting the wrong idea, here is a good reply that sums it up
  7. skytea


    Apply here https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/595-Vendetta-Guild-Recruitment/?pageNo=1
  8. skytea


    Did you leave titans?
  9. skytea


    We are stalking you.
  10. skytea


    Vendetta is a fairly new hardcore PvP guild that left their mark on being sucessful on all of the Albion Online tests. We will definately try this game out. Our guild is planning to be a smaller coordinated force focusing on guerilla warfare.
  11. I'm talking about crowfall btw
  12. skytea

    Albion Online

    First off im very excited about Crowfall because it doesn't look like another casual trash themepark MMO which a lot of people here absolutely despise. But I'm suprised a lot of people here do not know about Albion Online. For those of you who don't know, Albion Online is a full-loot hardcore sandbox MMORPG planning on a free to play release later this year. It is currently in alpha testing, with an alpha test starting January 26th. I am planning to play Crowfall beta during the downtime of Albion Online but I just want to expose this game here because a lot of people here share the same gaming taste and will love this game. Here are some of the game's features that I copy pasta'd from their website: (website link is here https://albiononline.com/ Full Player-Driven Economy – All items and buildings in Albion Online are crafted by and bartered between players. Craft the best items and decide which price to sell them to other players at. No global marketplace means savvy players can make an industry of transporting goods to different markets around the world. Expanded PvP System – Take part in massive open PvP battles and fight for the fame and honor of your guild. Don’t want to tie yourself down to anyone? Then why not become a feared, volatile mercenary, riding out into battle for others – for the right price. Classless Character Customization – Be exactly who you want to be. With no class-restricted abilities or items, you are what you wear in Albion Online. Craft any number of combinations of spells onto your gear, then mix and match to create your perfect character with hundreds of different combinations possible. Want to be a healing wizard with tank-like armor and a mace in your main hand? It makes sense! Every combination will have its strengths and weaknesses, so experiment and find your true self! Territory-based Guild Warfare – Find a loyal band of brothers and sisters and claim your patch of Albion – build your cities and camps out of over 50 different kinds of buildings and customizable skins, then wage war on your neighbors to oust them from their homes and expand your very own empire. Cross Platform & One Massive World – The first true cross-platform MMO experience. Had enough of being glued to your PC when you game? Grab your iOS or Android tablet and pick up right where you left off, experiencing all the action from your sofa. In Albion Online, all players on every device play on one master server, in one massive world. The only question is – how will you play?
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