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  1. How/where do I open my 'Inbox'? I saw the news about rewards in your inbox but I don't know where that is....
  2. Title says it all, i've got a couple of screenshots of what looks like a bug to me, can't figure out where to post em.
  3. Hey there Urielle! Just wanted to let everyone know I changed my name from pgarvey to Radamand Named after a char in 'The Worthing Saga', my favorite sci fi book. The char was kind of a loser but I loved the name.
  4. Hi, like the title says, i backed the game a long time ago when it was first announced. I had heard that some of the devs are people that came from Shadowbane, and that was a big factor. Also, I like PVP MMOs/games in general. I apologize if my questions have already been asked, I have gone over most of the FAQ, but I haven't read a whole lot of the forum posts. My initial impressions; I created a Minotaur champion, and with the help of a couple guildees leveled him up to 30 in about 2 days. I saw that leveling was fairly quick at low levels and gradually slowed as I got higher, this is a good sign. I like that there is/was no "targeting" in the classic sense, melee combat is quick and enjoyable, I need to create more characters to see how spellcasting works. It wasn't too difficult to figure out how to spend my training and attribute points, I would have liked to see more variety in the skill tree (think Path of Exile), that allows for greater diversity in builds. I love the fact that players can place their own NPC vendors, i'll definitely have to try that out. so, on to the questions... 1) Will there be player housing, and if so, can you place a house wherever you want? I see that there are 'eternal kingdoms', are these analogous to houses? 2) How is player looting handled? My Centaur did not drop anything when I died, was no need to return to my corpse, I hope that PVP looting is handled differently. 3) I see that there are different 'factions' (Chaos/Balance/Order), is everyone required to select one? and, these 3 factions, they are at war with each other? Can you attack an opposing faction member anywhere, anytime? 3.5) Is it possible to be a 'neutral' faction? 4) Are guilds able to declare war on each other? (one of the super cool aspects of Shadowbane) 5) Are guilds able to ally, or subguild with another? (Personally, my Shadowbane experience has taught me that there is no need for enforced 'factions', people will declare lots of wars on their own) 6) What is the expected level cap? Is there any further character development beyond that? 7) Will there be separate spawn points for each faction for when they first enter a campaign? Or does everyone enter at the same location? 8: I see that there are resource points that can be claimed and defended, are these locations important in other ways? (political, economic, buffs, etc) 9) How does one faction 'win' a campaign? What are the mechanics? Whoever controls the most control points at the end? 10) Is there sieges? siege engines? Are buildings destroyable? 11) Do you need to dedicate a player to be a crafter? Or, can your main char also be a miner/crafter just as easily? 12) Is there swimming? 13) Are there sea-faring ships? 14) Are there horses to ride? (I never saw one) 15) Mounted combat? 16 Flight? aerial combat? 17) How many players supported in one kingdom? One fight? 18) What happens when you run out of food? Can you starve to death? 19) Are there potions? Alchemy skill? 20) Can you 'recall' to your own EK? or do you have to travel to a specific location to enter it? 21) Can you 'summon' another player? Like, gate travel? 22) Are there player badges? Individual accomplishments? 23) Can a crafter recycle items for their resources? 24) Can a crafter remove/delete old, unused recipes? 25) Is there a way for a crafter to make notes on crafted items? (like say, I find that using a particular metal type gives a particularly nice armor piece) 26) Is there a way to change/set my character's name? 27) Is every char I make going to have the same (my account) name? 28) Can a player attack another player of the same faction? (PKs?) 29) A personal opinion question; How responsive do you think the devs are? Are they open to game mechanic suggestions from players? Well, I think that's all I have for now. Thanks to everyone who replies!
  5. Hey guys, brand new player here. plenty of MMO experience, ive played many MMOs since UO so long ago. I have a few hours per day that I can play adult player looking for a nice friendly guild, pm me!
  6. yea, that fixed it thanks! now I feel stupid...
  7. awesome, thanks for the reply! I will try that and see if it fixes the problem.
  8. I am unable to patch the client, get the error "Error #1 Failed Validation" Screenshot of Error
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