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  1. Harvesting feels a bit smoother. I think weak spot registered on start of swing before but end of swing now. Feels right because you can line up the weak spot mid swing. I'm liking the new icon artwork for items. Basic resources feel lacking when I cut down an entire tree and get 1 wood, no matter the size of the tree. Big 100 year old tree or sapling... 1 wood. Beach head boars seem to give a massive bounty by comparison, but as someone pointed out, you do take wear and tear when fighting them. Non-basics had much better drop rates, but basics shouldn't be this bad, especially with season of ple... Spring active. As others have said the cats are kinda derpy, attacking the air as I pelt them from range. It may have been due to fighting on a gentle slope. idk. Timing on Elkin charge seems weird. I'd charge boars and it took a minute for the graphic to send them flying. - Thanks archers for the free loots. -
  2. I noticed the same. With the previous patch you were consistently hitting tree, stone, etc. I just patched and logged into the new Wrath world and there is a noticeable degradation in the Hit registration of gathering. I'm not moving my cursor from the center of a tree and the axe will hit 2-3 times and then just whiff past the tree and stop swinging. I started to move away and back to recenter on the tree to start swinging again. One tree just stopped registering hits after it became a trunk. I eventually found the right angle for it to register the hits to finish it off. Definitely downgraded the harvesting experience.
  3. Improved immersion for EK

    I agree the portals sounds cool. I still think there is a space for exploration with this concept. One thing I hadn't considered was inactives. There should be some minimum log in for public EKs or a limited vacation setting to temporarily keep it active when away. I'm aware of the moving into another EK concept, but not sure if I like it. You have your own ek, but choose to pay taxes to put your identical set up in their allotted space. I think seemless linking makes more sense, but it does mess with their hierarchy idea. (Don't want to say this... but) Also if we aren't sharing land the individual EKs could be smaller. (Sorry typing from phone)
  4. Improved immersion for EK

    I've been following Crowfall for a while and always been intrigued with EKs. While I understand we're still in Alpha, there's some designs choices that could be applied to EKs that would improve immersion when you're running around and using them. First of all lobbies and listings of EKs should be used when you're searching for a specific one. When we have possibly 1000s of EKs its going to be bland going through a list to pick the one someone named best. If you want to explore public EKs, you should be able to run to them. My conception of this is when an EK is set to public it is plopped down in an EK neighborhood. There are half parcel roads that run between the EKs that you can literally run up to your neighbor or the next one, or the next. I'm picturing them organized like a torus (donut) where if you run east or west you may pass 7 EKs before circling back home, and if you run north or south you could pass countless. It gives the choice of how far you'd like to explore that day. Perhaps separate pvp and non pvp along the spine of the torus, with big skull and cross bone signs as warnings. Roads would be non pvp as EKs should be optional pvp. Now you may be thinking, but how will they get to my EK from the road if its floating in nothingness in the middle of my allotted space? I feel as though the empty void and rough edges of the parcels break immersion as well. Perhaps they're already planning to smooth out the edges in later iterations, but I offer an alternative. Barren parcels. Basically when you start a new EK it has a temple surrounded by completely barren parcels that are useless. You can't build on them, no mobs, no resources, nothing. Perhaps include void parcels where its like Swiss cheese opening into the void instead of lakes, but its at least semi cross-able. When you craft or buy a new parcel it is your godly power reshaping the EK as you desire to benefit you. These will fill the void between improved parcels and the roadways and allow you to place parcels none contiguously allowing more versatility and use of the half parcel spacing on the map. For server load, there should be decreased visibility from the road, maybe only can see half a parcel onto each EK until you enter. (Edit: Barren parcels could be used to smooth out the campaign edges also.) Now thinking about the neighbors, what if you have a real jerk next door that just annoys you to no end? Neighbors are randomly shuffled maybe weekly. This will make the neighborhood fresh and new and encourage meeting new people. If you happen to like the neighbor, you both can build an obelisk that is magnetic, drawing you together in the reshuffles. They may not be on the same side every week, but next door or at least near by. The obelisk could be used in private EKs as well to string multiple together creating your own private world (reshuffle optional). I'd have an access list for this private EK world to allow guild members or specific individuals. Are we able to set allies as Guild blues? Yay literal Blue Donuts! (Eve reference) I hope you like the ideas I've presented here. I feel they would give a more organic feel to the community of the Eternal Kingdoms.
  5. Spawn Parcels

    If it's tier 1 spring time mobs, it wouldn't have a significant hunger look.