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  1. Ok I am late to this and kinda panicking now so please pardon me if I ask too many questions. Q1. Is there a difference between: a) 4 cell Stronghold-large keep 15' or Large Keep or c) 6 cell Stronghold-small castle/BaronBaroness. Kinda confused. (and is it worth keeping these?) Q2. And if I have an old layaway from the old kickstarter days, should I purchase them? I assume I can still gift it to my friend? If my friend had a basic pledge, I assume the pledges will stack? edit: Q3a. Would it make sense to have different Forts / Keep / Castles? Or just 1 type is sufficient per EK? I haven't been following much but I assume each guild can only have 1 EK right? Q3b. Would it make sense to have same Forts / Keep / Castles? Like say 2x of 2015 Forts? I don't think we can place too many of those in the EK right? Q4. Why are folks redeeming their VIP months? Isn't that required for additional bonuses (per month) when the game goes live? And I read it was roughly $15 per VIP month when claimed?
  2. As Canth said, I was suprised! Crowfall Support acted very swiftly and resolved my purchasing problem. However the upgrade item still seems to appear in the cart, but at least I could make the 2nd package payment. Thanks courant101 for suggesting to contact Support. And Hatchling go contact support and they should be able to fix you up. All the best to the rest who have this same issue.
  3. hey courant101... you had an image earlier of the Reward & QTY.... "Kickstarter Participant" and 2. I checked mine and it says 2x as well. But I don't recall purchasing a 2nd Package at all. What should it say in the "Reward Gifting" page?
  4. Oh dear.... I really gotta resort to emailing them? Alright, meanwhile I will leave the thread open until the dateline passes.
  5. I upgraded my KS pledge back in the middle of June. And I was not in town last weekend to purchase a 2nd package. But now it seems I am unable to. "Purchase Limit Reached" appears Furthermore my cart indicates (0) items, but yet when I click on it... this appears: And there is no way to remove the upgrade If this has been answered in the past, I do apologize and kindly request to be pointed to the thread or answer. Thanks in advance and I hope I can resolve it fast to get a 2nd package for my friend.
  6. I thought there was no real advantage to having multiple strongholds? Other than practicing PvP?
  7. Thanks Keaggan. Now the question is, should I get another structure or just do an upgrade of my account? Hmm... I've been reading up and it seems like KS backers retain the KS upgrades as well. Unless I mis-read it in the other Pledge Upgrade thread.
  8. Been totally busy and I just saw this sale. Thing there's about a day or so left. So found out I had access to: + Upgrade (to medium fortification) your personal Kingdom's Kickstarter stronghold + Additional Cottage for your personal Kingdom (2 total) Does that translates to a Medium Fort? Aside: Seems like the higher tier KS backers have access to other strongholds like Castles and Citadels? Did those ever go on sale? And some mentioned an earlier sale... What could I have missed in the past? Thanks in advance folks.
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