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  1. shadowbane is a much better game than this. what they should have done is simply update shadowbane to current engines and expand on the game.
  2. this is going to be plain and simple with little elaboration 1. the vessel system, while nice and unique: I simply dont like it. -The randomness and power levels within the same color vessels if off putting, and too punishing that leads to being non competative. IE I have a WHITE vessel templar that has more HP and the SAME ATK power as a green vessel templar-- thats frankly-- poorly thought out implementation of game design. 2. Disciplines I like the varied aspects of the system BUT I dont like the fact that you have to have same colored discs to fit vessels with. -again-- this once more leads to a grind-- albeit non traditional. Id much rather grind levels than hope a pray i know a crafter that can make me things--- as I never craft in the last 19 years of any mmo Ive played. 3. Class bias too many classes are cleary favored by you devs, while other are simply neglected. The fact that man you devs come from Shadowbane shows the clear bias towards the barbarian and monster race bias you had there IE Shadowbane Cent/Mino Barb is essentially the same thing we are seeing here with Pitfighters/Myrmidons as an example. These classes are clearly superior to anything else out there-- and they heal better than dedicated healers while dishing out good damage, and are given crazy on demand defensives as well. Assassins in this game are a joke Poor ultimate that you fail to address, even though many of us here have loudly told you the problem. Poor damage for class that's-- well supposed to be an assassin. these are some of the blatant examples. 4. Lack of tab targeting. Hey Guild Wars 2 has tab target AND ACTION combat. The way you have designed the game dictates that tab targeting is needed. the scrum of mass pvp is so god awful you cant tell WTH is happening. You cant tell if you are being targeted- you are constantly bombarded from a far by hundreds of AE spam spells. If a target is called its extremely difficult to find that target-- which means mass AE ranged damage is king. More importantly, as a healer-- you cant reliably heal people that need a healed. And dont get me started on the turret style of the paladin healing. There are ZERO indicators of enemy spells and friendly spells-- and again-- another game does this well and thats Eldar Scrolls Online. This leads to, and fuels the fire for mass zerging- and takes away any semblance of skill or tactics, as all one needs is numbers and mass AE range spam to win. 5. Time gating of everything how can you make a pvp game, where the people who first got the game are going to be more wildly more powerful that later entrants and there is ZERO catch up mechanic. You look at the combat trees- the sub combat trees- and the sub sub combat trees after that-- there are multiple damage bonuses and defensive bonus that long timers will have versus the I just got here people. Couple that with the MANDATORY CRAFTING BALONEY that is a super grind for not just the skill, but the resources as well and you have weighted game that only a select few will be able to compete in. This all leads to having ZERO FUN for this thing we are calling a game.
  3. what runes have you taken and is this on the dummy? all the tests im doing are on the target dummies
  4. it affects the ability to get out of CC when you are CCd. no stam and you cant retaliate out of the CC.
  5. Swordsman seems to have it damage nerfed? My live white vessel swordsman with 72 dps green sword hits for 1100 to 1400 while using skills when his swordsman ship buff is up. On test, he hits for 300 to 400 now.
  6. here here when i finally figured out how to log into test ( remove some netframe 6 baloney) I was very upset that we could only choose ONE DOMAIN. I was under the impression that every class had cart blanche access to the 3 domains given if you slotted points to them.
  7. hmmm thw problem is that once a class is great at everything, then every class needs to be as well. right now you see an meta bias to certain classes as they excell in all areas. how do you tell your player base its ok for class A to be superior in 1v1, 1vx, small party pvp, and large scale seige pvp, but on the other hand tell your constituents that class b can only be good in large scale pvp as an example that statement wouldnt sit well.
  8. s my main issue with the paladin was 1) small ae heal radius 2) heals imo were too low. I hope the heal ticks faster and heals more-- or just hope the heal is a burst heal now rather than a HoT. I really wanted to play a templar since i saw the game years ago-- but they seems too squishy and have no mobility. It doesnt look like that was address here =(
  9. They have the means to do it, and they shoud. Id like to see them REMOVE troubador and bard from major discs and belnd those discs into a CLASS.
  10. INC holy avenger and arbiter discs is what im seeing
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