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  1. shadowbane is a much better game than this. what they should have done is simply update shadowbane to current engines and expand on the game.
  2. this is going to be plain and simple with little elaboration 1. the vessel system, while nice and unique: I simply dont like it. -The randomness and power levels within the same color vessels if off putting, and too punishing that leads to being non competative. IE I have a WHITE vessel templar that has more HP and the SAME ATK power as a green vessel templar-- thats frankly-- poorly thought out implementation of game design. 2. Disciplines I like the varied aspects of the system BUT I dont like the fact that you have to have same colored discs to fit vess
  3. templars and assassins are definately not the classes the devs want people playing. Im pretty much done with the game at this point.
  4. backstab does decent damage? what are you seeing as decent damage? im seeing 250ish on a vandal and blackguard.
  5. I want to see what power tier the enemy is. I want to be able to to see if im fighting a white/blue/purple/orange vessel. Outline enemy name in vessel color-- or some sort of indicator.
  6. ok-- what majors are did you take? raising spirit on a paladin is worthless-- you gain diminishing returns on you support power based on the points invested. on my paladin right now I have 700 support power. i have unstable mage as thats the only major worth taking the class-- other major seem to do nothing that i have seen.
  7. wreck is the ONLY thing templars have going for it. the class has been so muted in 6.2 its a joke. At this point im ready to walk away from the the game and make sure I tell the large community of pvpers I know to stay away as well. Im sick of all the nerfs to certain classes and the buffs to already OP classes-- it makes ZERO sense.
  8. Paladin templar such a low healing class only using holy warrior is worth anything to heal people. 5 pip heal burst STILL ONLY HEALING FOR 500 - not much burst considering many classes are hitting 700 to 1000+DPS divine light: another terrible skill: creates a stationary HoT for 270ish a tick that hardly 1) has a short duration 2) no one stands in it to get healed or damage by it because this combat isnt designed to be stationary Righteous defense: suppose to heal you for 35% of the damage deal to you-- but heals zero.
  9. and yet-- they still take lots of damage are losing lots of the 1v1 duels that are occuring.
  10. would rather it go back to to inconsequential damage? 60 to 90? now that you brought this up good luck with devs being leniant. now they throw assassins a bone and nerf it to 100 a tick putting assassins back in the dont play category.
  11. after patch paladin healing burst is terrible. a 5 point heal; burst is doing 400 to a high im seeing of 500 once in a blue moon. I have have 700 healing power and 390 str on a white vessel. Very poor heal for the healer class.
  12. ive been asking how this works how are templars building a strong barrier to use to explode that weeck skill?
  13. im looking at cutthroat and when you take that promotion is states that backstab is counted as from behind no matter what dir you are facing-- its the augment that the promotion gives backstab when you promote to cutthraot.
  14. with cutthroat arent all atks counted counted as from behind now? also my backstabs never hit that high. i dont get it
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