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  1. namco

    Linux Client

    Bumping for notice. I want to get away from windows so bad, and since AMD has good linux support as well as Mantle, if Crowfall supports both linux and mantle (and dx12) we can all be happy, and all play together. I really hate windows, I loath it. So I literally just switched to linux today. Its running really good, boots faster than windows, but I've yet to find a game I can play on it, the games I was playing (and go figure) have no linux support, so now I am kinda of out of gaming until I either install an older linux supported game or find a new one. This game could be a lot to very many people. I say linux/mac/windows support 100% coverage of users. This way everyone has a chance to play.
  2. Pretty much everything I wanted in crafting. So now I definitely have a reason to play. And all I can say is.... ITS ABOUT custard TIME. Thank you so much for not being the typical mmo sheep developers that keep making the same boring poorly made socks..... If I want to make a cloak, that has a base of chainmail, and covered in frog skin, I should be able to. And I am so glad that (from what I've read) the crafting system will be at least semi-complex so that I can actually help the world. I want to be that guy with his own shop in the middle of nowhere, paid for the land, paid for the construction, furnished the place, and setup shop. People would come to me from all over just to buy my items because they are so amazing and unique. I want to be that guy that no one attacks because my poorly made socks is just too good to waste a friendship on murder and stealing, and when someone does attack my, my guild will assault them a new one. I also like the thrall thing, where if I craft a blacksmith hammer, and then put into it the soul of a famous dead crafter, that items crafting ability could rise. I have always dreamed, of being a crafter first, and an adventurer second, so much so that my weapon skills are based off hammer skills, so that not only do I level up my hammer skill from battle, but from crafting as well. Thus I may end up with some skills normal hammer users wont have because they aren't crafters, and crafting skills other don't have because I use hammers. Another example would be a rogue like player, using knives, they come to me to make special skinning knives, and although they are used for skinning creatures and (maybe even) people, they use those same knives in battle, unlocking special skills for them since they are both skinners as well as knife users. This would bring in yet another dynamic to the game, where you can either have skills that compliment each other, or things that don't, but no matter what you are going to have a fun time playing the game! I am slowly becoming more excited, I don't like the idea of forced permanent pvp, but who knows, maybe it wont be so bad....... I assume the game is pay to play, and thus there will be less trolls picking on noobs who literally just started playing, so instead their focus will be on established players with more to offer your time killing them.
  3. 1: *.*No Limit Skills*.* If I want to play the whole game casting 1 super powerful spell I should be able to. People can gripe all day long that this makes for an unfair game, because "someone will go into all defense and just stand there and take damage" okay, if that's how they want to play why should they be stopped? If he went all defense hes only as powerful as the weapon he wields, so hes weak sauce he wont be able to kill you and you wont be able to kill him. Now go all damage and then fight him, it will be an even battle, every skill should scale the same, so you can play the way you want. So lets say fireball, ice lance, rock, and gust are all level 1 spells. They all do the same damage. The point of the element is to fight element with the right counter. Using the same spell vs someone who defends in that field will do little to no damage, so if I am fire defense and you use fireball your poorly made socks aint gonna do hooligan. Now obviously with my extremely high fire defense skill, my other 3 elements are lacking, so any spell from those would hurt me. Maybe I am a guy who has equal defenses on them all, so they reduce damage but its still substantial. If someone wants to learn a weapon skill and max that bad boy they should be able to. Everything should have an opposite to counter it, and thus the fair game is itself. 2: *.*Dynamic Crafting*.* Ability to use any metal, any gem, any wood, any style, mix, mix, mix, mix and match, and craft unique items with unique properties. Crafting isn't something that should be easy, as in everyone does it. If you are more a fighter, then you will have more fighter skills and less crafting skills, while someone like me would have all crafting skills and very little fighting skills, I would be a better crafter and I could sell my items in my own shop with an NPC salesmen, or maybe I just use the auction house because I rarely sell my epic creations. I can craft anything as long as I have the skill to do it. There needs to be a schematic or diagram of item shape, then broken down into pieces, maybe a simple dagger is just a handle and a small blade, 2 parts. Someone uses iron for the blade and bone for the handle. boom bone weapon, does damage vs holy. simply. Now lets say I found a rare dagger schematic, its base is 4 pieces. You have the blade, the guard, the handle, and the handle inlay. I use ebony for the blade, bone for the guard, bone for the handle, and ground up amethyst gems for the inlay (so purple sparkle inlay). This is a bit more complex and will look vastly different. There could be like 30 different inlay shapes for the handle, and even designs where the handle is wrapped in cloth or leather. Any idea and combo of items. I could do silver sword blade, silver guard, silver handle, handle wrapped in dragon skin, white cloth hanging from the handles bottom. Boom, crazy good undead killer, with a weapon like this, using a skill like bash (bashing the sword handle into the enemy) because its silver, will still do crazy damage vs undead, while only normal damage against all others. Go dynamic as custard with it! Armor with different designs. Maybe you are a battle mage, and one of the designs you had made for you was an ebony chain mail cloak wrapped in dragon skin. You have piercing protection and fire protection. Maybe you are a rogue who has leather armor that has metal plates over top in patches, close enough together to not touch when moving but enough to add more defense. You retain your quiet armor, while adding minor damage protection. Go crazy with the idea's. One design of leather armor will look like vegeta's sayain armor and its made from leather. Now you can add breast plates on top, a 4 piece plate to cover abs, like I said they wont touch to make noise. And maybe you use ebony, so the leather is this dark brown with ebony metal on top in dark patches. hell maybe someone uses silver or gold, anything is possible. Maybe another design includes pauldrons in effect adding more defense, maybe they are half sleeve, or even full sleeve. The possibilities are endless. 3: *.* Dynamic World *.* Everything you do changes the world permanently, for EVERYONE. If you choose to band together and slaughter the farmers children, he will then hate you, tell others about you, might even hunt you down and try to kill you with his own posse. A world where the NPC's are as dynamic as a real person, using a programmed tags that designate how an NPC behaves. A nitwit will constantly get in trouble, a fisherman will go fishing, an intelligent store owner might know how to finagle prices against you better, then maybe you have a higher speech skill so he doesn't effect you as much as a noob. Maybe you ruin some orcs life, and he goes and joins a monk monastery, just so happens to be your next quest location and he whoops your ass so bad, and now you need help to finish your quest. DYNAMIC, essentially a living world. Its possible, if you say it ain't, you don't have the mind of an idealist, the creativity isn't there for you, I can do it, I just need someone to write the program because I can't code, but I can break it down into groups of ideas that coders could use to build it thus making it and using it.
  4. Strength Dexterity Spirit Intellect Armor Movement I find these stats, a bit, wrong, for any game. I mean, unassumingly... especially since Armor should be bassed off the actual armor you are wearing, not a stat. I find it odd to even have it as a stat.... Now this is just my opinion, but who knows what people will think..... ----------------------------------------- Strength = Melee/Ranged Damage. The stronger you are, the harder you can swing, the stronger you are, the further back you can pull on a bow string increasing damage on both fronts. Dexterity = Hit% for everything, melee, ranged, and magic. Constitution = Health Intelligence = Magic Damage. The higher this state, the more damage each spell can do. For example, say every 2 points is changed fireball 10-15 damage into 12-16 damage. That's just an example but you get my point. Wisdom = Mana, Magicka, whatever you want to call it, if you have 50 mana, fireball would cost say 10? Simple. More mana, more times you can cast magic. Charisma = Movement speed. ----------------------------------------- This is the way I always felt stats SHOULD be. Its simple, and most of it only adds to the skill side of things. Your sword can do say 50-100 and with the strength bonus it does 75-125. Your bow does 35-75 and with a higher strength skill will do 40-85. Some weapons may have a "max strength bonus" to where only x amount of strength can enhance it, this is where crafting can come into play and if someone really works on their crafting, they can make items that can accept better strength bonus's so that the weapons would be more sought out over some guy who doesn't care for crafting and is just trying to make some cash the wrong way. Just an opinion.
  5. unless you setup a system that when greeny goes to attack, it will pop up a warning message, and they have the option to say "yes i want to do this" or "no, mistake mistake". it will flag first, so you will see them change, and then attacking can commence. 1 attack isn't going to be enough to "gank" anyone, unless there is a level disadvantage, in which case even if it was "fair" you are still custarded to begin with, which is my personal gripe with open and forced pvp, are those higher levels ganking noobs, thus why I prefer no pvp. so force everyone so people like me have to miss out on the game? why can't everyone be able to play regardless of play style?
  6. I would love a super in-depth character creation, face, body, height. The thing I hate the most, is starting a toon, and being forced to look a certain way. For example, some games each race has certain heights, you either have no choice, or little choice. The only "short people" are usually the short races, like gnome dwarf and goblin. Why can't I be a short human? They exist! I should be able to make mini toons of every race, because that is what I prefer. Usually when I suggest this I get the usual "its hard to program and code in every size" blah blah blah. They need to think more, and by doing so can create a "mask" for all the gear you can wear that will auto adjust the imagine to fit the size you choose, thus no problems. IT simply stretches or shrinks whatever to fit the model of the smaller toon. So yeah. There is a solution to everything.
  7. I don't think this would be fair to many players, to maximize players there should be a simple tagging system. If you tag in, your name turns red like an enemy. If you don't tag in, you remain green. Red players cannot attack green, green CAN attack red. To stop the trolls, if you are green and attack a red, not only do you become red, but there will be a time limit until you can go back to no pvp, maybe like 24 hours? that way you stop trolls. keep it fair, and allow all players and their play styles to enjoy the game.
  8. top left above the title, there is 5 stars, rate this so the devs know its something you want! cheers. also, supporting them dx12 and mantle means we will always get the most out of the game performance wise and everyone is happy.
  9. basically, lets talk about skill points. this will be a simple top, nothing lengthy. as we level up, we get skill points, we can put these skill points into any skill, for limitless levels. I hate how games limit you because they think it creates "balance". balance should be done by the player. If I want to spend EVERY skill point into fireball, I should be able to. sure my fireball skill will be "overpowered" in a sense, but everything else will be lacking big time, no crafting, no defense, no passives, no other damage skills. I would be very vulnerable. now no one would really do this, unless they play as a team, which means there will always be a way to beat said team. balance comes from the players PLAYING the game, instead of the devs shoving their opinions down our throats (no offense to this games developers, I look forward to a new game that may or may not be fun to play ) but honestly, put your points into anything, anything at all, no restrictions, this way you always get what you want. on another thread (the appropriate thread) I mentioned a classless system of skills, sure you have your "starter skills" which you pick a class for, but after that you can have any skill you want and level it up to infinity. this way everyone can play how they want. which means for myself, I can spec myself out completely in crafting skills, so I can be that crafter everyone comes to for gear, because its what I love to do in an MMO. there hasn't been 1 mmo where the crafting system was worth using, star wars galaxies got close, but even then, it was too grindy and getting materials took WAY TO LONG and there was a huge monopoly and new crafters didn't stand a chance of selling their gear when higher level people could make better low end gear than you could. while this could still be the case in my ideal crafting system, a newbie could really get a foothold early on if they were good enough. go to the crafting suggestion page for that part of this idea.
  10. I think a classless system is the only way to go in a game. I don't mind the idea of maybe "starter skills" and thus you have a class you must choose to begin the game, but I think in the end, class shouldn't designate skills available. So as we know, there will be a Templar, so as a "starting choice" you will start with certain skills, in this case pertaining to Templar's. From there, you should be able to learn ANY skill. And I mean ANY skill. Rather you learn it..... * from a book (common skill) * from an NPC (common to rare) * from a monster (blue mage like)(common to rare) * from other players (well, what do you know?) books you learn really easy from, basically nothing needed, thus always common (maybe a little better than common, mid range?) npc's require quests and/or training, can be easy to extremely difficult monsters require training, depending on your study skill (blue mage like skill) and can range from easy to insanely difficult (some skills require days of real life training time to learn, bring on the fun) and from other players will require you to become an apprentice, and once you have an apprentice, you cannot teach anyone else ever, and you can't learn from anyone else ever, but the student can become a teacher but once again, only 1 student.
  11. I hope there will be dx12 and mantle support, dx12 for nvidia users and mantle for amd users, that way no one is left out, and everyone has a fun time playing the game! I don't really think replies are needed, but they are very welcome. Like the post and rate it 5 stars if you agree, that way the devs will see its popular support for everyone, no one left out.
  12. I have the perfect solution. TAGGING. IF you want to play PVP, you simply tag yourself. That way those who are pvp tagged will have a red name, those who prefer non pvp aka pve will be green name. IF you are green tagged, and you decide to attack someone who is pvp flagged, you will get a warning message before the attack goes through so you don't make a mistake click. The only way to go from pvp flagged to pve flagged is to be in a safe zone. If you attack someone and run like a little gripe to a safe zone, you will have to wait a time frame before you can untag, and you can still be attacked in town. (maybe?) there is a fair solution to everything.
  13. I am totally okay with this, as long as there is some kind of tamper protection or tamper detection so cheaters can't ruin the game.....
  14. I am okay with that, except for regular healing potions. They should just have a delay after use, and most wont work while in battle. I am totally cool with this for buffing potions. Maybe you can visit a herbalist and get a cure so you aren't dependent anymore but it requires either money or quests. That would be cool. As I always say, there is a solution to everything while making it fair.
  15. I posted on my own page on an idea of a game that pretty much runs itself, therefore there is always more content. Developers need to simplify the creation process in order to create a better game. They think they need to hand program each npc and each little thing, but they don't! In theory (because no one has tried yet) if they create an engine for each thing, like landmass and water, quests, etc, they could make a larger game which would allow for players to never see it all.
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