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    ah that was a fun fight indeed, I want more sieges!
  2. The character you speak of is the Crow, You are a Crow the body you utilize to run around the map with is just a vessel to serve a purpose.
  3. Scheduled Siege Signups

    yes you are correct and it has been brought up, however this was a last minute deal and with the map guys working hard on the new map for us they didn't want to pull them to do a custom map for this one. Future events depending on how this one goes will most likely have a custom map/rules but since they are doing a Tutorial video from this footage them showing people hitting POIs to get mats to build catapults will actually help. several have but we have been asked to not livestream it for this event.
  4. Scheduled Siege Signups

    except ive already talked to Jack and have been told exactly what we are walking into for this event. Future events may be different but not this one.
  5. Scheduled Siege Signups

    no its just a private tyranny, gated by population. All structures will still be there for this one in order to not take the map guys away from their work
  6. Scheduled Siege Signups

    I don't think that has been decided but honestly I hope they just pick a keep other than Archenstone. I know position wise it makes the most sense since its between Order/Chaos but Brookworst and surrounding areas take a huge dip in performance. If they are trying to get the best performance and quality for their videos I would definitely suggest another one.
  7. Lost Connection to Host

    3 things I have seen cause this, 1- Run as Admin every time you launch the game, 2- If you are swapping accounts or get disconnected once and you get the Connection Lost pop up exit to desktop and reload game entirely, 3- Some anti-virus programs have been blocking the game for people (massively high latency and non stop disconnects from server). If these aren't the cause to your issues send an email into and they will probably ask for some logs/file copies that they can walk you through on how to retrieve.
  8. Scheduled Siege Signups

    said no one ever
  9. Scheduled Siege Signups

    I'm Definitely up for this event Venark Chaos normally on druid
  10. @miraluna oh I definitely agree that some decay is needed otherwise there is no risk reward other than it being looted, I just think it needs to be scaled back a touch.
  11. I'm already in a guild that works like that. We work together to farm and craft but the more people that are there to help means the more you still have to gear up. solo or in a group the time and effort required does not equal the speed in which the items are destroyed.
  12. Siege at Archenstone

    *cough cough* *hint hint* devs could come to one of these sieges do an sky camera view of a Crow flying over and have "Actual Gameplay Footage" of 50+ players smashing into each other at the breach of a keep with some epic music and pan back to the crow sitting over a field of corpses or something but either way actual footage of players smashing into each other is a great way to hype up people to play
  13. the issue is its 10% of MAX durability lost every time you res and "recover" your body at the statue. So currently your options are to get a new vessel and lost 100% of everything or take 10% durability loss to everything. Cool got it but my and I'm sure several other peoples issue with this is simply- How on earth is the time investment of farming, crafting, failing, farming again, crafting again then finally getting a decent rolled item that in 10 deaths regardless of 100 durability or 2000 durability is gone to the ether. This system makes every single durability roll (aside from tools) absolutely pointless and a waste of time giving people the false pretense of if I get more durability it will last longer. The system should be 10% of BASE durability so if the base item is 750 durability with no rolls and you get some good rolls on the bars/sub combines and end up putting some rolls in and get 1500 durability overall then congrats your item still takes a hit on death/recovery but it now actually lasts twice as long as a basic non rolled item making the hours of farming and failing at crafting actually worth while. The current setup really makes me feel like its a system designed to be a time dump with giving you the ability to be better for 10 deaths but in the end you spent hours and lost it and I spend 30 minutes and lost it. Who actually lost more?
  14. You Get NOTHING!

    my favorite part of the crafting came the other night, I already had all 3 experimental crafting potions (you know, the ones designed to help you fail less). I was running low on time and was still crafting pieces as I like to mass produce 5-6 of a weapon type in the hopes I can get 1 decent item. With 3 minutes left on my 20 minutes of potions I decided to make my next set of potions and ended up just logging out instead after failing 4 times on a single potion then 2 times on the next one. How is it that while running the potions that are designed to help you fail less you cant even succeed at making more of those potions....
  15. Siege at Archenstone

    not all were at 10, some were some weren't. I was holding 20+ with a few dips but overall with the zero optimization that has been done I cant really complain about the performance with that many spell effects being used in that tight of a spot