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  1. 1-the druid teleport onto roofs/trees etc is a known thing. the fall damage can sometimes cause death or just 3k ish damage like normal falling. 2-The insta death from approaching keeps is a new thing and interesting. would be nice to see if it is reproducible. 3- with mining any resource above rank 1 you need to have training/potions/better picks to be able to get the most out of them. There is around a 2 minute timer from start of damaging to finish before the node resets itself and poofs out of existence. So if you go after a rank 5 and don't get it down fast enough due to lack of training, bad picks etc it will poof out on you. most commonly occurring with rank 9 and motherlodes.
  2. After downloading the 80mb 5.2.8 patch I click the green arrow and it fails to launch the game. Have tried several times and have atleast 1 other person in voice comms with the same issue Edit: Now have a 5gb patch that is downloading. will see after
  3. this exact thing. I logged onto East this morning for the first time to get some quiet farming in and make sure stuff was banked. First log in I get the floating temple as usual. Close out of client reload. Game instantly stopped responding 4 times as soon as I hit join east. On the 5th attempt I am stuck in crow form at the base of the temple and as soon as I touch the steps it teleports me back (like I went to far away from the temple). Once I finally managed to double jump whatever barrier was holding me there and make it to a vessel, I was insta teleported back to the starting spot and locked in place. No jumping, no inventory actions, no combat toggle. Relogged yet again and now I'm able to move BUT I cant toggle combat, and if I move over 10ft in any direction I am insta teleported right back again. Finally got tired of it so swapped to west and its working perfectly.
  4. I know ive only been here since late July but every playtest cycle ive been apart of they have reset/wiped everything and you either spirit banked or lost your stuff. now after a week of daily server resets mid day and crap for notification unless you happened to be in game at the time, and people getting into the habit of spirit banking nightly or risk losing their stuff daily they decide to do a no wipe no patch new playtest? Is this a common thing where communication is basically crap unless you happen to be logged into global chat 24 hours a day? What is the point of having Twitter, Facebook, Forums, and in game messaging if you either only use 1 source or put out random things across all of em? What is the best place aside from being logged in game 24 hours a day to actually get a heads up on things like this? Twitter usually has a 1-3 hour delay post patch before it says anything and Forums might get a new patch note placed an hour after it hits. from what I have seen anyway, I could be wrong in thinking the last month and a half is enough time to make these observations. I don't think I am asking for to much. Communication via a platform other than being logged into a game 24hours a day is major. You have twitter, you have Facebook, you have forums. Is using any or all of them to put out information such as don't bank your stuff because are aren't doing a reset/wipe/patch for this new playtest as we have consistently done in the past to much to ask for? With lack of communication we turn into creatures of habit and develop those habits based off of your past actions. Changing how you do things with out communicating is a horrible business plan.
  5. when and where is that posted? I'm curious as I have been looking at social media, playtest schedules and forums all day for an answer like this since it says there is a NEW playtest starting a few hours ago on the schedule and they have always wiped/reset on those changeovers. So a change like this screwed a lot of people on imports/exports due to the stability issues this week forcing people to bank nightly or farm again the next day and even though there hasn't been a reset in a couple of days we still don't trust it since the resets like to happen mid day when people cant generally log on. nvm I see it in global now... well gg screw those who exported nightly to be safe I guess.
  6. the issue with removing mechanics is simply that if you remove them you cant test them and see if they need tweaking. removing the failure option on crafting means you don't test how or if it balances with the success rates. like if you are a master crafter running potions and you still fail/critical fail on something that takes 5 skill multiple times then yeah it needs a tweak (which it does). The grind is a pain yes but if you farm on an EK for 20 minutes if even that long and get a stack of ore, stone, wood then import those 3 stacks into a fresh campaign then your start time goes from 20+ minutes to 3 minutes with full basic armor, weapon and discs. 2 minutes cook time on bank transfer and 1 minutes to make it. having to grind for an advance weapon should be work it should not be a super easy thing to grab considering even a slag advance with critical failures on every single roll in experimentation still does over 2x the damage of the basic. When the server stability and campaign world duration gets closer to being finalized then the regrinding of gear will lower dramatically, it is only so noticeable right now due to the server stability issues requiring resets while most were unable to be online. but after the first 2 times of this then it shouldn't have been to hard to realize you should spirit bank all of your stuff before you log for the night anyway therefore making it so you don't have to grind the same stuff 4 days in a row.
  7. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    obviously the only ones openly crying about a catch up mechanic are those that have been here since day 1 and have to rely on their "skill" advantage.
  8. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    in anything that I have said how do you come to that conclusion? I am one of those 1 month trained players that goes up against the 9+ month trained players. I love the idea of a skill catch up but I also have my concerns that it is possible to get 4 months of training in 3 months time. however at the same time I am smart enough to wait and see what they hand me so I can make an informed decision and give constructive feedback. so thanks for the feedback I love it. and with 1 beta access account and 1 alpha 3 account I can totally see how I would be emptying my pockets to ACE so I can have a combat account and a farming account.
  9. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    oh so you can look at a system in its infancy state on a livestream and have 100% knowledge on how it will work when its been finalized in the pre alpha after testing, feedback and their adjustments? what are the winning lotto numbers for the powerball? we are here to test and give feedback, let them give us a base model and give them feedback and give them the feedback from that testing not jump to omg this ruins everything before you even see it or let them tweak it based on feedback.
  10. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    WoW decided to wait and work on a catch up mechanic years after launch. their solution as to hand people max level characters and starter gear. completely negating the time and effort people had to give to get to that point. it was over powered. testing this before the game launches allows us to balance it now instead of years later and releasing to full population an overpowered piece of crap.
  11. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    right now? all of -w-. next question. arguing about testing a system like this BEFORE launch to work out the issues is a great idea instead of after 2 years and having it be way to over powered. there will always be new players, before and after launch.
  12. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    how about instead of theorycrafting on what could happen why not wait and see what they give us and then take the facts and give them solid feedback on how to fix it. like DBrs idea on a cap vs time since start/last wipe. that would be an easy thing I'm sure for them to do if its not already done. wait and see folks its still pre alpha and they have time to adjust it after the fact before launch. lets test the mechanic of it and let them tweak it.
  13. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    it really doesn't though, it just makes it convenient. instead of spreading your time out on 5 accounts to do it and constantly swap them in and out you can now have it on one.
  14. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    its pre alpha, I agree a cap on time since launch/wipe is a great thing but its pre alpha. let them get the foot print of the system down and we do our jobs on testing it and giving our feedback. They can then adjust or add or remove as needed.
  15. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    Scree if you say a catch up mechanic isn't needed then I challenge you to buy a new account right now and go up against someone with 9+ months of training. Go against a skilled player with training to back it up and you will get rolled every time. What you need to look at is the new player population that is currently getting destroyed by people with massive amounts of training and no matter what they do they will always be that exact amount of training behind. This means new players will leave, populations will die off and the only ones left will be those who refuse to quit because they have invested so much money to play since day 1 that it would just be a wasted investment. This will only compound with the longer the game is running. 2 years of training vs 1 month, 3 years vs 1 month. 9 months sucks already.