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  1. I had some down time and thought this would be a fun thing to work on.
  2. In accordance to the Rules of Conduct https://crowfall.com/en/artcraft/rules-of-conduct/ you will see you should email the reporting of bugs directly to the support staff as even posting it on the forums bug reporting section is in violation of the agreement. You agree that your use of the Service shall be lawful and that you will comply with Art+Craft's usage rules. In accordance with the above, as an example, and not as a limitation, you agree not to use the Service in order to: Exploit, distribute or publicly inform other members of any game error, miscue or bug which gives an unintended advantage. Such information should be immediately reported by email directly to support@crowfall.com.
  3. Venark


    not a bad idea, since the intention was a fix for people getting stuck. Also you could make it a 2-3 minute cast time, If its being used to get you unstuck 2-3 minutes isn't a bad time to wait.
  4. just because you don't like the half elf doesn't mean fill their heads with crazy ideas about removing the stats from it I happen to enjoy my higher base mitigations and higher support power with an extra power bar slot. Not having a 18m dodge requires me to actually be aware of my positioning instead of just relying on teleporting through walls or on top of structures to get away.
  5. there was talk of a stealth option for rangers, not sure if that is still coming with the new discs or if it is even still on the table. It may also play in with the Camo option for W/E Rangers but I haven't tested it and not sure if anyone else has at this point.
  6. they haven't been seeing the lag on the "streams" they have been watching. You are far from the only one that is quickly losing interest after going on 3 weeks of this issue. The good news is they fixed it so the server wont shut down due to the lag spikes it will only sit there in the amazingly high lag spikes until the players randomly DC from it. That way only a few people can get killed while stuck in the 20 second disconnect phase before they get back in instead of the people dying to guards due to a crash/endless loop phase that we were seeing before.
  7. You folks need to keep in mind that this is still the "pre Alpha" stages. Tyranny map is by no means the final map in regards to size or resource options. With 5.5 there is already a new map with Adventure zones that will have more NPCs and more abundant resources. Prior to Tyranny the main map was Bloodbath which is the definition of a battlegrounds. 2 spawns per faction no safe zones and the size of it was slightly bigger than the beachheads you are seeing now in Tyranny. Combine the facts of a new bigger map with zones with the fact that on launch there will be different campaings going at the same time of different rulesets and I think they will do nicely. Players will have the option of going to the campaign of their or their guilds choice and be able to "spread out" so to say. The bigger guilds/alliances of course will most likely gravitate towards the toughest most pvp active option where as the smaller and/or newer people can have the option of a safer campaign to play in. It will come in time, just not in this stage of early access.
  8. I am throwing down the gauntlet to all of you content creators and pvpers! Let the No UI Challenge begin! The rules are simple, pvp with your UI turned off (ctrl+alt+z) in the campaign world and show us what you can do. Druids lets try to stay away from the bombs for this challenge since its an AOE and not aimed. Bonus points for those of you that hit with hard to aim abilities like that pesky bear that is a pain to hit with even with the crosshair. I cant wait to see what you guys can do with this challenge and look forward to seeing you on the fields of battle! @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair @ACE_Jackal @Pann
  9. at most ive only ever gotten 15 to detonate at once, usually though (not sure if its due to server desync though) I tend to get 12 to go. Either way though there is a cap on it.
  10. what I want to know is why the OP posted as the name Minced but then covered up his in game character name? If you are legit posting a complaint why are you hiding who you are while doing so?
  11. The funniest thing is I posted the vid that shows you getting blown up @moneda. If you look closely you can see you dropped parry just before the damage hit almost like you ran out of pips or something. Also in that same vid I show a duelist surviving this so called guaranteed 1 shot along side a cleric. Both of which were above 1/3 health and walked away cleanly. I also showed a myrm who mitigated it a few times, so the question is how is it possible that a duelist, cleric and myrm all mitigate this damage if its a 1 shot guaranteed kill mechanic you guys are crying about? Ive been on the receiving end of bombs a few times including to a beautiful one from Anthrage that we not only lived through the blast we were able to rally and take the fort and win in the end. People just don't want to have to work and they wont be happy until we are all running around in cotton candy boxing gloves having tickle fights because otherwise its to much damage. Stick a Templar in the entrance to a keep doing parry riposte over and over while standing in his divine light with a standard bearer from his healer getting rescued. He is pumping out WAY more damage and is unkillable but no one complains about it however you put a druid bomb in that same spot over the span of 30 seconds and add in a splash of people to stupid to hit their ULT or block or even just have a single defensive disc slotted as soon as that bomb goes off its nerf city.
  12. exactly! that's a beautiful remark. during that time I am doing 0 damage 0 healing animations are obvious and half of the time people block the damage or move. But when they don't and only focus on damage they pay for it.
  13. I agree... its all based on playstyle and how it works for you.
  14. I think berserk should be removed, its an unfair ability. when you are being healed for as much damage as you are receiving this is OP and unfair. It can be up for 18 seconds while they can move instead of being rooted in place like many other healing ULT but then again its more like a second ULT ability. The potential to be unkillable shouldn't be in an MMORPG with full loot
  15. the issue with this is healers have always had faction based healing and group only type healing putting pressure on group builds instead of a 5 man group of only healers being able to chain heal the world.
  16. We have discussed this in discord already and apparently my explanation of why this would totally screw over druid as an entire healing class instead of just fixing the bomb issue that only a couple of people are fussing about was missed. white knighting or not doesn't matter but can you honestly say that if you see some red orbs on the ground the tactic wont instantly become: Hey guys look at their heal orbs, kite them 30+ meters away that way anyone that runs back for heals is now completely out of the fight and now is helping the front line crumble? Instead of fixing the bomb issue that only a very small % of the player base seem to have an issue with you are now potentially ruining an entire class. In my last video I showed 4+ bombs in various fights and it clearly showed a duelist (with no block capability) who apparently had defensive disciplines on ate the entire bomb and was still over 1/3 health and walked away. It also showed Templars and clerics blocking/parrying the bomb and walking away, it showed myrms walking away. The only bomb that full on 1 shot in the truest sense of the word was the one that the Templar and cleric BOTH over commited and had tunnel vision on dps instead of hitting their RMB for 1 second and paid the price for it. With all of the mitigation discs in the game and class defensive skills there is honestly little to no reason for ANYONE to get insta killed from a 37 second rotation with 17+ mouse clicks during which time you are applying full dps to me and I'm not healing my group or myself.... Honestly I know a nerf is coming, The 3-4 druids that actually play druid and use bombs are the best druids on the server each with upwards or over 500 hours of playtime on a druid. Clearly a nerf is needed as its total class issue and not player skill even being a factor. So if and when the nerf comes if I had to pick a way to do it the best idea ive heard so far is @KanashiGD idea of a mirage effect instead of a glaring DONT STEP HERE neon sign.
  17. With the new update the excitement was peaked for some good pvp. I think we found it. Good fights all and I cant wait till next time.
  18. I am the king of test! 4 pips used for this epic beauty!
  19. As we were asked in the stream, Lets start posting screen shots of all that beautiful crafted gear and don't forget to tell how many pips were used in the process. Ill go first with this one. Check out those stats folks! top end gear right now
  20. With the 5.4 crafting changes it now requires 450+ hide in order to have 1 attempt at a leather set. On my Skinning account my page 2 skinning is 100% 5 pipped on every skinning node, I am wearing skinning plate set and using a skinning flask. I am sitting at Plentiful Harvest 4 and killing as many boars at a time as I want in any pull (typically 3-4 to have the most efficiency on skinning before they despawn) and yet I'm only getting ~300 hide per 30 minutes of 100% uninterrupted skinning. This puts the time per leather set attempt at just about 1 hour for just the hide requirements. 1 hour per set, per person is a massive time sink and a huge pain in my mind. It was overlooked in the stream today and we were told to get harvesting gear.... I have that gear with the newest stat system and I am still not seeing a way to get much more than maybe 350 per 30 minutes, let alone enough green/blue+ hide to make the really good sets. Is anyone else seeing this issue and/or concerned with the values on this?
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