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  1. 1) fire tornado not knocking things down. 2)seems like the ranged targeting is way off or is affected very poorly by elevation to target.
  2. so my big first one tool tips think its time guys the video from lazy peon was brutal (even though he was playing in the old build ). second not sure if its come up but maybe slots or a bag in gear window for bandages and food i do a lot of just running around and exploring the zones you guys made. It sucks if i run into zerg or get in a fight and loose those mundane items loosing mats and farmed stuff totally cool with but the others just makes it seem tiresome. I personally still enjoy the learning a game aspect of a game and really enjoy the crafting system ( I'm skilled mainly in this with my main and only account ) please don't let this fall to the way side .
  3. It would be nice speaking as a player with one account and 1 main to allow those who do focus on crafting to get xp rewards for doing so just an idea and im not talking about just sacing gear for it.
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