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  1. From what I can tell a 2017 soft launch is simply not realistic unless they've got a whole lot finished we don't know about. Which is fine, I would prefer a good game over a mediocre one. If it's not a labor of love, then I don't want to be a part.
  2. Godma

    Ek Wars

    Coleman stated that he thought EK war was a cool idea and they have the infrastructure for it, so maybe in the future but it's not currently in the works or planning stage.
  3. Good point, but there are so many factors to consider here. Server population can be unaffected by total subscriptions, etc.. just seems to me like F2P is becoming the way to go and I'm ignorant on this but my feeling is the playerbase all pumping money into the project every month is a huge weight off the devs shoulders. Huge weight off devs shoulders = better game.
  4. Anyone who ever has played a good mmorpg would be totally willing to pay $10/mo. Then you don't go down that slippery slope of P2W, you have less juveniles in game, and I honestly doubt it would affect your subscription count much if any and you'd make the money back considering they're all paying. But what do I know, I'm just a player!
  5. Hi everyone :] I just bought the early access. I'm a huge MMO fan and my resub to WoW is getting boring lately. I've played MMORPGs since I was very young. When I was like 9? years old or something I played Lineage and Ultima, I got Lineage 2 when it released. I spent a considerable amount of time, many years in those games. I also played LOTRO for a couple years. I've tried Age of Conan, EVE, Aion, Tera, etc. I really hope this vision comes to fruition. I look forward to playing it and I watch most every video the devs release.
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