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  1. Wish i got to know you more man, hearts and prayers go out to family and friends. Crowfall will never be the same without you bro.
  2. LockkOn

    Ek Wars

    The fun in that is because that's what actually happens in war it's realistic
  3. I am Looking for a guild. I am an old shadowbane player I have been a lot of guilds throughout the years of shadowbane say they come and go. Last server was redemption I was in sublime. Any old sublime guildies here?
  4. thank you, just looking at what packages are out there
  5. anyone know how to purchase a bloodstone package or something higher than 2017 ruby package?
  6. hows it going shadowbaners!!!! old Sublime member here was on Vengenace, Redemption, pretty much all the servers haha. Was in sublime, LordKnights, hungout with crime syndicate got killed by them too haha. the good old days
  7. oh didnt notice can you link it
  8. i was on redemption server in the sublime guild for the most part
  9. haha nice your name looks familiar did you wear a solid black crest?
  10. hi anyone here from the old shadowbane days? any chat groups to get back intouch with everyone?
  11. Old sublime member from shadowbane days can't wait to see this game kick off looks badass. Anyone remembers me hit me up good to see old faces was an aracoix scout named LockkOn
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