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  1. I think there was a mention of the bane tree respawn issue in the patcher if of course I recall correctly. Thank is definitely a huge hit to the moral of your guild regardless x.x I do hope I am correct
  2. Once people figure out how to gather efficiently, with in an hr of farming you can literally have over 500 of a single 1 type of material. Just that Dregs was introduced so early that the majority arnt at that point.
  3. Unfortunately it is strange but one of the reasons this happens is because there used to be a thing known as bunny hopping (repeatedly jumping) this allowed you to travel even faster I could imagine why the horses slow down just to mitigate this issue. I do believe if your a Centaur though it can still be done (have not tested).
  4. The Campaign was a 3 month Campaign and I played about 4 - 8hrs a day. I was mainly trying to solo forts and outposts on an Archdruid. Extremely difficult but it really helped to teach me the large learning curve an Archdruid has. Also I would die on stream from Essence Burn and not know what killed me multiple times before I found out. Absolutely hilarious by the way XD.
  5. There are gems that get crafted and it's not just neck and rings, if I recall correctly you craft gems and "insert" them into weapon's and armor (during the crafting cycle) adding attribute points to specific stats for your character. More advanced and higher level of crafting. I can see the appeal for repair kits as pretty much every game has a way to repair (when first playing I wanted them too) BUT every game doesnt have a complicated crafting system like Crowfall. So to keep from having crafters become static and in less demand the items break.
  6. I've had the same issue with the settings, hopefully they get it fixed but for the time being change settings at character select top right corner then settings options. The key binds that's interesting thanks for reporting it 🙂
  7. I dont exactly know what's going on but I must say that is cool as shizzz wish my keyboard did that lmao
  8. Hey Averion. Making items permanent and then only have gems break would be bad. I say this because crafting is such a unique system here that if only gems break then those who JC wille only be the ones with a high demand making all the other crafter alot less valuable. To put it in perspective... I was in a campaign and during this Campaign I died alot (mainly because I was solo mostly and tried doing things you should do solo) thus I died alot... I have a set of crafted gear and even with the durability loss on death plus the x amount every x second loss. I ended up using 2 sets of crafted armor and 1 set of wartribe armor. (This is before they increased durability loss aka nerfing it) and I died between 350-400 times. When my pieces had actually broken I had almost forgoten it was a mechanic. Right now as it stands alot of alpha an beta testers think durability loss in it's current state is a little high. To make it less punishable I'd say reduce durability loss just a tad needs a small adjustment. This will also reduce the weight crafters will feel to keep guilds supplied with gear. I hope I helped ^.^
  9. Hey this is how it's supposed to work those items are starter weps it's so you arnt bare naked and have now way to use abilitys if say your stuff breaks mid combat. 🙂
  10. There's a "guild bank" of sort's. You got a craft them and they are more like albion's chests that the guilds use AS a guild bank. need Stonemason and be in your EK to craft them. But you can buy them from people who are Stonemason's 🙂 aka me P:
  11. What release did not have the server's Crash Once it's expected and the fact that it stayed up from 4am - 12pm PST time is extremely impressive. So be patient it'll be back up 🙂
  12. The nerds are massing in force! Booster the Defense's!!
  13. Myself as well and seeing how Eternal Kingdom's are a selling point and unique type of content I feel like it would have a huge impact on the first impression of Crowfall on Release Day
  14. Welcome to Conflict Gaming! Conflict Gaming is a Multi Sandbox MMORPG Guild we have multiple chapter's Albion, New World, and most importantly Crowfall. Our main goal is to become a ZvZ guild with a huge influence on the player market. With the Release of Crowfall, Conflict will be back in full swing so come and join us as we march to conquer the Hunger! We are in need of: Guardsmen (Officer Rank: They are responsible for creating and maintaining the more combat oriented events like Siege's, Fort's, Outposts etc.) Tradesmen (Officer Rank: They are responsible for creating and maintaining the Guilds Stock of supplies', making trades that benefit the guild, crafting and gathering events like mother loading, the use of crafting thrall's etc.) Peons (Those who are a bit casual and still learning) Discord is a requirement Join here: https://discord.gg/33Ebz9aX Naani#7234 if you would like to DM me. Blast from the Past https://www.twitch.tv/videos/538394318
  15. Morning, So when placing items etc in the EK everything works splendid it's the aftermath that really only the EK Owner has to deal with. The issue is interactive items being interactive all the time If you could make a toggle switch that can activate and deactivate "editing mode" it would be nice. So the owner of the EK can admire the content's of the EK and possibly not pick up buildings etc say during a duel or scrims or just walking around crafting or what ever they may be doing. I think getting this implemented before release will help with a greater positive response to EK's on Release DAY(: Thanks ^.^ P.S trying to upload a picture to explain it better but I can't figure out how to convert it into a url
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