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  1. This also happens on Live when you zone from map to map ex. Calyn to Poly) 1 member would be kicked from the party and would need a reinvite. Takes multiple times zoning for it to happen.
  2. A cottage (house) is not the first step to personal storage on your own EK. Crafting Decks allow a chest spot. Takes up One Small Building token and can be placed on the parcel with the respawn Statue. Crafting Decks are inexpensive and easy to make compared to a cottage. Comparison in mat costs from the vendor. Cottage = 180k gold Crafting Deck + Chest = 8k gold Suggestion, have a quest to craft a crafting deck + chest in the EK for new players to make and have. During a Siege you can place Trebs inside your Keep. Report bugs often you'll be surprised how fast they get fixed. Reach out to support when needed your problem will be answered/resolved in a quick like manner. Dont be Shy, you may want to but you will regret it. Crowfall shines unlike any other game when you socialize and do things with others. /emote list There is no "Meta" there are things that may be broken, but with the right amount of theorycrafting you can find a way to counter the broken. As of Right now Confessor, so run a major that gives Joven + minor that gives Indulgence and you'll be surprised. Dont fall into a Cookie Cutter build, it may work but it's not the be all end all for that class/spec. Use Crowcaine.com to theorycraft. Winterblades Crafting Combinations - material combinations + effects Crowfall Crafting Calculator - amount of materials needed and steps in how to craft each item.
  3. Skulls that have the same quality as the individuals vessel... Common, uncommon, rare, epic, and leggo Sacrifice them for XP >.> kill your Enemies and even your Friends for XP :D. also dont let skulls drop in EK so it cant be abused P:
  4. Something simple... reduce 75k gold cost for respec to say 10k... reasonable for a new player to get and a small enough chunk that still Simi-Costs for established players. To save the idk 20-30k I would prob spend in a few days to respec often... I would personally choose VIP over spending that much but hey that's me .shrug
  5. The badge is bugged. Doesn't add 5% mounted movement speed. No badge baseline stat https://imgur.com/4Kh3G1F badge equipped no increase in movement speed % https://imgur.com/Ego8bkG
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/ResilientPiliableHerringPhilosoraptor-uyRYfBO4OD6CR7vI
  7. Happened on live during stream but most likely it's on the test as well. Keep Door ladder to top teleports you to the side 9/29/2021 @ 2hr 30 min marker
  8. Pretty sure it was put out some where, that those who log into Dregs will count towards the alliance total of 500. Instead when I looked said Conflict (My guild) plus all the others the total numbers over all and not just those in dregs. Thought it was supposed to be a thing for 7.2 maybe it's supposed to be for 7.3?
  9. Happened on live during stream but most likely it's on the test as well. Keep Door ladder to top teleports you to the side 9/29/2021 @ 2hr 30 min marker
  10. This is forever known as Gotti's Rock to the Conflict Alliance ❤️
  11. That was a backer reward from a while ago. Not sure if they plan on introducing it again but I hope so 😖
  12. Guild Alliance is counting for total members in a guild from website not just the 1 individual in Dregs
  13. So I've suggested a token system of such and I think it would go a long ways with making Shadows and even Dregs more viable on an individual level and help people keep more active. I'm a copy pasta it. Lemme know whatcha think Suggestion "prob a ways off" have a reputation For, Chaos, Order, Balance... err moon, earth, sun >.> Reputations reset when the individual or "guild" swaps fations/gods/ Have different levels of rewards depending on your Faction that are bought with Reputation points. (Resets when factions swap) have faction themed rewards that are locked behind faction rep milestones. Points awarded based on what is captured. (Individual rewards based on score) I think this will definitely help people try and achieve a "personal" goal and make shadows worth partaking in for said rewards. 🙂 (edited) Think it will also help with people just swapping all willinilli as well And potentially bring back alot of players that were lost to the hunger and breath life into Crowfall
  14. Party Members sometimes get kicked from Party when zoning into a new area.
  15. Now that makes people wanna play on the test server instead of grinding xxxxx k gold for belts etc ❤️
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