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  1. Naani


    That other player was of the same faction. Well I can see why the doopers would be there now. What about putting a 30 sec timer on the dooper to where the person who mines it can pick it up in said time and if not picked up in said time others are then freely welcome to it. It is just a pain for someone who's FPS is really low (10-15) compared to someone who is in the 40-60 FPS rate.
  2. Naani


    I have a suggestion about looting. The materials that you get from say chopping down a tree, the wood gets thrown out into the world. Well while I was in game I ran across another player, we were both mining. Well he grabbed one of my ore pieces and it upset me to know that someone else can pick up the materials that I am mining for. What if you put in a system that caused the materials that you gather to automatically pop into your inventory say like runescape's gathering system.
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