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  1. Naani

    DPS Templar build?

    sadly v.v but I shall enjoy it to the fullest till then x)
  2. Naani

    DPS Templar build?

    idk I seem to be pretty mobile with my templar as I stance dance around
  3. Also this way you would avoid the PTW mentality and give people a chance to earn it. A date on the badge description would be nice as well.
  4. So, how many other mmo's grant certain item's to their players that are no longer available a lot of them do Ya'll earned the badges I only have a Malaki but it is still mine it may be the most common of the badges but it is not a HUGE game changer. They should stay as a pre - Alpha only thing (as a way to reward those who tested Pre - Alpha) that was earned by those who tested during that time. Now does it seem unfair to new? Yes some will think that mainly just cuz they want a badge themselves I think it looks pretty cool x) Crowfall is more about earning what you have and less about handouts right, at least that's how I see it. I think there should be future Trials to give the players who are new/returning/started playing years later into the release but my suggestion would be to disclose trials to Faction v Faction v Faction rewards only. This way you can think of progressing into the different realms as a "progression" latter. 12 Trials 12 Months a Year therefor everyone gets a chance to receive the badges of each campaign every year and that if you miss the BiS badge for your class/subclass then you must wait till that Trial to get a shot at earning that badge. This will almost always keep the Faction realm active and competitive and as players receive these badge's (lets say you already have all 12) then whats the point of doing said campaign which thus will lead you into say the Dregg's realm then later on in to the "Shadow"?? Realm (Free for All). as players who receive the badges and conquered the land's will eventually move on to new content/rule set allowing new players/ or the less "good" players and even smaller guilds a chance at receiving the Campaign badge's with the more veteran player's moving on to the next set of realms.
  5. Naani


    That other player was of the same faction. Well I can see why the doopers would be there now. What about putting a 30 sec timer on the dooper to where the person who mines it can pick it up in said time and if not picked up in said time others are then freely welcome to it. It is just a pain for someone who's FPS is really low (10-15) compared to someone who is in the 40-60 FPS rate.
  6. Naani


    I have a suggestion about looting. The materials that you get from say chopping down a tree, the wood gets thrown out into the world. Well while I was in game I ran across another player, we were both mining. Well he grabbed one of my ore pieces and it upset me to know that someone else can pick up the materials that I am mining for. What if you put in a system that caused the materials that you gather to automatically pop into your inventory say like runescape's gathering system.
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