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  1. Questions for Todd

    we will have an idea of how close we are once the "victory condition" test realm is playable. I predict that a large amount of backers will really start spending time on the game once you can compete and win. It will be a good stress test on servers.
  2. soft launch

    I think that overall this is a good idea. Really hammer out some polish and then release the game after World of Warcraft summer expansion returners get sick of the game. Find that window where people burn out and are looking for something new and refreshing. Maximize that timing and you will have a successful soft launch.
  3. I know its early in development and there is a lot to sort out, but I've seen it come up and need to ask: Do you plan on eventually allowing vendors to be set up in Campaign Worlds?
  4. I feel like getting these into the campaign will be essential. The campaign worlds should feel like its own slice of a sandbox game world and not just an arena. I also think having to visit many EK's will become tedious and unwanted by certain groups of players. The concept is awesome though and looks good- keep it up.
  5. Right on, your reply sunk in for me now. Sounds good
  6. Correct, however I was more asking when/if the deathblow mechanic acts as a tow truck- I am guessing whenever you die you ARE going to get the deathblow unless your team somehow manages to fend off everyone around a corpse for your run. Durability is going to get shredded rather quickly every time you die. However we haven't see the mechanic in action and not sure how long it may even take to DB someone, or if it even takes a special item to do it. Basically to me right now it seems like if you die, pretty much accept you're getting the DB and the bigger dura hit.
  7. If the deathblow mechanic serves as a "tow truck" does that entail the same durability hit? I imagine people are going to get hit by the deathblow the majority of the time when an encounter wraps up, and solo players are going to get hit with it 100% of the time (not that I advocate soloing).
  8. This post is a dumpster fire
  9. Hey guys, My twitch channel name is Pace22. I was the longtime #1 streamer for both Archeage and for some time Black Desert online. My group and I focused on tactical pvp shot-calling and have a lot of fun doing it. Lots of laughs and trash talking to be had. I am turning my efforts to streaming Crowfall, as I have seen enough to know that this game is the one that MMO PVP players have been waiting for. I encourage you to stop by as I test the crafting and campaign world systems. Thanks for reading and hope to see you in chat -Pace