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  1. Any insight what did this much damage? went from 100-0 pretty fast. possibly something to do with that ranger on the right - damage was insane
  2. This was my first time PVPing so I didn't notice why these guys weren't dying, but here is a video of me swinging out my ass for like 5 minutes in close quarters and a lot of melee attacks not connecting. I figured out later in the night if I stood back about 3m i could connect swings. Despite this bug, I am still having a blast pvping in this game. Some strong language included
  3. Hey guys, My twitch channel name is Pace22. I was the longtime #1 streamer for both Archeage and for some time Black Desert online. My group and I focused on tactical pvp shot-calling and have a lot of fun doing it. Lots of laughs and trash talking to be had. I am turning my efforts to streaming Crowfall, as I have seen enough to know that this game is the one that MMO PVP players have been waiting for. I encourage you to stop by as I test the crafting and campaign world systems. Thanks for reading and hope to see you in chat -Pace