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  1. Am I getting this wrong maybe? Is all crafting customization gone except this new secret ingredients?
  2. It is a thing though, there are some people who love trading and it's their main occupation in every game they play, no matter if there are things that make it easier or not in every particular game (such as vendors). Their playing strategy can be described as: craft, trade and make yourself rich - make the best equipment - dominate.
  3. I really like the fact that new people, who are busy on different aspects of the game, write news for us. Besides, Blair has more time to do his job.)
  4. What's wrong with damage bonuses on armor? As far as I remember, it was the entire concept, leather gave you the most damage, but no mitigation, when plate gave you no bamage and much mitigation, and mail was some average thing. With no damage on armor leather just sucks. Am I getting something wrong?
  5. You can just send stealth-fae first in the cell you're going to move your raid. He runs it over and, if he finds no enemies, that's ok. you all can teleport. If not - I hope you have more than one stealth-fae. You just need some time to regroup, but it's gonna be rather fast. The point of this restriction, to my mind, is to prevent you from suddenly falling on your enemies when they are not waiting, and you are all ready, buffed, eager for blood.
  6. Oh, thanks for the information, it trully changes much.
  7. I know a bit history, thanks.) Just saying.
  8. I mean all else being equal, of course. All healing skills depends on weapon damage as far as I know. At least it will be so I suppose if the tooltips say so.
  9. It doesn't matter how they look like: I'm wondering how much stats do they give. Sorry for misunderstanding. I know that T1 staff and hammer give the same ammount of weapon damage, while small buckler (the only shield druid can take) gives no stats in T1. If this changes in T2 (it probably does) than there's more profit having a buckler or being a cleric (aside from woodelf teleport) rather than a heal-spesific druid. But maybe (I trully hope so) stuff starts giving more weapon damage than hammer on T2.
  10. The name of your guild and your nickname are misinforming. >_<
  11. That's realy great there will be such guilds in Crowfall, it's true that army without armor will die. I trully hope you'll find more backers of your vision and, of course, your place in this virtual world. Good luck, man.^^
  12. Looks like a risky plan, you know.) First person to agree to collaborate will likely go away with your cool EK stuff and make HIS large EK.
  13. Hello. Do you guys have screenshots of T2 druid mystical staff, cleric hammer and a shield? I wonder if druids have some profit using two-handed weapon compared to clerics? Beside crafting one weapon against two. Thanks in advance for any information connected to this topic.=)
  14. Can't wait, guys, it looks fantastic, the idea of a labyrinth as a sort of open-world battleground is so much fun.
  15. Have you seen accuracy of archer ranged attacks? If you are standing somewhere near knight, but behind him, an archer has no opportunity to shoot directly you: all target damage will be taken by knight. I believe that tanking in non-target mmos is much more spesific than you probably think. In addition, all pvp is motivated by some object and the object is, as a rule, standing still, so you don't have to have as much mobility as damage dealers to protect it: just stay near. As to attacking the object, the situation is pretty much the same: knight has enough mobility to appear near it fast and to make enemies try to escape meeting him (he has enough CC, so they probably will try. If no - it's their problem), to my mind, the main gameplay of knight is running, trying to catch target and standing behind the shield. As to myrmidon, he has enough mobility and CC to be annoying enough. Besides, controling him prevents him to hit a bleeding target, so his gameplay is, to my opinion, way more fun.
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