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  1. In high ping, low FPS against uncoordinated pugs yeah you can win by purely out-sustaining over a long engagement. The lack of hard CC and DPS means that even if the other team only has 1 or 2 heals it will still take forever to kill them. The legionaire benefits heavily from the hunger dome scenario where simply lasting to the end through speed/kiting and heals and using the knockback into the hunger is one of the best ways to win.
  2. Legionnaire is mandatory at least for now. Mobile regen is simply way too imporant not to have - holy trinity alive and well in the hungerdome. Against a full-premade with VOIP and focus fire it doesn't do much, but not having one drops your general farming efficiency into the basement.
  3. The message regarding animation locks and movement is loud and clear. We can only wait until future builds to see if they got the memo.
  4. - performance - multiple server rulesets diluting the focus and balance - Too much PVE - Too much vertical progression - Too much start-stop combat
  5. /agree with everything, these points would create a very good action combat game
  6. The whole point of the system is the player choosing to complete the combo or cancel it into something else depending on the situation.
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