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  1. i never got a beta group number and i signed up awhile ago ><. NVM its showing now.
  2. I personally love having pvp loot in mmorpgs. Adds a lot to the game for me. But i am curious what made the devs decide to have that in their game?
  3. This reminds me of one of my favorite youtubers nigahiga. He has a few videos that are very similar to this post. Cracked me up good job!
  4. Ya, we really need way to be able to hit our enemys at their "home". some of the most fun i have had in gaming is Back in Darkfall online .. Some clan being a bunch of unpleasant people we knew exactly where to go to stick it to them. Some of the best sieges ever were started out of petty arguments. We got a chance of taking their loot and their home.
  5. isnt that in every game that has pvp loot ? I have seen that from Uo ,DF, mortalonline to SB. Then again I have met some of the nicest chillest dudes on those games as well.
  6. There is just something that changes the way people act ... plus its fun to know that your never untouchable and all your actions have signifcant consequences.. not to mention makes the game feel more immersive when there is not any invisible walls keeping you completely safe
  7. I am grasping for straws not really going to argue about it but im definetly not going to call it out yet expecially since these devs seem to want our thoughts and ideas. Nothing is set in stone . Hopefully if the current plan is to make these EK untouchable from outside players that this community will urge them to change their mind about that.
  8. yes i understand that but the way that you go about doing this has NOT been disclosed. Still could be the whole gaurd spill put in my last post. (of course i am only being hopeful) Meaning if you have your world set to let no one enter(lock it) that could mean that gaurds will attack on sight in that world.
  9. but we dont know how exactly the turn off pvp thing works.. Like i said in a earlier post it could just be guards(who try to KOS) posted to try and force players out. At least i really hope its not just a simple on or off switch. Much like you i want to be able to do some real harm to the asshats of the universe.. I dont want them have nothing to riskfor being a ASS. Now as far as the EK sieging it would have to be something like shadowbane or DF where there is some heads up with the siege is going to take place. Nothing is more frustrating thengoing to sleep and waking up with everything is gone.
  10. As far as being able to limit pvp on your EK who knows exactly how they go about that... Maybe that means there will be npc gaurds placed that will attack anyone doing such things(it might not be as simple as a on and off switch but a penalty that would occur if someone did attack other players on your property... AKA gaurds trying to kill you). Also, who says if someones EK is set to not let anyone in that it will just straight up not let you join... maybe gaurds will just attack on sight and you could still try your luck and try to "seige " them?
  11. I really hope so! That way there is still conflict there in stead of everyone turning pvp off and it becoming hello kitty online.
  12. Man I really miss DF 1. Hopefully crowfall brings back that kind of excitement.
  13. You are right about that I am just skipping over that in my head hoping he did that on accident or to purposely mislead us .. which wouldnt make any sense. I am just being overly hopeful I suppose. A man can dream cant he ? XP
  14. what about the throne war comment Jtodd made though. It doesnt seem like these campaign worlds really have anything about obtaining the "throne" . All things keep pointing back to EK for me.. the fact he used the words Campaign world only makes me think in order to gain power in EK need those special mats from these worlds... but i guess like you said it could just be used for major pimpage.... but what about all that siege material you bring back... i bet thats not classified as basic mats .
  15. Yep, and im going to cross my fingers and possibly my toes until its answered. HAHA
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