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  1. Where's the stuff in the store? Every single person I have introduced this game to asks me the same few questions: 1) Why are there no additional armor skins? Everyone looks the same. 2) Why doesn't the store have anything good in it? Where's my flaming swords, and electric axes? 3) I want to play a Nethari Cleric, (or any combination of why can't I with race/class). Granted the racials aren't very encouraging for many races.. Those seem to be what new people I show the game to always ask... Repeatedly.
  2. Not a fan of starting with sickle. Is anyone? Staff looks cool. People expect a staff. Not a curved stick. 😉 I know it's probably an opinion more than anything but I hear people say it all of the time - what's with the sickle? PS: I'd love to have an EQ style Druid or a Chloromancer from Rift. Not a fan of druids in CF at all with their mechanic.
  3. Brilliant idea Synoke.. AH is pretty much mandatory in games now.
  4. I think he ran into the 'bug' where you go to infected at too early of a level, the quests don't pop for you. So you need to level in infected, zone back OUT to the temple, grab the quest from the main dude, then go BACK into infected and continue. It's a silly bug that has tripped up a lot of people I see running it.
  5. Same issue impacts Elken in a variety of ways and is also quite frustrating.
  6. It shouldn't require direct development communication. If a player is knowingly utilizing an exploit then it should be a bannable offense. Especially with cases where someone never submitted a bug report, but rather continued to utilize it. That absolutely should be an immediate, bannable offense. Without a strong zero tolerance policy regarding exploits and the bans that result, the product, company and teams involved with a project have a severely degraded position for the vast majority of their constituents. In the case of a game, the vast majority of their constituents are the ones funding the operation. It's cost effect to ban the problem children, to keep the playerbase at large content and reasonably free of exploit laden gameplay. In addition, bans should be enforced to ensure bypasses and ban avoidance isn't practiced. Utilizing IP Address, IPv6 Numerations, MACID, UUID's, MGUIDS and other methods. That would essentially completely remove ban avoidance practices from banned subjects so they can't just slip into a different account. When someone is taken to account for their exploiting, ACE should be fully supported and trusted with those decisions, otherwise it further degrades the company standing to the larger playerbase and degrades their firm position on exploiting - and reduces enforcement ferocity. This is why bans should also encompass a discretion mandate for the offending agent so they don't incite the vocal minority of the playerbase against the company. One way to do that is to public announce bannings, with substantiating evidence/reasoning's behind it and mark it as read only in a specific forum for everyone to see, and view the action themselves, eliminating false information and/or uncertainty as to why something happened and dowsing conspiracy theories with light. In addition, there should be a ban appeal method. A good place would be a forum section where only the offender can post (privately) to staff members, and cite his evidence as to why the ban is not justified. Nobody could read this but members of the ACE team and the offender. Both of these I feel would assist in the matter.
  7. Justification of any negative action impacting such as exploiting somethingis just an excuse from people that seem to have a sort of cognitive bias from the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  8. 'Sorry guys, I am killing you invisible, and twisting and turning all of the knobs on my PC to try and fix it. I'm still going to kill you, for hours, but rest assured, I am twisting and turning every knob on my computer to stop this tragedy.' Come on folks. 😛
  9. Why does my bank account have only $9.25 in it but this ATM insists on giving me $20 bills? The bank manager keeps shouting about it, but I keep telling him I can't stop, and I cannot stop shoving $20 bills in my pocket. I've left the ATM, then came back, and it's still happening, and another three bank employees are now yelling at me. Oh no, the cops showed up. I am being hauled off now. It was all a bug with the ATM, I didn't know what was going on, honestly! I know we're in an age where people try to justify literally everything, regardless of how silly it is. But this is a business, and exploits harm business, and there are consequences. K's post was quite elegant.
  10. Picture for a moment - I walk up to an ATM and hit random numbers on the keypad and it spits out a $20.00 bill each time. Clearly, the ATM is bugged. So I keep doing this, and talking about it, not sure why it's happening. But dang, I am going to keep smacking those numbers and getting 20 dollar bills! It's an unintended bug with the ATM, sure. But should I sit there and collect $20 bills when I know it's wrong and prosecutable? Maybe I should immediately stop, run into the bank and report it? 'I don't know why this is happening, but damn it's cool' is never really an effective defense for anything.
  11. Hopefully ACE adopts (or continues) a zero tolerance policy for exploits. People using them will always try to justify them, deny their existence, deny they knew about them, whatever. But when reports come in, with substantiating evidence (up to and including people admitting the use of them), then I would absolutely support ACE with their punitive actions. (and encourage them) I've seen too many games degrade, and ultimately lose player base over exploits that go unpunished or without any punitive action. I think most people with reflection, will admit they've quit various online games and MMO's over rampant or unpunished exploiting. This ultimately impacts the bottom line of a company, and impacts the entire player base negatively.
  12. My list is: Nerf slayers. Nerf slayers more. Start by increasing pepperbox cooldown, killing the RF+FS stack exploit, make Guineaceans burrow only work in dirt as intended (no rocks, no homes, no stone tiles, nothing, dirt and only dirt), and reduce the range of slayer pistols by 20%. (they're old flintlock balls, they should be short to medium range only) Buff assassins, give assassins the Confessor ultimate. Assassins have to close to kill, their damage should be very good eh? They shouldn't be meat to slayers, which they are right now. Fix the exploited Mino 360' stun immunity. Double the circumference effect of Ranger Flare.
  13. Yeah I couldn't duplicate what he said. Cancelation immediately ceases the spin effect, animation and damage.
  14. That's the crux of this. If it was purposely baked in, documented, and listed as a technique you can learn then I am all for it. However, as I noted, right now it's an occult principle that is not documented, not listed in the combos, and apparently not established as acceptable by the developers. Therefore it should be considered an exploit of a game mechanic or client/server trust in each case of it being used. Because someone 'has videos' of it going back for a long time doesn't mean it's acceptable, or even encouraged, but that they simply haven't been taken to task for use of the exploit because the product isn't prime-time. I would expect that these things get addressed (if some aren't already in 6.1), and we're at a state where they are either impossible, or much harder to use - and the game goes prime-time, these will be considered censurable exploits. It's pretty obvious a stack continuation after ability cancel is an exploit. It's pretty obvious that an animation interrupt on the duelist ult causing them to obtain perma-stealth is an exploit. The others aren't really game breaking but if you face two templars against each other and one knows the DL interrupt, and the other doesn't, the one that knows the occult practice is going to have a damage advantage over the other one that can (and probably would) swing the fight. 'I've used it for years, in videos with thousands of views' is like saying you've driven 142MPH on I-75 for years and never got pulled over. It doesn't make it right, or even lawful.
  15. Sure it's 'doable' by all players and all classes, if it is documented as a combo technique supported by the game mechanic. But since it's an occult principle right now, it's really only evident to those paying close attention, or those that are a victim of the shenanigans. As such, it still should be classified as an exploit, especially in the case of duelists, which continue their stacks after interruption. Since it isn't documented, and I've been told directly that this will be addressed, we might be safe to assume these are exploits at this time. Animation cancelling is sloppy in games, and often the result of improper client/server sync, depending on what the client/server trust is. I'm not sure what the client/server trust relationship is with Crowfall right now, but my hunch is that stealth and movement are high trust on client. This is why speed hacks have been measured, and why the duelist ultimate perma-stealth bug can seemingly be triggered at will by 'those in the know'. Gear is server trust, which you can test by swapping gear out quickly and watching the server ping rise and fall simultaneously with that gear swap. Either way, I would think all of this would be fixed, if not already in 6.1 on test.
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