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  1. We had some awesome matches. I really enjoyed the event
  2. I'm really glad you liked it. I visited your Teamspeak of few times allready but so far nobody seemed to be around^^
  3. Hey, I just applied to your guild. It took quite some time and i really hope the application was sent Cheers, One-and-Forsaken
  4. Found a guild!!! Guild criteria: Region: EU (CET) Atmosphere: Having fun is important! Being friendly to each other is important! But then again being disciplined and knowing when it is time to joke around and when to concentrate on the "work" is also important. If you want to have success, you have to work as a team. Casual/Hardcore?: semi-hardcore / hardcore. I want a guild that sets goals and tries to achieve them as a guild. I want a guild that makes things happen. Size: Probaby medium- large. It's hard to say. I have made PvP with smaller groups and i have made PvP with hundreds of players. What's the best size for a guild i don't know. A healthy amount of dedicated players who work as a team work out fine i guess. Play-Style: I love to support my team, but i also love to disprupt my enemies. So far i found in druids what i was looking for. I like to try out new stuff and find my own style. What i love about Crowfall is that it encourages you to be creative. Commitment: To me, Crowfall is what you call love at first sight. But there are so many thing yet to be implemented into the game. Right now I'm playing World of Warcraft in which I'm in a semi-progress guild. In general, when i chose to play game, I invest quite some time into it. If the developement of Crowfall progresses as i hope i will spend a lot of time playing it. It has a lot of things i was allways looking for in a game. Also i took raiding always serious, wheter it was actual raids or PvP. Experience: I've playing games on both computer and consoles for 20 years now. For well over 10 years I'm playing online games. I tested all sorts of games and played some only for weeks or even days but some of them i've played for years. It started small with Browsergames until i switched to playing MMORPGs and other stuff. Games I've played for a longer period of time: League of Legends Warframe Neverwinter Online Warhammer Online (my first RPG. Still the best memories i have of any game) Aion Online (I was part of the Nr 1 ranked Asmodian guild on the server during that time) The Secret World Guild Wars 2 (I did A LOT of WvW) World of Warcraft Voice-Chat services: Whatever I'm asked to use. Miscellaneous: At first i started to write a big wall of text. But people often don't want to read so much at once, so i switched to this compact version. In general in my opinion the best way to find out wheter a guild and I are compatible with each other is through a conversation. I want to talk to a person to find out of the guild is what I'm looking for. One last thing: I am german. Therefore I'm fine with both german and international guilds to send me a message.
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