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  1. Hey guys, Im fairly new and not sure which of the assassin specialization is good at the moment. At the moment backstab and diffusion seem to hit pretty low on my char - seems like almost no difference between doing auto attacks and the named skills. Looking forward to tips.
  2. Maybe I just missed them @Devonic , if u can get max level in an evening of grinding mobs I dont mind it even so its pointless imo.
  3. I ran through one zone and found like a ton of high level ressources but almost no mobs at all.
  4. I didnt even find those adventure zones yet. Where can I find those and can I just solo farm those?
  5. Tbh considering its only for learning character skills it takes too long imo as its just boring at the moment.
  6. Is there maybe somewhere an interacitve map where u can look up adventure zone, ore spawn locations and so on? A link would be fantastic . Where do u find those adventure zones?
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