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  1. I do see Templar on the creation list.....
  2. The character came before the identity... lol.
  3. THE LEGEND OF SHADOWBANE The Age of Strife For three great Ages of the World, our History and fortune have felt Shadowbane's edge. Nothing under Heaven has escaped its searing light: Gods, Dark Lords, Archons, Kings, and Heroes have all been humbled by Thurin's great blade, while the fate of the World grinds slowly on. You have heard the tale, and yet I see you still have questions. Nearly one hundred years have passed since the Day of Woe, when Cambruin's sword became his downfall, and the bane of all the World. In all that time, what has become of the sword? What does the future bode for Shadowbane, and how has the next chapter of its saga affect the sundered World? Such is the stuff of rumor and theory, prophecy and legend. One such legend is the Tale of Lord Indigo… The Age of Strife and the Tale of Lord Indigo. Lord Indigo, the Fire of Malorn, was born in the year 77 to a comely tavern maid working in a small town a few leagues away from the vast chasm that remains in the place of the Ruins of Kierhaven. The town was built on the site of Cambruin’s staging point for his final assault on the Elven Empire, and descendants of that time live there still. The town was simply named Core, to honor its location near the site of Cambruin’s downfall, and his last place of rest before his final glory and ultimate tragedy and betrayal. The town of Core was the only survivor of Drangellikor’s furious path of destruction when the Flame Drake came to claim the tormented elven city of Kierhaven as its lair, though the then prosperous Core did not escape unscathed. Fear of the Drake’s imminent presence and the ruin left by its passing caused many to leave. By the year of Indigo’s birth 8 years had passed, and the town of Core was a shadow of its former glory. Drangellikor’s presence seemed a draw to the followers of Chaos, and the town often suffered the attacks of grobolds and orcs, raiding for supplies and slaves. Humans touched by shadow also found the new Core a haven for them to disappear and ply their trades in secret. It is rumored that the elusive Mist, a shade thief working for the Brotherhood of the Shroud, came to Core at this time to recruit for the mysterious group of assassins. For twenty seven years since the appearance of the Flame Drake, the town resisted its inevitable decline into lawlessness and ruin, and the townspeople learned to become hard and strong against their new existence. The hope of a better future was rekindled in the year 96 when the Saint Malorn sent his confessors and templars to guard the former site of the Ruins of Kierhaven. The town welcomed Saint Malorn’s decision to build a temple in Core, and in return the Temple began to cleanse and rebuild the city to its former glory. In the year following the disappearance of Kierhaven and the arrival of the Temple of the Cleansing Flame, the agents of shadow and chaos seemed to melt and fade in the bright light and searing fire of the All-Father. The random monster attacks stopped and the people made much progress in the restoration. Indigo had seen almost twenty winters by then and had grown into a strong and clever young man, shaped by surviving the harsh life in Core. Indigo never gave in to the dark path of life Core so readily offered, and worked hard to help rebuild at an early age. The agents of Chaos were not defeated however, and in fact the presence of the Drake had attracted the attention of Terminus, a powerful Dark Knight and former Sentinel of the All-Father. Terminus had been charged with guardianship of the runegates, but had become embittered by the knowledge he gained during the War of Talons. Terminus learned to become a Traveler, and in his travels he met and allied with Vellogthu and pledged his service to Morloch as a general in the Vorgrim army. Through his use of the runegates, he came to discover Kierhaven, and the Legend of the Kingmaker, Shadowbane, the Lost Soul. Determined to retrieve the blade for his new Master, Terminus began to build an army of monstrous humanoids and evil men to attack Kierhaven and capture Drangellikor, the Fire Drake, to offer as the blood sacrifice that would bring the Dark God back to Aerynth. When the Ruins of Kierhaven vanished and left a gaping chasm in its wake, Terminus blamed the town of Core and changed his plan to one of annihilation. Almost a full year to the day the Temple first arrived; darkness again came to the town of Core. But this was not the silent approach of winged death. This time terror announced itself in orcish war drums and the ritualistic chanting of tribal shamans whipping their flock into a fervent passion for blood. For 3 days the monstrous army laid siege to the town of Core, and the young Indigo earned himself praise from the local militia captains for his bravery. Indigo had been raised on the stories of Beregund the Bold, Caeric Blackhammer, and the High King Cambruin. The legend of Shadowbane was fresh and strong in the minds and memories of the elder Core citizens, and it was a tale they told with great awe, reverence, and sadness. With these heroes and the tales of their valiant deeds in mind, Indigo stained his blade deep with the blood of his enemies. On the third day of combat it seemed as if the entire monstrous horde of the world had rallied to sack the town, and the defenders were hard-pressed to keep the southern gate. Town Militia and Temple alike raised sword and fire to Core’s defense, and it finally seemed as if they would win the day when a massive ball of evil green flames erupted from the north, followed by a thunderous boom that rocked all but the sturdiest of men off their feet. Defenders raced to the north only to be confronted by grobolds and orcs at every turn! The streets of Core ran red from the carnage, and the defenders had to fight to regain every inch of lost ground. But these monsters had not spent twenty summers navigating the sometimes harsh streets of Core, fighting for survival. Indigo had learned the path of rooftops at a young age and used it to race to his grandfather’s tavern near the north gate. Indigo sprinted across the last roof to the edge as he realized billowing black smoke came from his longtime home! Several grobolds and an Orc Captain had his mother captured and roughly shoved her from monster to monster, laughing and speaking in their guttural language. Indigo saw his grandfather at their feet with blood pooling around his body. Just then his mother had screamed and tried to run, but the Orc Captain grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around to shove his wicked short sword into her stomach. His vision going red Indigo leapt from the rooftop and rolled into the monsters swinging his sword madly at them. His wrath would not be questioned. After he slew the monsters Indigo dropped his sword and knelt to gather his dead family in his arms and wept for them, uncaring that new enemies approached. The sounds of the townspeople and Temple battling for the north gate grew louder, but the ominous sound of armored boot steps could not be diminished. Indigo knew that he was surrounded by monsters and more, and a sudden rage had then filled him. He looked up to see a man wearing the ancient purple and gold trimmed armor of the Vorgrim Legion and a score of monsters surrounding him. Several of the monsters stepped back at the fire in the young man’s eyes, but Terminus only laughed and raised a Sentinel’s Hammer, blackened and twisted by the Hateful God into a tool of evil. “Everyone dies here today, and the Maimed One shall return!” he intoned, and swung his hammer down on the unprotected man. Temple scholars say that Terminus unintentionally gained the attention of the missing All-Father by dedicating the battle to the Traitor God in an attempt to bring the Dread Lord back to the shards of Aerynth. They say that the All-Father, the most human of Gods, was angered by his former Sentinel worshipping his brother and betrayer. Others say it was overwhelming and pure rage that spoke to the greatest of Gods in his travels, and brought his attention to young Indigo, and the plight of Aerynth. Whatever the truth may be, all witnesses to the event tell that Indigo’s scream could be heard above the sounds of battle and combatants on both sides stopped to wonder as the wrathful young man first manifested the Wings of the Seraphim. Indigo arched back against the flames and threw his arms wide to unleash a massive explosion of fire that incinerated everything around him, leaving only the glowing hot armor of the Vorgrim Legion. With their commander defeated, the monsters quickly fell back from the town, and were chased into the hills for several days. Indigo was taken to the Temple, and the Confessor Tribune declared him a Templar of the Cleansing Flame. With his family dead, Indigo threw himself into his lessons and learned to channel his rage into the spells of the Temple, purging the wicked of their sins and cleansing them with the burning flames of Saint Malorn’s wrath. He quickly rose through the ranks of the Temple to become Lictor and Lord of his realm. The legend of Lord Indigo has only begun to be chronicled. Many enemies came to test the might of the Temple; rogue bands of wild amazons, the endless ranks of the Unholy Legion, and the relentless Horde of the Dragon from the Far East. But the greatest enemies, as always, were the agents of Chaos. Vellogthu had reacted with great fury at the loss of his General, and ordered his minions to find and destroy the young Templar Lord, sparking the War of Shards. Across the fragmented pieces of Aerynth, the War of Shards raged as Temple and Chaos clashed with fire and blood. Damnation, Wrath, Redemption, and Mourning all felt the devastation of the four year war. On the fragment of Aerynth commonly called Mourning, the War of Shards came to its climax when the followers of Chaos managed to spill enough blood in one single cursed event to bring the Dark Lord to Khar Th’sekt in the desert wastelands. Much suffering lay at the feet of the Maimed God and his followers on that day of sorrows. But it was here that the good people of Aerynth proved that they would not succumb to evil and lay down as sheep before Morloch’s path of slaughter. Led by the troupe of the Quantum Farcical, many heroes came to claim their place in the chronicles of Aerynth’s tormented history. Morloch and the followers of Chaos were driven back through the Chaos Gate, and again the mighty Elven Spellweavers locked the ancient door to the Abyss. Many of Morloch’s minions managed to escape this fate and begin to plot once again to bring the Ruined God back to the shards of Aerynth. Kodor was tracked by the Temple to the notorious Sea Dog’s Rest, a haven for thieves and criminals. After a pitched battle and a desperate free for all involving assailants on all sides, the monster Kodor was slain by Lord Indigo after leaving a path of the dead and dying around the pirate sanctuary. The end of this tale is yet to be revealed, and the end of the Age of Strife can only measured in speculation. Will Shadowbane, the Sword of Kings return to Aerynth? If it does, will it arrive as the savior, or the ultimate doom of us all? Only time will tell, and all our hopes lay in this… Resurrection.
  4. Everything looks great so far guys, keep it up!
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