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  1. Got a malware alert from the latest update: Win64:malware-gen GFSDK_SSAO.win64.dll.solidpartial CFLiveLauncher.exe From Avast
  2. Prestige. There needs to be a "Craggin was killed by Mortella" call-out, and it needs to display permanently on your character bio as a reminder. "Yeah you talk big but show me your last 10 killed bys... Oh look, all harvesters...."
  3. When you view your character through a flaming brazier, there is a screen ripple of vomit inducing proportion. It's a beautiful graphic effect, but if it catches you unaware, shew, nausea time.
  4. The campfire in the starting area between the Red and Blue spiders believes it is a chest and I am unable to dissuade it of this notion. It is always full of meat and bandages.
  5. VFX on "Bull Rush" are a bit overwhelming now. Can't see where you are going.
  6. This...I would have noticed. Lol, awesome:
  7. Hey most excellent, thanks kindly. I must have overlooked it; appreciate it!
  8. Would it be possible next iteration of test to get a vendor for uncut gems, etc...? I never see gems for sale therefore can't test any jewelcrafting issues. Thanks!
  9. Craggin


    So I did this mostly as a joke / slot protest on Test, and to my surprise it's effective and kind of terrifying. Thoughts?
  10. Clicking "Skills" before the entry screen fully loads often crashes out the client.
  11. At this time, absolutely. It definitely exceeds the performance requirements.
  12. Losing Demon's Pact is kind of a big deal. There are already too many hard choices to make and not enough slots for everything, why even bother taking discs if you can only have half the powers up?
  13. The large stone ones. That would make sense, and I was wondering if it was some sort of NPC that wasn't visible to me. I'll try to get close and get some screenshots of it happening then report it. Obliged.
  14. Can't figure out if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong because I just don't know. Keep (the fully built one) with an active bane (or whatever): If I get within X number of feet radius of the place, massive health loss. Sometimes you just can't get away fast enough, which means I can't get my corpse because if I get to close, large chunks of my health go flying off again. Anyone know why this is happening? There are no PC's, no NPC's (that I can see), and no messages in regards to the damage on any of the channels.
  15. Playing around with Necromancy on test, apologies if this has all been documented before. Granite + Cinnabar = Strength Slate + Halite = Dex Marble + Dolomite = Int Travertine + Sulpher = Spirit Limestone + Nitre = Con Emerald Tablet for extra Philosopher's Solution Multi-Magnification Goggles for additional body part slots Vestige token into the spirit bank Select at character creation Some experimentation I did at an early phase, here's the difference in starting stats form that one:
  16. Yo. My wife will be back as well as of today.
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