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    Craggin got a reaction from Nephal in Racial Starting Attributes, Abilities, Slots, and Modifiers   
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    Craggin got a reaction from Thromdeir in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/23/19   
    Prestige.  There needs to be a "Craggin was killed by Mortella" call-out, and it needs to display permanently on your character bio as a reminder.
    "Yeah you talk big but show me your last 10 killed bys... Oh look, all harvesters...."
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    Craggin got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/23/19   
    Prestige.  There needs to be a "Craggin was killed by Mortella" call-out, and it needs to display permanently on your character bio as a reminder.
    "Yeah you talk big but show me your last 10 killed bys... Oh look, all harvesters...."
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    Craggin got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/23/19   
    When you view your character through a flaming brazier, there is a screen ripple of vomit inducing proportion.  It's a beautiful graphic effect, but if it catches you unaware, shew, nausea time.
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    Craggin got a reaction from Xarrayne in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/23/19   
    Prestige.  There needs to be a "Craggin was killed by Mortella" call-out, and it needs to display permanently on your character bio as a reminder.
    "Yeah you talk big but show me your last 10 killed bys... Oh look, all harvesters...."
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    Craggin got a reaction from Xarrayne in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/23/19   
    When you view your character through a flaming brazier, there is a screen ripple of vomit inducing proportion.  It's a beautiful graphic effect, but if it catches you unaware, shew, nausea time.
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    Craggin got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/16/19   
    Oh snap, I thought that was by design.  Can confirm.
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    Craggin reacted to yianni in Three QoL changes I would recommend   
    ctrl+rmb stacks objects... youre welcome
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    Craggin reacted to Nexis234 in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/15/19   
    Auto loot please! opening UI every time is tiresome!
    Also why when you harvest does the item have to go to the ground? Just add it to your inventory please.
    Should just start with lowest level axe and start from there, punching tress is just silly. You can still teach crafting from making people bandages, cooking, other crafting equipment.
    I am assuming descriptions for classes will come.
    Graphics are nice, animations are good, keep up the good work.
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    Craggin reacted to vkromas in 5.100 Snap TEST Patch Notes for 7/15/19 and 7/16/19   
    7/16/18 Patch Notes
    Add monster camps to the map, with a pop-up that gives basic "consider" information. Eternal Kingdoms:
    Adjusted building placement to use screen axis. Class Powers:
    Adjusted duelist basic attacks to fix some hitching issues.  Ranger:
    Fixes for Ranger trap spawning underground and applying damage multiple times. Racial Powers:
    Updated description to Bull Rush to indicate it no longer drags targets. Updated bull rush icon, removing yellow border. Discipline Powers:
    Fixed bard song of speed to not create feet fx indefinitely. General Bug Fixes:
    Fixed the campaign restrictions on the world info panel. Fixed issue with hair color mask for female Half Elf hairstyle #4 (#3 in the avatar). Now the player should get a prompt telling them to open their talent tree when they have too many talent points, know to put their stuff in a spirit bank when a campaign is ending, and know to choose another skill tree when they've maxed out one. Vendor interactions are now an instant interact instead of a hold. Fix missing hellcat acid spit projectile. Updated gatehouse to fix flickering issue. Fixed the right-click to transfer items into the sacrifice window.  Should feel more responsive. Reduced the interaction radius/distance for plants so it feels a little tighter than it does right now.
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    Craggin got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/15/19   
    VFX on "Bull Rush" are a bit overwhelming now.  Can't see where you are going.
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    Craggin got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/16/19   
    The campfire in the starting area between the Red and Blue spiders believes it is a chest and I am unable to dissuade it of this notion.  It is always full of meat and bandages.
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    Craggin got a reaction from blazzen in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/15/19   
    VFX on "Bull Rush" are a bit overwhelming now.  Can't see where you are going.
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    Craggin reacted to vkromas in 5.100 Snap TEST Patch Notes for 7/15/19 and 7/16/19   
    Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.100.0
    To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.100 Bug Reports
    To report feedback, please go here: 5.100 Feedback
    For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: Known Issues
    New Items:
    New interact functionality has been added to teleporters such as Runegates, fort and keep gates, ladders, banks, chests, sacrifice pits, and plant harvestables. A new Embargo system has been introduced. Please see below for more information. New Respawn Outposts have been added to campaign worlds allowing for more respawning options during siege and campaign play. Embargo System:
    Embargo system to allow players to move items in and out of the Campaign Worlds more easily from the Temple areas and to allow for improved Bank Storage in each world. New banking system categories: Banks and Vaults. Both bank styles will have import/export tokens. Pressing “B” no longer accesses the Spirit Bank and the bank type accessed depends on the type of world the player is in In Campaign Worlds “B” accesses a global bank. In God’s Reach “B” will access your vault.  Banks and Vaults now appear as a “List” view in the UI, previously it was a grid.  Local banks have been deprecated. Crafting:
    Experiment Quality Difficulty Adder has been altered such that experimentation now decreases as higher quality resources are used in crafting. Additional Risk Difficulty values have been increased (These changes should make it such that you are more likely to have better experimentation rolls on higher quality resources, and less likely to use additional risk on lower quality resources).
    Mobs and AI:
    Spiders should no longer slide when during their attack animation. War Tribe Loot Table Pass Grouped and redistributed Minor Disciplines among particular Race-Class combinations. Vessel additives now only available at Rank 7+. Reduced resource drop rate. Bandages drop at lower ranks, Cloth drops at higher ranks. Increased food drop rates. Fix Aracoix Assassin not doing stealth. Talent Trees:
    The final capstone passive powers in the talent trees are now automatically and permanently applied to your character when you purchase them and no longer require a passive slot to be loaded out. Changed the buff name on Treant Wood Stake from "Armored Archer's Stake" to "Treant Wood Stake." Racial Powers:
    Added verbage to Attributes details to indicate they can never exceed 350. Added verbage to racial passives to indicate what Attribute Caps they were modifying. Discipline Powers:
    Fixed Agent Provocateur's Stink Bomb not playing field fx. Added duration of poison onto the tooltip for Poisoned Blade on the Poisoner Discipline. Added the Bleed effect on the Long Live the Fighter passive could be stacked three times onto the tooltip. General Bug Fixes:
    Changed the sacrifice and monetary values of yeast, auroch milk, black pepper, and cocoa beans to 5 xp and 2 gold each. Small change to quality settings, to give more breathing room to async texture streaming upload system.  Added vsync by default, to try to deal with hot GPU at the lobby. Adding test vendors to crafting area in temple. Interacting with a sacrifice brazier is now an instant action rather than a hold interaction.
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    Craggin reacted to oneply in Motherlode Vendor   
    Test server has a chest of free gems in the temple by crafting tables. Blood is in the food chest and the larger stack of water is in the necro/alchemy chest. 
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    Craggin got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/3/19   
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    Craggin got a reaction from Groovin in Musings of a Mino   
    1.      Soul of the Game -
    How I explain Crowfall to friends (that won’t get a Shadowbane 2.0 reference):  If World of Warcraft had a lovechild with Fortnite.
    Right now Crowfall has a core of dedicated Shadowbane expatriates, but the gaming world has moved on from grind-leveling games and we will need to attract new, younger folks.
    ·        New players are dropped directly into the action with no safe spaces.  The noob zone is a free-for-all, whether that is full pvp or an aggressive PVE tribe.  Players band together or eat hot death.
    ·        Remove the leveling system entirely.
    ·        If you don’t remove the leveling system, grant xp for both gathering and crafting.
    ·        Transition God’s Reach into the new player area, with a single pve owned keep to struggle over, after which graduating players into the full pvp experience.
    ·        Currently the game is bot-necessary (more on this later).  I expect this is designed by default due to the payment model?
    2.      Social
    The current state of chat is non-workable.  Forgetting the delay which will be rectified eventually, having to completely stop moving to pull up your inventory or throw something into a chat window cannot continue in a PVP centric game.  Also, the vast majority of players have since migrated to platforms such as Discord.  Suggest API integration and a world, zone, guild, or group voice chat experience (trusted player moderators are a must).  Items need to be hot linkable with stats for trading
    3.      Guilds and Factions
    Having both guilds AND factions over-tribalizes the game.  I can see the logic in that it allows you and your companions to jump factions together, and it helps to organize defenses quickly, but at the moment there isn’t a lot of benefit to splintering factions further.
    ·        Don’t let the losing faction jump teams.  If you are Balance and Order and Chaos hand it to you, you have to at least come in second next go around to jump factions.
    4.      EKS and PVP:
    I love the idea, and they are great, but it can’t work.  There cannot be permasafe places of significance.  It completely devalues the “Free City” zone. 
    ·        Remove EKs and replace them with the current keep system.  Guilds are allowed to take ownership of a keep and personalize it with their own vendors, nearby parcels, and buildings exactly like the current EK system.  This allows not only for a reason to care about keeps and coming to their defense, but also removes permasafe areas.  You could always lose everything.
    ·        If you can’t remove them, grant them at the guild level only.
    ·        Spirit Banks, as much to heck and back as I love them, can’t continue.  If they have to continue, then block access to them within 5 minutes of giving or taking damage.
    5.      Professions
    This and vessels are the two best and definitely the most delicate balancing acts of Crowfall.  I love the idea that I continue to progress even if I go on a real-life vacation or work is being work, and the degree of customization is amazing.  The biggest single issue is that anyone who gets into Crowfall before you will always be ahead in terms of character power and development.  You cannot catch them no matter what you do.  One of the biggest things that keep me from purchasing this type of game is lead time.  If I don’t get in on the ground floor, it is often not worth getting in at all.
    Also, as all of your characters use the same Profession choices, if you want any kind of variety you will need to maintain an alternate account.
    ·        Allow same tree dual specializations.  For example, someone that only wants to participate in combat could simultaneously have “Weapons” as Primary and “Armor” as Secondary, or a dedicated crafter could have “Blacksmithing” and “Jewelcraft”
    ·        Explain!  Explain!  Currently a lot of the options are mindboggling at best.  What do they actually do?  How do they affect my character?
    ·        Allow retraining.  No one likes wrecking a character over a bad point spec, and now when you choose wrong you wreck ALL your characters.
    ·        Allow Point spill-over into the same tree.
    ·        Rename “Exploration.”  It’s Gathering.
    6.      Crafting and Gathering
    The current crafting system is a grind of hellish proportions, double if you like to solo.  Not to mention if you do solo, you can forget about ever going into jewelcrafting or necromancy. 
    Making things never makes me any better, therefore making things is pointless.
    Here again, you must have either an alternate character to slot crafting specific disciplines, or a bot account. 
    EXPLAIN THINGS.  Crafting is a horrible mash of trying to figure crap out:
    a)      Experimentation Points? 
    b)      When do I get new recipes? 
    c)      Why did that item turn out like crap?
    d)      Why can’t I make this here and have to go somewhere else?
    e)      What do these materials do vs. those materials? 
    f)       Do pips do anything for Grave digging considering the rewards are all on the last scoop? 
    g)      Why did I bother losing one of my all-important Disc slots to a crafting disc if that doesn’t open new recipes?
    Stamina drain is THE WORST.  Oh my God there is nothing worse than just sitting around waiting for crap to refill.  This mechanic is all kinds of bogus.
    I was decidedly annoyed by the 3-5 pip swap (especially because pip 5 was pointless anyway).  Now it is 4, 2, 5, be annoyed, repeat.
    ·        Grant xp for both gathering and crafting.  Right now characters are severally gimped by their disc choices, and are expected to sacrifice, draft off groups, or be power-leveled to advance.
    ·        Allow carcass dragging.  Skinning takes SO long (the new test patch seems better) that loot and corpses often decay, and the mobs respawn on top of you before you finish.
    ·        Part of me wants the ability to skin my enemies.  I think a Balance Cloak sends a nice message.
    ·        Grant Bards a stamina song.
    ·        Grant Foreman a stamina regen chant.
    ·        “Looking” should NOT be a passive power.  This should be part of crafting standard.  Everyone should get this and the fact is eats a slot is unacceptable.  Add it to the ”Exploration” profession if you have to.
    ·        Right now too many crafts are cross discipline, yet you have to specialize in one.
    ·        Grant all motherload node items in lesser quantities at regular nodes.  I play at weird times and for short bursts.  Trying to coordinate with other people just does not work, and own family plays.  This completely rules out my ability to harvest a large number of items.  Alternatively, allow a discipline with the power to solo a motherload.  That seems worth the sacrifice of a slot.
    7.      Vessels
    This is, hands down, one of the coolest mechanics, and probably the biggest single point for abuse.  I expect in the later stages of the game no one will bother to start a character without first aftermarket buying a vessel for real money. 
    8.      Races and Classes
    I’m probably severely biased and shouldn’t comment except that Minos still need tweaking, especially in relation to centaurs (what the crap, horse people?).  Movement Speed is a key mechanic in PvP.
    Slots.  Slots Slots Slots Slots Slots.  There aren’t enough.  Having to pick and choose powers is BS.  Even assuming it forces customization, doing it on passives as well is smash my keyboard level frustrating.  I lose a disc slot and I can’t slot my powers?  Flipping BS, dude.  Like don’t want to play for a few days level angry.
    ·        All class specific training point based powers are keystoned and don’t require passive slots.
    ·        More Minor Disc powers that aren’t passive slot required (Thorns?  No one in their right mind would EVER take this or its dependencies when they use slots).
    ·        The hotbutton bar should be twice the size it is.  At least 3-4 four extra slots minimum.
    ·        Hotbutton Bars should be on a sliding scale increasing based on level.
    ·        Move the classes to a paper-rock-scissor model.  Rock classes should expect to be straight up owned in a fight with a Paper class.
    ·        Add pickpocketing.
    ·        Add carrying capacity by race and strength.
    ·        Minotaur is the only race incapable of rezzing.  Please add the Templar class to our class options.
    9.      Combat
    Seems to working well, good work here.  The addition of the targeting system is excellent progress.  Please add targeting commands by name.
    10.   PVE
    Gear drops on test is a big step forward.  More diversification is expected, early days yet.  Would like to see the war tribes become livelier, and perhaps attempt to take forts and such.
    11.   Misc:
    ·        AutoRun – Please add this
    ·        Autofollow –Necessary for Bots, if that’s a thing you want to encourage.
    ·        Food – Consumption rate is too slow.  There is no market for buff food.  New patch seems to improve this somewhat.
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    Craggin reacted to Enforcer in Enformative Guide to EK Parcels and Objects   
    So as of recent, it seems like ArtCraft Entertainment is really starting to pick up some momentum which is clearly reflected in their updates and commitment to. A lot has changed in a very short period of time and with the release of 5.92.2, Potrais and I decided to take the plunge and dive in to the game in its current state.

    When it comes to parcels, at first glance, they are not very easily understood. Combine that with the limited amount of information currently available (or lack thereof), I found myself in a pickle where I had to reach out to the guys at Crowfall for assistance and on that note, their commitment to technical support through these alpha phases has most definitely been top notch. Nonetheless, I had a problem and they had a solution.

    So with that thought in mind, we're going to add another one to the knowledge base for the community to reference.
              1.0 - Information (Read First)
              2.0 - Obtaining Your Parcels and Other Objects
              3.0 - Relevant Chat Console Commands
              4.0 - EK Map Editor and UI
              5.0 - Parcel Placement
              6.0 - Placing Buildings
              7.0 - Placing Objects in Buildings
              8.0 - Permitting Others to Develop
              9.0 - Possible Future Changes
    1.1 - Each portion of the guide is broken down into sections and subsections, beginning with "x.x". This is extremely useful as it is a quick way to recall specific references within the guide as well as a way to let me know what needs to be updated, what I may have missed, etc. Any "Enformative" guides on the forums are subscribed to by me and will be continuously updated as information becomes available.
    1.2 - This guide references web addresses and images throughout. These references are clickable and formatted like this. This helps tremendously with keeping the guide as clean as possible while still having all of the necessary information within reach for those who may want extended details or like my finger-painting.
    1.3 - Eternal Kingdoms are essentially scalable areas for more robust form of player housing (and I choose the word robust as you can essentially use it for whatever you want, it's yours to do what you please within the options they have made available to you for configuration) that are allocated upon account creation, assigned to you, and then spin up for availability when you "launch" your Kingdom from the Eternal Kingdoms menu (hence why you must launch the instance and then click to enter). As of right now, the online status of your EK server is determined by its occupancy. Once launched, an EK will remain online so long as it is occupied by at least 1 player. Once the EK is empty of players, it remains online only for a very short while post the last players disconnect.
    1.4 - Every EK is allocated a 12 player slot capacity by default. As of right now, there is no mechanic available ingame that will contribute to an increase in player slots.
    1.5 - EKs are developed on a grid of which is comprised of cells, and every grid is 22 cells x 22 cells in size. The terrain pieces of which you will expand your EKs footprint with are referred to as parcels, and these parcels (depending on size and type) are comprised of at least 1 cell. When a parcel is placed on the EKs grid, it deducts the amount of cells of which it is structured upon from your overall amount of available grid cells.
    1.6 - When you acquired Crowfall (however the means), more than likely your purchase was bundled with "rewards" in the form of parcels and objects for use within your EK. If a backer reward is not available yet ingame, it may be replaced by a similar version (i.e. being given a Capital Parcel in lieu of a Caldera Parcel). There is no need to be concerned as when the reward becomes available for use, it will reflect accordingly within your available parcels and objects.
    1.7 - Consuming a parcel and or object reward during the pre-alpha, alpha, and beta test phases will not have any effect when Crowfall goes live. All parcels and objects will be reallocated to you for use at launch regardless of whether or not they were consumed and used during testing.
    1.8 - Currently consumed parcel and or object rewards cannot be traded via the gifting system.
    1.9 - Parcel and or object rewards are not available on the test server, only the live server. However - ArtCraft, at their discretion, may provide parcels and or objects to you at no charge for testing and without notice, so be sure to check your Account Rewards page on the Crowfall website because you may just get lucky!
    1.10 - This most definitely is an open forum. Any feedback, suggestions, additions, and or changes are welcome. Please do not hesitate to contribute.
    3.1 - Parcels are essentially building blocks of land that you assemble in any fashion you like, within the guidelines listed later in 5.0, to create the layout of your Eternal Kingdom. Parcels are available for purchase in the official Crowfall Store, and depending on which backer package you have purchased, may have already been awarded to your account for claim Additionally, all parcels available for puchase can be crafted ingame via the stonemasonry > geomancy skill trees. It's important to note that parcels crafted ingame will be lost on resets, requiring that you craft them again if you wish to use.

    3.2 - If your parcels and objects were considered part of a "bundle"when obtaining Crowfall, you may first contemplate weather or not you un-bundle them. Un-bundling is not required for use and claim of your assets however can be both convenient and inconvenient depending on your outlook. Doing this will break all of your assets included in the bundle down into separate items. This could be especially useful if you wish to pass items on to another account, or if you would like only to use a particular asset for the moment. Note that once you have un-bundled your assets, only ArtCraft can pack them back up.  
    3.3 - To un-bundle your assets - visit Crowfall.com and at the top right hand corner of your window - input your credentials into the username and password fields to be taken to your Account Profile. If you look to the left side of the Account Profile page, you will see "Rewards". Click on the rewards options to be taken to your Account Rewards page. As you can see from what I have highlighted, you will have a populated list of items available to claim from your bundled purchases. Locate any of your parcels, buildings, and other objects on this list and then click the "Consume" button to claim your rewards and have them sent to you ingame. After consuming your rewards, load up Crowfall.
    3.5 -  Once logged into your EK, hit the escape key and locate the Spirit Bank icon (1) and click to open your bank to view claimed rewards (2). Send each of your relevant rewards to your inventory by right clicking on them.
    2.1 - There are a few relevant and notable chat console commands that will be referenced throughout this guide. ArtCraft has not fully developed an all inclusive UI that makes such a thing as simple as "point and click", however they have stated one will be available in the future. A list of the various chat console commands can be found by clicking on the question mark which is located at the top right hand corner of the chat window.
    2.2 - Note that player names for all EK commands are case sensitive.
    2.3 - Note that all system responses triggered by the chat console commands will be output to the "ME" window within the chat console.
    2.4 - Note that "monarchs" (EK owners) can remove parcels regardless of ownership. If a parcel is removed that has buildings and or structures place, the assets will be sent to the asset owners spirit bank.
    2.5 - To use a command, simply hit the enter key to allow input to your chat console. From my personal experience, commands will work in every channel other than "Combat". Lets take a look at Command List that shows us what we have to work with so far:
    (1) "Citizen Commands" allow you to control your EKs general population and access. "/ekinvite playername" - If your Kingdom is private, it is not visible or joinable by the general public. After inviting a player using this command, your Kingdom will become visible on the invited players server list under "MY KINGDOMS" for joining. "/ekban playername" - Use this command to permanently ban a player from your Kingdom regardless of its privacy settings. "/ekunban playername" - Using this command will remove a previously banned player, allowing them access to your Kingdom. Note that if your Kingdom is private and you would like to grant access to the un-banned player, you will have to invite them. "/ekremove playername" - Don't be a d#$% and use this for personal enjoyment... But it is essentially a "kick" command and will remove all rights within your EK from that player. Note that if your server is private and you wish to allow access to that player again in the future, they will have to be re-invited. (2) "Noble Commands" are used to grant parcel placement rights to other players. "/ekaddnoble playername" - Adds the player to your nobles list, granting them permissions to place parcels , move, and or remove only parcels of which they own. Nobles will not have permission to remove, alter, adjust, or what have you, any parcels of which they do not. "/ekincrementnoblecellcount playername quantity" - Grants your nobles cells for placement of their parcels. Note that even as a noble, they cannot place a parcel without you granting them this resource. "/ekremovenoble playername" - Removes the player from your EK, stripping them of all granted rights, vassals, cells, and tokens. If your EK is set to private, an invite will have to be tendered to the player again should you choose to welcome them back at a later time. "/eklistnobles" - Lists all players of which you have made a noble within your EK. (3) "Vassal Commands" *** PLACEHOLDER TEXT *** "/ekaddvassal playername" - Grants the player rights to place buildings on parcels only of which you own. Note that you must physically be standing on the parcel of which you would like to grant the player rights to place buildings on. "/ekremovevassal playername" - Removes a players rights to place buildings on a parcel. Note that you must physically be standing on the parcel of which you want to remove a players rights from. "/eklistvassals" - Lists all players of which you have granted vassal rights to for the parcel you are standing on. (4) "Token Commands" *** PLACEHOLDER TEXT *** "/ekincrementvassaltokencount playername type size quantity" - Allocates tokens to the player used in placing buildings and structures on the parcel you are standing on. Note that only the parcel owner has the right to allocate tokens to players for their parcels. "/eklisttokens" - Lists all players of which you have allocated tokens to for the parcel you are standing on.  
    4.1 - Once you load into your EK, we are going to be looking for map editor and UI. As of right now, Crowfall does not have a hotkey assigned to the editor. In order to open it, hit the escape key and click on the icon within the left-side navbar that looks like a tiny little house.
    4.2 - Once you click on the icon, the map editor will open. Referencing the map editor image:
    (1) This area contains all of the information pertaining to the way your EK is viewed on the server list, as well as the privacy and game type options. "KINGDOM" - This is what you will be naming your land. This option can (as described below) be visible as well as searchable to the public. If you are trying to bring someone into your EK and they are unable to scroll the list and find you, they can reference this name in the search area of the server listings to locate yours. "DESCRIPTION" - I'm not going to go into detail on how to write a description for your EK... your a smart cookie, you got this! "PUBLIC KINGDOM" - Selecting this box will shade it in reflecting your selection. If you choose to leave your EK open to the public, not only will anyone be able to see and search for your Kingdom on the server list, but they can also come and go as they please. So - make sure your okay with people walking in and out of your place like they own the joint before you check this box. "PvP" - Selecting this box will shade it in reflecting your selection. If you do this, anyone can wage war with you at any time... and you can kill whoever you like with no questions asked. "CANCEL / SUBMIT" - This is self explanatory but know, whatever happens on this screen as of Client Version 5.92.2 will not be permanent as far as the choices you make about your settings and parcel placements. Even after submitting your changes, you can always revert back to a clean slate and do it all over again until your little hearts content. (2) This is your parcel tray / repository. Any of the parcel pieces that have been previously removed from your Spirit Bank and placed in your inventory will be displayed here for your placement. Note that if a parcel piece is not in your inventory, it most certainly will not be displayed here. (3) This is where you have the option to enter a name for your parcel. Once a parcel has been dropped into place, this field will be populated with the default name of the parcel. You have the ability to change this, giving it a custom name. Parcel names are view-able and referenced on a players map (opened using the "M" key) only. While traversing the terrain itself, the name of the parcel will not be displayed when crossing over zone thresholds. (4) These are a few simple parcel controls. You can use the circular arrows to rotate the parcel on its horizontal access for placement. The red bag icon will allow you to remove a parcel from its place on the EK grid and return it to your repository. This does not delete the parcel. (5) Your Camera Controls Using the circular arrows, you can rotate the EK grid as a whole to gain different perspectives to assist you with placement of your parcels.
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    Craggin got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/3/19   
    Clicking "Skills" before the entry screen fully loads often crashes out the client.
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    Craggin got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/3/19   
    EK is missing the "T" to lower when placing items.
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    Craggin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/3/19   
    EK is missing the "T" to lower when placing items.
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    Craggin reacted to oneply in Minor Disc Removals in 5.100   
    "Deprecated the following Minor Disciplines - Expansive Mind, Demon's Pact, Fashion Statement, Hand of Glory. (These disciplines were granting unique race relating benefits that not only watered down race diversity, but also felt extraordinarily powerful for a minor discipline)."
    There are too many passives in the game to removes Demons Pact. Essentially makes it so minors are not important to slot anymore. Demons Pact and Expansive Mind should remain for customizing builds. Do you realize the builds youre getting rid of?
    I get fashion statement, hand of glory, and surging spirit being removed.
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    Craggin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/3/19   
    Losing Demon's Pact is kind of a big deal.  There are already too many hard choices to make and not enough slots for everything, why even bother taking discs if you can only have half the powers up?
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