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  1. Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    (To anyone Reading this I may have found a home! I'd still be glad to hear about you if you'd like to send me a message.) <-- Update 8/14/17 Hey Crowfall Community! LFG(uild): <-- See what I did there? My name is Syrrius and I'm looking for a Roleplaying / PvP guild. As far as experience, I personally run an ages 18+ multi-gaming Community (17 years) and might start a chapter down the road but that's a different matter for a different thread! I take character development seriously, am well seasoned in pretty much any genre of game you can imagine and will either be playing a Confessor, Templar, or Assassin. I'm truly stoked for this game and it's concept, and am looking for a like minded bunch. Timezone isn't an issue for me, but I'm based in EST. Thanks for reading and your consideration! Sincerely, -Syrrius-
  2. Starting a Crowfall Community

    Excellent! Thank you both for the information!
  3. Hey Everyone! My name is Syrrius, I'm wicked pumped for this game (and to try my first time testing it)! I run a multi-gaming community, and have done so for the past 17 years, but wanted to make sure that I have permission to utilize the elements in the press package for a Fan Site. Please let me know!