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  1. so i found out that you cant repair your starting area gates and mine is almost knocked down and its artifacting on my screen so bad. please fix! thanks
  2. Nova spell - Sin

    ive found it now but you cant use any of it cause the spells need you to make a focus weapon......
  3. So ive been looking thro all the spells and i cant find the spell Nova. what happened to it ?/ did the remove it or something ?
  4. there is a few bugs ive found but you all prob aready know. you can jump through the front of everyones keep and get in without having to siege. Life Leech is not to the percentage that it should be. it says like 70% or like 30% when its more like 7% and 3%. the game play feels great just need to even stuff out abit. little one sided to a few spells compared to others. still the game is fun . keep it up!
  5. so ive been talking to the support team here and still cant figure out why my game wont launch at all. any ideas ?!?! cant get a fresh copy to even launch ! keep getting an error! anyone have any ideas ??
  6. keep getting an error when i try to launch my CFLiveLauncher.exe and when i even try to download a fresh copy from the links under Downloads tab on the home page. please help !
  7. Ive tried to download a fresh version of the new 5.2.6 and also tried to update my old copy to 5.2.6 and they both are giving me the same error when i launch. it says that client timed out and wont work. can i get some help ??!?
  8. so i just tried to download the launcher again ( fresh install ) and im getting the same error as i would if i launched the CFLiveLauncher.exe in my installed game. any idea why im getting this error all of a sudden after trying to install a fresh install or my updated to 5.2.6 ?? so confused on this and i really want to test some more !!! PLEASE HELP SOMEONE
  9. Still getting an error! PLEASE HELP! i dont understand !
  10. Keeps getting Timeout waiting for window to load when i try to launch with the CFLiveLauncher.exe ?? any ideas ? even running as admin.
  11. Cant seem to get my 5.2.6 update to install. its stuck after downloading it in the client. anyone know why or have an idea to fix it ?
  12. Thanks so much !!!!
  13. Where do i download the Where do i download this test client ? im NA USA so and i just downloaded the game yesterday.
  14. havent been able to join any compaign at all . i understand this is pre alpha but there isnt much to test for them. the pick axe is sideways when you mine and thats about it all i can see so far but not being able to join ta compaign is killing me !!!! when will they have one ready for testing?