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  1. Stay in the Fight does not work on Myrmidon when hungry.
  2. That would be a feature. Right now there's not enough reasons to split the zerg so when the ball gets rolling, you tend to see them all night.
  3. Agreed, this feels like an overcorrection. That being said if you're married to this cast time, consider buffing fortified stakes to further reduce the cooldown timer. Topic 2: Awareness and Shadow Awareness should be swapped. Getting a better version of a talent from a minor feels backwards. The same philosophy doesn't apply to traps (where the minors are much less than the talent), and to other similar minors... so why here?
  4. Stay in the Fight on the Myrmidon seems to partially work, the first time you drop below the threshold for auto attack - you briefly get not enough fury warning and do not attack. Then it seems to snap back and allow attacks ... but not reliably. They seem... janky.
  5. Champion - Brutality - text says "Penetraction" where it should say "Penetration". Champion - Blood Rage - double "seconds" in description. Pack Avatar Minor - double "seconds" in description. Speed Demon Major - Marked for Death - double "seconds" in description. Dazzling Blades from Dazzler Major - double "seconds" in description.
  6. Agreed, this doesn't feel very good at all. The damage takes snail mail to arrive and delays the start of the DoT as well, ruining potential combo abilities.
  7. Hit that old chestnut - no Immortals ring recipe. Full quit, come back in... still nada. NPE stalled. May be because I had another Immortal Ring from a previous toon equipped, in which case it would be great if it either forced a completion flag or produced some error on the recipe... not his the recipe all together.
  8. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Battling for Keeps (for and against) is a thrilling activity. Atypical races - Not just twenty skin hues of Human! (Now let's keep it rolling, where's the Flameborn?!) Good mix of classes and promotions (mechanical quibbles aside). Heralds are a suitably challenging PvE experience as a little snack for when you want a break from the PvP buffet. Art style - this is subjective, but I still like it and think it will age well once the engine settles in. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be
  9. Lurching into feedback more than bug, but following along this thought line: it would be nice if there were variations of Training camps with clusters, single targets at various health levels, high/medium/low mitigation dummies, etc.
  10. We were debating if this was a result of the lion body or the lack of skinnable birds...
  11. Myrm: Cast Net and Berserk should work in all trays (and Battle Scream if it does not already).
  12. myrmidon bow attacks against bleeding targets still do not grant Scent of Blood buffs
  13. Probably aware, but if not - any non-common (white) vessel can access dregs at lvl 1 or above. Only those starter vessels are limited. That being said, I'd prefer a "NPE" that gates things AS IF you were leveling, so new players could feel out the skillsand mechanics, but eliminate the level mechanics for every vessel after the first. Or add a "skip ahead" Quest NPC, who always has a quest ready for you to turn in to level you (gives 400k experience or something over and over).
  14. On top of both of those, once fixed it would be great if mount noises were broken out into their own audio slider. I don't need a parade of coconut shells and skittering every time we move in a group.
  15. Anything to reduce inventory clutter has my vote. The current amount of major and minor knowledges/discs x 4 levels of rarity is... a bit of a nightmare.
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