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  1. Clearing a key binding via clicking the 'Clear' button cause you to LMB attack and closes all the menus.
  2. McTan's suggestion may or may not help small guilds compete together, but it sure would help small guilds to be able to contribute to an alliance without being subsumed by a shell guild and potentially lose out on building their guild identity. And compared to what we have now would at the very least make it more reasonable for them to compete.
  3. Farm and craft all the ambrosia you possibly can. Infinite market.
  4. It seems many new players have struggled with it and, especially outside of guilds where the smart play is obviously to stack like with like to maximize yr exports, they feel like they end up leaving a lot behind. What many Dregs players seem to have forgot in their rush to feedback that no one should be allowed to progress in Infected ever is that for non-established player/guilds this is an enormously punitive system just to avoid them gaining the 10-20% potential power increase that end game gear and crafting provides - disallowing it to incentivize a game mode that so many of t
  5. I do believe this is why they mentioned leveling disciplines as part of one of their QnAs. The idea being you actually get rewarded for time spent with your discipline and not just time spent making your new players kill thralls till their eyes bleed and then feeding you in the world's least rewarding pyramid scheme
  6. Projected launch is this year, which is why the ratcheted up angst.
  7. Yeah, I think if you genuinely enjoy the campaign PvP it's easy to come to each one of these fresh and ready to fight. If yr specifically trying to win conquest, which requires certain non-pvp (or less engaging pvp) play styles to generally ensure success, it is a life drain to do four times a month.
  8. We call this the revised fifth edition doctrine.
  9. I actually read it as "trajectory towards DaoC" and I spent many of yr paragraphs thinking, man McTan really hated Dark Age of Camelot...
  10. For any queries along those lines, support@crowfall.com is your best bet.
  11. I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Non-aggression Pact. On a serious note, what you're suggesting definitely makes a certain kind of sense. I would think the current crafter/harvester requirements would make this kind of change really painful if those systems were not modified beforehand. As Mira said though, I hope this and many other campaign types are available on launch to expand where people feel comfortable playing. For some it will always be a no holds barred, bring whatever you've got knockdown drag out, but for smaller guilds to survive and thrive
  12. I previously suggested in feedback they flip the two, as it feels like the Hunter disc should not outshine a talent you had to manuever to. That being said you do get awareness and flare arrow in a combo, which isn't a bad deal.
  13. I thought this post was about adding Myrkul into the game. Came away disappointed.
  14. Generally, what we're saying is that doesn't happen. You would only use 9 tokens on average to bring a person into campaign with all the stuff you need (and if you don't have crafted gear, you could honestly just go in naked with a horse and farm at the first mob camp you see for the rest). But even if you import a character with all your stuff that leaves you 41 more import tokens. Assuming your guild is not crafting in campaign, you could easily afford five more tokens for new armor and one to two more tokens for fancy new weapons.
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