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  1. To directly answer this question, kind of - yes. People above are bemoaning the state of the game (which is legit) but what you're asking is more appropriately answered as: The GR/Skypoint loop is not where moat of the PvP happens. The primary spot would be in the Guild Vs Guild Dregs campaign, then the Shadows Campaigns, then (finally) GR. As most people do not need to level anything at this point if they've been even semi seriously playing wince launch, I'm sure you can reasonably see why they wouldn't spend time there. Welcome (back) to Crowfall! Hope you have a lovely time and I would strongly urge you and your friend to seek out a guild as it dramatically improves the experience and shortens the learning curve.
  2. A decision for the designers to be sure, but where were you going to use them in Skypoint/GR? Aren't all the structures prefab?
  3. Heralds are the most reliable, boss mobs of all stripes occasionally cough one up as well.
  4. Make High Elf pajamas black, not purple. Jazz up the female leather eye mask.
  5. It dovetails with the other suggestion of counting IN CAMPAIGN toons for caps rather than website totals. Saying that if you do it that way, you meed to also do this to not punish the same account.
  6. Insert whatever feedback gets this done as fast as possible here.
  7. I'm not sure how they could, given they have competing tech to prevent enemies from logging out in your keep and coming back online in the middle of a siege, which has been in place for a long time. The weirdest part is it brought back two bane trees (right number) but not the *same* two bane trees.
  8. The biggest issue with this suggestion is that it appears the cap size is only at the alliance level in campaign, ergo if you turn off alliances you have just guilds - which cap at 500. So they first need to add the tech recognize the number of players in a guild, in a campaign, then a UI to report who they are to the people out of campaign and, ideally, a way for officers to force a player out of campaign if they have gone the Irish goodbye route and you need that slot. Which isn't to say it's a bad idea, it's not - it should happen, and they need to build all of the above anyway. Just a reason it can't happen tomorrow.
  9. Rust had a very lucky completely unexpected and impossible to replicate on purpose injection of players due to a sudden uptick in streamer play that snowballed. If they're going to look to other games for solutions, it would likely be best to look to Albion or FFXIV which followed similar initial dismal reviews with tinkering and then a massive sustained uptick.
  10. More things stacking to much higher numbers would be nice.
  11. Note - it is possible to get these buffs from the keep when it is neutral, but the chances of a keep with R3 buffs staying neutral for long would not be high.
  12. Can't wait to smash that pass button frantically while someone is combat corpse looting in the middle of pvp.
  13. Also, the Wealth vendor should be a custom very rich looking Guinecean decked out in gold armor and full bling.
  14. Very interesting stuff, and there's a lot of places this new data/token system can take you from here. You could, for example, use all this new data to base caps on ACTIVE SOLDIERS instead of website members when planning Campaign Caps for Guild/Faction/Alliance. Should also consider perhaps a new reward type based on actual PvP performance. While it can be gamed, there current Conquest structure and most of the DF quests incentivizes not fighting (as the most efficient path to reward). One quibble, we cannot import or reasonably use siege outside campaigns, so why bother putting it on a vendor/as a reward?
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