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  1. I would prefer that food/drink was used for various buffs, and that you were limited in the amount you could use at one time (SWG system). Penalizing or debuffing players for not eating/drinking feels like a needlessly tedious mechanic to me. If you give the proper buffs to crafted food/drink, it will become a necessity for combat/crafting/harvesting anyways. Guilds without proper food/drink supplies will still be at a disadvantage during fights, but without diminishing their ability to actually play the game. Winning a battle by starving your opponents sounds like an interesting strategy, but is it fun and engaging gameplay?
  2. Why include base stats in a time gated skill tree? Player stats should come from Weapons, Armor, Abilities, and Buffs. Including base stats in a time gated skill tree will only increase imbalance. Every individual class should have a set of base stats that apply to everyone. Stat diversity should be attained through itemization and abilities. Arbitrarily giving someone +5% crit (example) simply because they’ve played the game longer makes no sense. On top of that, training the skill trees isn’t rewarding at all. Probably because there is literally zero effort involved. Including power creep in a time gated skill tree is really the only design decision I don’t understand in this game. It’s like they felt the game had to have a convoluted skill tree just because it’s an MMO.
  3. One account allowed per IP address. Violaters are permabanned. Do it. Do it.
  4. The average gamer wants to be completely self sufficient. That's why most MMO's these days are really single player games in a shared space. You cannot listen to the playerbase on this subject, because the majority will always try to eliminate interdependence.
  5. Ive streamed it a few times. Problem is, it's hard to make a compelling stream inside an EK. Once the campaigns become more complete and consistent, I'll probably stream it again.
  6. Used for building/upgrading structures.
  7. Impossible to play a melee class with abilities located on the 1-8 keys. I would love to test combat, but it's literally impossible for me. Any particular reason we aren't allowed to remap our abilities?
  8. Just started testing last week. First MMO ever was SWG, and I've yet to play a better one. Still play SWGEmu. Big fan of sandbox games and player driven economies. Been waiting 15? years for someone to get it right. I had high hopes for The RePopulation, but that didn't pan out. Hoping Crowfall can deliver.
  9. Looking over some traits and stats for myrm, and wondering what the game considers "barriers"? My first thought was obviously physical shields, but then I noticed an ability that dispels a barrier. So I'm guessing barriers may actually refer to magical shields?
  10. I actually prefer 3rd person perspective, but the camera needs to be adjustable. Playing a melee toon and I can't even see the person I'm trying to target because my avatar is in the way. If they expect melee to aim in this game, they need to give us a proper camera angle.
  11. Yes, but the FoV is weird and there is no targeting reticle... nor can you see your own melee attacks. It's essentially a forced camera view, not a legit 1st person perspective.
  12. New guy here, so sorry if this has been discussed, but is there a plan to improve 1st person view? Theres no way I could play a melee class with the current camera, because your avatar literally covers to target reticle. I would either need an option to tilt the camera, or a legit 1st person view.
  13. Bothelius on Gorath. Also played on Tempest (Brooklyn) and Chimera EU (Solex).
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