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  1. I understand completely, that it is definitely not something that ACE should worry about. I was just interested in seeing other the communities thoughts about it.
  2. Never met the man, but when I play CrowFall, I will play with him in mind. Thoughts and prayers be with his family, friends, guild, and anyone close to him. Hopefully everyone is doing fine ;/ this is sad news to have to hear.
  3. I am just wondering if the politics of Crowfall, how will it more or less work. For I see a lot of these servers just for role play like GTA V RP, Arma RP, and they had a Game of Thrones one for Ark Survival(it's a little scuffed but still nice). I'm just wondering if adding a few roleplay seasons might attract people. If it was more geared towards role play, especially something Game of Thrones related, but not directly related to it. People would have to have legit names, follow specific roles for initiating combat, etc. Maybe have a mafia or something in game people can join, maybe people can become soldiers to just make sure no ones doing anything stupid or against the laws of specific cities. Wars could be more capture the leader/kill the leader to gain the city/or become head of a group if that's where the role play plays off to. Perhaps even arena fights. It does seem dumb to put into a game, but I think it would attract a lot of attention for guys/girls who do that role play stuff.
  4. Greetings everyone. Well, basically been using this username Hilgodestroyer for a while now, so I put it into here. I am like a lot of other people in this world. I am just looking for a MMO to call home. I saw Crowfall when looking around for a sorta strategy game. The graphics look similar to WoW so I was like hey, I didn't really play WoW to much. Kinda started into World of Warcraft late in my opinion so it never stuck. Some games I've gotten into are Wild Star(loved this game, if it wouldn't have became such a barren wasteland), Runescape, Destiny, and Diablo 3. A few other games like Ark Survival and Minecraft, so hopefully I can find success, honor and glory, or chaos and havoc in this game. I have other games, but I never really played into them to much. So hopefully Crowfall can become one of those few that I can play into end game with.(well end campaign i suppose) Also want to point out xD I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan...and this game just might be my ticket to get that in game Game of Thrones feel. I've played on a Game of Thrones Ark Survival Roleplay server before. So it definitely would be interesting to see if any type of role play stuff is implicated into Crowfall.(I do realize there is the politics, so that should help in that aspect) Since it seems like a lot of games like GTA V and Arma 3 usually get a lot of players through role playing servers. So I will be looking forward to joining you all in this great game. After watching Zybak play it, I might end up making a Half Giant Mymordian once it comes out. Since Zybak made it sound beast mode asf.
  5. Well, I just wanted to put some ideas out there. People are welcome to bash/improve on my idea. Class Reaper- Could use dark magic while carrying a scythe. Gives you the option for dps/support by range or maybe dps/tank for melee. The skill tree could split to allow better use with it. So maybe you could learn some dark magic spell that once you kill someone, you can convert the last 5 secs of damage to that body into a your characters health or an ally's health. Possible dual wielding scythes/ one handed big ones to cast magic with the other/ or just a two hand one to tank with. Basic image of this would be something like a Grim Reaper or Executioner. They could be weaker during first 3 seasons, but once Winter comes around they get brutally stronger. Race Undead/Skeleton- Well, I figure an Undead/Skeleton race is always cool looking. Like Skeletar or whatever from He Man. Basically this falls in place with the Grim Reaper image of the reapers. Possibly could be used for some kinda long winter game mode, where if you die in the winter, instead of reviving your normal character you can instead choose to make an Undead/Skeleton character. Possible classes could be ranger. knight, "reaper". Just the army of the dead. Living vs Dead game mode- Well, if Skeleton warriors were to come into play, there could be a brutal game mode of living vs dead. If the living can destroy maybe a specific point, possibly a gravestone of the specified leader of the dead. But the living would get weaker in areas controlled by dead people, and if you died in an area controlled by the dead, you would be turned undead(unless maybe a cleric or something was around to neglect the effect). But the main point of the game mode would be for the dead to win, they would have to either convert everyone to dead or controll the map. For the living to win they would either have to control most of the map or destroy the Gravestone or point of interest that the dead get the power to convert people to there side. In the end it could end up being winning scenarios such as. 1. Dead somehow have converted everyone to there side.(When first starting this game, you will be auto directed equally to equal out teams. So say you join, you would be forced either on living or dead side) With or without controlling most of the map. (So you can't just win by thinking you can mass control everything, while getting killed. Living have to at least be alive holding everything to be considered winners) 2. Living control most of the map, with the dead not having converted to many people/ with or without destroying the gravestone. 3. Dead controlling most of the map, even with the humans destroying the Gravestone, but with or without converting everyone. 4. A Tie would result in the Dead winning. So if equal amounts of the map are owned. Humans don't have the gravestone destroyed, but dead are unable to convert people easily, and everyone is keeping everyone at bay. Dead will win by Winter end if living can't take a fort or something. Just an idea. Though it would be a pain to actually figure it out. I think it could also be interesting if balance in the regular campaign, say you were part of order or chaos, but your team just can't beat the other team. So once winter comes around, and you die. You have a choice to continue with your old character, who is getting his/her but beat. Or you could join the balance side, as a undead warrior. To prevent Chaos or Order from winning, by joining up with the balance team. Which imo might end up being a deciding factor anyway whether Order and Balance need to team with against a strong Chaos. The only thing would be you would get less rewards for winning as an undead this way. Just to stray people away from doing this all the time. Tell me what you guys/girls think.
  6. Yeah. I know. I had a friend who told me once that he wouldn't get a xbox 360 membership back in the day because of the monthly subscription. I was like dude you play wow....the subcription is worse than that. Honestly games like runescape i cannot wven do without a subscription...and those games are pretty dried out. That's why a subscriptions to something new and hot like this is at least worth the 15 dollars a month.
  7. I feel like pay to win would be more like buying the sword of truth for like 100 bucks on World of Warcraft to one hit people. Meaningless to say I probably shouldn't be commenting that, but the concept of subscriptions has always been in games. It's an option to pay .50 cents or 15 bucks a month, most people who will end up doing that will have full time jobs more than likely make around that much in an hour to begin with. So one hour of work irl for a 30 day membership online, to help pay the developers to keep adding in new content. Which I understand not all people like paying for subscriptions, and that is cool and all. But to go ahead an say it's pay to win. It's not like they are purchasing the skills and getting them upfront. They to my understanding still have to wait for the time like everyone else. If you want pay to win that is more like a game like Lord of Ultima where you could pay extra money to get 500000000000 Troops to go flatten the guy out of the castles next to you.
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