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  1. Great thanks for the replies! Yeah figured it wasn't great for epic, though is my first try. My Necro tree only has 5 full selections so still pretty low. And the Ambrosia & PS i had to buy at only uncommon level. Just didn't realise the xp penality was so large though 😋 so was wondering if I could make a better blue one next time. Just really wanted to push something competitive out the factory 😁 Thanks Again
  2. Hey Does anyone have any details on what extra stats you should get based on Vessel rarity? I mean I just crafted an Epic Nethari vessel with +50 on each stat. But I seem to remember seeing an uncommon vessel with 25s in most stats and Dex bonus of 100, was a hamster vessel though. 😋
  3. I just saw 2 toons take on 5 others from another faction, I don't know the 2s levels but I assume max, the 5 i know were max. The 5 were wearing armor and weapons, so not naked, i assume commons though. So... the 2 proceeded to wipe out the 5 without even dropping below 90% health, to me this is too much, even if they were in epic gear with epic vessels this should not happen. Hey i'm fine with them winning based on skill and better gear, but they should have at least lost some health from this. Barely loosing a sliver of health when outnumbered 2.5 to 1 is not a skill fight, that is purely gear based and that is Way too potent!
  4. New to Crowfall, been watching it for a while though & looks like just what i'm looking for. Played in Guilds a bit, but probably mostly a loner MMO player, never had a problem with PUGS or teams when joined though. I suppose i'm just not accustomed to asking/needing help from others. Region: EU Time Zone: GMT + 2 (South Africa) Atmosphere : Prefer a small/med sized Merc style guild, but a good larger guild with a smaller squad i stick with often can work as well. Casual/Hardcore: Semi-Casual Focus: ? Necromancer Crafter / Gravedigger ? Play-Style: Usually a Caster/Sneak type class, though Bloodmage healer in Vanguard SoH was one of my best & Fav classes Faction: No opinion as yet. (In balance at moment) Game Experience: Ryzom, SWTOR, Darkfall, WoW, City of Heroes, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Wildstar, plus other shorter period ones (In order of time spent in Game) Voice-Chat services: haven't used in a while so any should be fine Languages: English Early access availability(Beta 3, 2, 1, Alpha, IT): In Game now (just started, want to test and plan before game opens)
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