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  1. Huh I didn't know they tracked that, but it looks like I'm #499 with an early bird Amber.
  2. Needs more cowbell, also female minotaur is something I support though I doubt there will be enough demand to bump it up the priority list.
  3. Auto run, sure why not if you don't do it there's just going to be tape on a keyboard. Automatic follow, no.
  4. This is pretty much my last question I have that is keeping me from going up a pledge level, maybe it was answered and I just missed it. Is everything your going to build look the same or its it more free form in the campaign worlds? Are we going to build walls, bridges, and towers to make our structures piecemeal as we build up fortification or is every building of a type going to look the same and we just need to supply the same amount of materials to get a fixed guard tower, fort, or whatever?
  5. People are silly and easily upset by the fact others might like something they don't like. Personally I would rather have more playable beast races in both genders, but I get that there isn't going to be that much demand. I'm not the sort of person to say I want this so it should be in. It should be up to the demand and effort to implement. That said it takes less effort to extend to another gender rather than a whole new archtype so I feel its fair question to pose.
  6. While I expect this would be gender locked to start since its a beast type race I wonder what the chance would be of seeing a female version at some point down the line? I don't expect there to be a ton of interest, but I played female tauren back in my WoW days and rather enjoyed my character. It would be nice to go back to something similar as I really am not a fan of humans as I find them a tad boring. This next stretch goal also has the rule set that interests me the most too so depending on how those cards fall I'd at least go up from amber to sapphire. I'd even go to ruby if I knew there would a female version pushed with the male one.
  7. Are we going to see funding continue after Kickstarter closes in the form of digital add-ons like some other crowd funded games have done? If so will we get some idea of what we'll be able to purchase a la carte before Kickstarter ends? If there's anything you'll be able to pick up in the Kickstarter itself and not buy after that could help me figure out if I want to slid up a pledge level or two now rather than waiting it out.
  8. Personally I've never seen the appeal of hats since the often either hide or clip your hair and so many MMOs have the option to hide the hat/helm. I likely wouldn't buy hats, but I would buy costumes/outfits/skins.
  9. I'm way more inclined to buy random fluff than things like extra character slots or bank space. I'm not saying those shouldn't be in, but you only need so much of either of those examples. Since we're talking mostly art I would like to see them put out polls for what people would be interested in buying for cosmetics. That way the more popular items get made or made first which means its also worth the effort developing those art asset to begin with.
  10. With a little more than a week left on kickstarter what else would you like to know about Crowfall that hasn't be covered? Is there some particular tidbit of information that if released would lead you to upgrade your pledge? For me its about buildings/structures both in campaigns and the eternal kingdoms. With the latest stretch goal there's talk of some of the buildings that can be constructed so that's at least a start. My personal questions are things like are buildings fixed shape place-able objects or are they more free form built from individual wall fragments? What are the options for the sorts of structures we can build? Can buildings be placed anywhere or do the have to meet fixed rules to be constructed in a particular place? Will we have to make choices of what sort of utility buildings we can raise or will the only limits be what we have resources for?
  11. Clearly we need a minotaur race and the option to turn them into beef jerky come winter.... what?
  12. These were all good choices. It move me a bit closer to upgrading my pledge. I wonder if we'll get any information about the building/structure side of crafting before the close of the kickstarter?
  13. This seems pretty well thought out, but I might be bias as I'm also part of the so called minority it seems. I think it should take a long time to reach your skill caps. In my ideal world passive training would just be a nice little boost, but not the primary means of advancement. For a reference point let's use a 100 point scale and some arbitrary milestones. First off there would be an effective level. Let's call it skill level 50 would take about a week of regular play to reach. You could liken this to say being a casual athlete, maybe you play on a local town team or just with your friends. Whatever the cases, you know what you're doing and can be effective in a game. Next you have skill level 70 which would take about a month of focused play to be considered good. This would in turn be something like a professional athlete. This is what you do, you're good at it and people respect your input on the topic. Third you have say 90 skill which is great and you've put in about a year of game play to reach that point. For my example you're an olympic quality athlete, you're really stretching the limits of what the body is capable of at this tier. We're still going up the skill ladder to 99 now and looking at two or maybe three years of play to be approach true mastery. Example wise you're at least getting a medal now from your trip to the olympics. Then we come down to that last skill point. Its one point, its a hell of a lot of effort to 'be the best' or back in the game world, cap a skill. In a lot of sports there's a ton of training done just to barely squeeze out a few fractions of a second. In the game world the difference physically between skill 99 and skill 100 doesn't play into things all that much on the math side of a battle, but if you want that little fractional edge you should earn it over years and years of work. Rambling example aside either the above or the compromise in the original post as a middle ground are good in my view. What's the point of eternal heroes if we're all capping out in one campaign? Where's the value in all the experiences from battling across world after world? I for one don't see it and it just feels like a MOBA match rather than a coherent MMORPG.
  14. Cosmetics for sure. I think the thematically appropriate stuff should be should be in game, but the whacky stuff could come from a shop. Yeah I realize some people don't like them, but I love them and would be willing to pay for them I suppose. If someone wants to be a killjoy just let them toggle off cosmetics. I'm not talking just armor either, but buildings and lands too, at least on the EK side. Perhaps more tax free land depending on if its good for anything? In short goofy art assets are love.
  15. Its the play your way section that is causing the confusion because its there as part of the list and its higher up in the description without saying it isn't part of the core. Personally I'm some what disappointed as I'm more interested in a god level or guild level design rather than a FFA. Regardless, communication issues happen and now its been cleared up. I might not like the answer, but its pretty clear it wasn't anything shady going on here and even though I'm disappointed I'm not going to back out of my pledge. Additionally while I don't like that the other play types weren't the first stretch goals its a valid point that they would add less to the game even if its what I and likely a fairly larger chunk of people would rather have.
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