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  1. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  2. I like the art style for the game and I am intrigued by the cryptic hints we've been given so far however, as an amateur herald I've got a couple points with the heraldry. Yes it is going to sound like I am the Heraldry-gummy bear and I apologize but if you know better you do better right?? First, I see that many are referring to the shields as "crests". The shields are not crests they are coats of arms. To get nitpicky the shield is actually called an escutcheon and the coat of arms is the design on the shield (and I'll apologize again for being so technical). A crest is a device that is placed above a twist of cloth called a torse or wreath and then placed atop a helmet. My last point and I promise I'll get off my high horse, is some of these coats of arms are in violation of what is pretty much the first rule of heraldry and that is you should not place colour (Black, Blue, Green, Red, Purple) on colour and metal (Silver/White and Gold) on metal. The sole reason for this is because when it was concieved, coat armory was used as a means of battlefield identification and if properly colored could be seen across a battlefield. Otherwise colour on colour and metal on metal just wash into one another. That's it I am off my high horse and I hope I didn't offend anyone. Here's hoping the development team is up to great things.