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  1. I think the game is coming along very nicely. I'm very excited for these new changes! I think the skill system should be separated further so that there are five spheres instead of three: Combat, Exploration, Crafting, Class, Race Right now the Profession sphere has items that are essential, but the Class and Race spheres are optional (you don't NEED to train Human and Elf, but you NEED to train Combat and Crafting). It would put all of the spheres on equal weighting and make VIP feel less like P2W and more like expanding options.
  2. It would be awesome if players could hire NPCs to go harvest, and those NPCs could be killed by other players. There could still be a benefit to player harvesting (higher chance of better quality doobers or whatever). But outsourcing harvesting to NPCs would definitely help that aspect of the game.
  3. Most of the problems seem like balancing issues, which I don't think can be addressed until the fundamental skeleton of the game is in. Otherwise it just sucks a bunch of time that then has to be redone once a new feature is added. So I don't really care about how harvesting and crafting are right now unless there is a problem with the system itself (but I think those systems are pretty good). I think the Skill/powers/VIP systems might need changes that go beyond balancing though.
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