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  1. Mobil bank is not a free buff, is something u have to BUILD after conquest a keep, thats not strategic thinking? if you dont like it sietge that faction keep and destroy their buildings. anyway a guy can loot a fort and use recall and save all stuff so the arguments here looks low IMO. lets talk about risk vs reward. u want to gank ppl full piñata mode, ur reward will be TOP, where is your risk as a ganker? can't support this srry.
  2. Leadership Buff (crafting) is not working properly with first node of Commander Crafting Branch should give 5 basic assembly 5 basic experimentation. the experimentation is working but the assembly is 1 points when it should be 2.5.
  3. Looks like alliance system just needs more slots (per alliance member cap mb?) to not punish a so small guilds?
  4. still a second domain looks like necesary IMO Maybe grant the 3 minor discipline for free and put a domain node in the minor spot? Some classes are lacking skills for the skill bar since their base kit was taken out to disciplines. having those skill back (even if the discipline stays) may help.
  5. oh man i better had not remembered this 😢
  6. even with an economy is not gonna happen anytime soon after an start. does not feel the road to go imo
  7. it sounds nice, having a chance to get crafting disciplines by crafting is awesome. Been the only way is not. it means i will have to spend tons of time getting low quality stuff and crafting bad stuff no one is gonna want for anything bc wartribe is gonna be way better (even more without half my crafting minors and no tool belt) and delay us an even more to be able to craft worthy stuff compared to wartribe. Reward us for crafting is a great idea, but dont take away our choices, at least me can't feel it as an improvement.
  8. Encantado de veros por aquí Bienvenidos!
  9. The First Node of Excavation is not granting Energetic harvesting when reaching 5 pips. atleast on a half giant champ.
  10. maybe, but all other crafting lines have this 0.5 point but blacksmithing. thats why i thought was a bug
  11. Passive Trainning of BS the node have 0 points on experimentation while all other crafting trees got 0.5. looks like a bug
  12. tienes la nuerva version en test para verla si quieres
  13. Que chula la intro @txantal os deseo la mejor de las suertes!
  14. if you compare the base healing kit with any other class its already bad. the numbers of healing output are in the ground compared to any other healing class. and now lets talk to the 250 mana cost each of those low heals cost. having to spam 20 coolice to heal was not funny either so max ice seems a quick fix and a way to go but the class needs a deeper look to make it work.
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