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  1. ¿De donde son?

  2. Alchemist needed

    Vessels can be crafted and putted on SB but only before you actualy create a character with it then is lost when the CW ends (or is binded to an EK) at least its how it works right now and as far as i know.
  3. Clase preferida

    Muchas clases son viertidas sobretodo depende de la situacion, pero para mi la mecanica mas divertida es berserker del myr. me encanta poder saltar de los edificios y que me de igual
  4. ¿De donde son?

    hola yo soy de españa un gusto tenerlos por aqui!
  5. un gran aliciente sin duda!
  6. Presentación de Eklypse

    Un gusto tenerte por aquí!
  7. Harvest like a boss?!

    Hello DeHei, as said on the game i was runing a +35 pick with villain and minnign disci,a mining potion with 0 harvesting training. how do u use the harvesting pips also have a huge inffluence.
  8. Crafting: Armor and Additives

    Great comment Orelans Ty
  9. [Public] Crafting recipe sheets

    Gj Ty really nice work