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  1. Encantado de veros por aquí Bienvenidos!
  2. The First Node of Excavation is not granting Energetic harvesting when reaching 5 pips. atleast on a half giant champ.
  3. maybe, but all other crafting lines have this 0.5 point but blacksmithing. thats why i thought was a bug
  4. Passive Trainning of BS the node have 0 points on experimentation while all other crafting trees got 0.5. looks like a bug
  5. tienes la nuerva version en test para verla si quieres
  6. Que chula la intro @txantal os deseo la mejor de las suertes!
  7. if you compare the base healing kit with any other class its already bad. the numbers of healing output are in the ground compared to any other healing class. and now lets talk to the 250 mana cost each of those low heals cost. having to spam 20 coolice to heal was not funny either so max ice seems a quick fix and a way to go but the class needs a deeper look to make it work.
  8. Hola Papitu, igual es mas facil que hables con ellos en su discord !https://discord.gg/KkFfVbj suerte!
  9. as a templar/cleric player loosing that dodge on survival is gonna be a pain too also the buffs on the survival is a big concern. having the extra slots as blazzen says sounds like a good idea for the buff skills.
  10. Buenas Taqs un placer tenerte por aquí como te comenta Moni actualmente Red Reapers es la única comunidad de habla hispana activa, pásate a conocernos por el discord cuando quieras seguro que te podemos ayudar con algunas de tus dudas! https://discord.gg/ajtzWUF
  11. posible bug with patchment paper is considered basic crafting not wood working and they dont get any kind of stat improvement even tho they are crafted on WW table. this afects when tryign to do quality tools since has more chances of failing the assembly even tho dont have stats. https://ibb.co/b72Xnnv
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