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  1. Siege is too easy

    Upon testing siege I think it is far too easy to break down walls. A confessor can punch through a wall really fast, there almost isn't a point to building up the walls if you don't even need siege equipment to do so . I think they need more health or more defense.. Something needs to be done, while this may just be the test value, should be noted in my opinion. What are your thoughts on how easy it is to break into a castle guys?
  2. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    That seems to be how this looks, they know what they are doing. I trust them to balance it, they arent doing this to enable pay to win. That would be far easier than this system :). I have trust in ACE, it will turn out well. The fact they are letting us see this now and not 6 months after launch shows us how open they are about it.
  3. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    That would make sense for 72 hours being the "hard cap" to avoid being able to exploit it.
  4. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    I would say that it can be bigger for VIPs since our time bank goes 30 days! But that will remain to be seen based on how they balance it at release 6 months after soft launch! But 72 hour max would make sense and lets hope for a material cost as well, the higher the tree the more mats from in game professions you need! Or Hunger shards from PvP etc. That way even the catch up drives pvp and content for the rest of us and this will stop someone from having 20 "feeder" accounts.
  5. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    Ok let me try this again. It isnt letting you do combat > Armor + dmg its letting you pick 2 types of armor, or 2 types of weapons to spec into They have to share a parent tree, there are main trees parent trees then baby trees. So Combat is main tree, armor and weapons are "parent trees" once those are maxed you can pick 2 siblings trees from there, for example mail armor and plate armor, or under weapon "baby tree" you can pick swords and axes. Make sense? You are still forced to spec into a parent tree you cant mix Armor and weapon training with the 2 you are allowed. This is the same for crafting I just dont have a good copy of the crafting updated skill tree to explain with. Its all about more options for how you build. IE the class build if i go into fighter, i dont just have to pick knight/templar build under the fighter i can also get the champion etc. This gives me more choices and something you have to do. What if they change knight and a player no longer likes it? Are you going to force them to lose months or years of progress? I would hope not both as a gamer and a backer. This way you have chamption etc to fall back on under the "fighter" parent tree.
  6. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    Are you talking about the basics tree? If that is the case you wont be able to invest in 2 at that point.
  7. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    Alright fellow backers I have come to assist you in times of peril and confusion. The new VIP changes are fine, I see a lot of comments saying you can now get better at combat or mix crafting / combat better with VIP 1. This is not the case, you cant lvl attack and defense at the same time as they are separate trees. You can however get better at Mail and plate armor at the same time. Once again more options! Not a combat boost just more freedom in how you game. Restricting it to putting months maybe years into wearing plate for me to realize i want to re-class and be way behind just isn't a good idea or good business. 2. Now lets talk about those who love the idea of pure crafters. Let me be clear forcing an entire part of your community out of pvp and out of a lot of content once again isn't fun for them or a good way to retain players. I guarantee most pvpers will invest in gathering as they will have the gear to defend those nodes... This leads to profit for the PvPers and gather builds not being defenseless. 3. Lets not pretend that people didnt plan on subbing 3 accounts to cover all crafting anyway, this way you arent forced to sub 3 accounts just to take care of yourself. As for time banks, I'm all for it as everyone seems to be. Moving on to tomes, there is a fair amount of flak and concern here. 1. They will not be at release. 2. This could lead to abuse if someone is willing to sub 10 accounts for 6 months they could get ahead a bit. But we are talking hundreds of dollars for a single person to invest, plus after all that money they would behind again by a full tree so subbing for those 10 accounts for another 2 months to catch up. that is the issue, the feeder accounts would never catch up to the sink account. I will be making a youtube further explaining what all of this means, so if you have any feedback or a few screen shots of the new skill trees that would be great!