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  1. Double Experimentation Pips: Can get double pips by going to table(like Blacksmith), then going to a diff table (like leather) then going back to original table. @thomasblair
  2. Talking even resource ranks, not the same spawns.
  3. Resource Feedback: I greatly appreciate what seems to be a normalization of resource ranks for the factions. I only checked the balance/order keep and the balance/order mine but it seemed like both had rank 9's by the keep and rank 5/7 in the mine. Please continue to follow an "even" playing field when it comes to resource ranks in future maps. Current NA map has a large resource rank disparity which provides some factions strategic advantages for higher rank gear. I do think we need more areas for high rank single node farming besides the keep, but this was a good change that I hope was intentional and will continue.
  4. RIP chaos NA

    UDL used to play. I don't know what happened to be honest. I just assumed they only play on EU.
  5. There is no back line when a knight can pull anyone to the front line. And you are just strengthening my point concerning your healer comment. Tankfall, no one dies. Do you play in these sieges and big group fights? Your comments make it seem like you don't.
  6. No use arguing in a bug thread, trust me, these changes are buffs to tank classes. There is no way you can tell me 35% max hp for iframes isn't better for mail/plate users. There is no way you can tell me less damage on weapon isn't better for tank classes. There is no way you can tell me that mail/plate users(especially plate) aren't overly represented in group fights.
  7. Knights are used constantly in group fights, pit fighter champs are as well, tank fessors are as well......rangers? nope, assassins? nope. Game is currently geared towards tankier options and these changes will simply exacerbate it. Tank myrm didn't need iframes and got buffed by this change.
  8. Based on the damage numbers I am seeing on the new gear, I think we will be squarely in tankfall. Wouldn't IT have made more sense to buff intermediates or provide another option? Everyone goes straight for advanced no matter what anyways. Also are you not worried that changing from iframes to max hp based shield disproportionately benefits the tankier classes which are already well represented in game? Do you plan to rebalance armor soon with the changes to weapons?
  9. @jtoddcoleman & @thomasblair Appreciate your changes that you are making to capture points to make things more competitive and alleviate the current state. Fort Windows/Sieges I noticed on your recent Q&A with @ZYBAK you mentioned possible fort siege times to help focus pvp attention. Just to throw an idea into the ring, I would recommend basically 3 active forts per hour. See my MS paint skillz below. As you can see its an easy pattern to follow with the current set up we have. Forts would then only be capture-able during their "green" hour and could even flip multiple times up until the last second. Outpost Capturing / "Cockroaching" Beyond the possibility of fort windows, I really think you need to vastly lower either the points of outposts or the amount on the map. I understand the need to provide solo-player activities to contribute to winning a campaign, but currently all this does is provide a way for factions to win while completely avoiding conflict. Points should be derived from hard earned conflict, not just who can no life capture outposts the most while people aren't around. I do not believe your "bonus capture points" mechanic adequately addresses this. A faction still has to constantly go back and capture outposts unless the bonus = the same as if holding it the entire time, which then would make holding it almost pointless. Possible Options: Same Amount of Outposts but worth 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 points. 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 the Amount of Outposts Beyond this, outposts need some strategic reason to hold them. I am missing the old 100m ranges because right now people only take it to edge up on points. Possible Options: Increase Range on Guards Outpost provides nearby players shadow sight (100m?) Faction needs to hold X amount of outposts in order to spawn on map(I know you mentioned this in the recent Q&A about limiting spawning on a map without a fort) In any case, I appreciate that you are trying to make these campaigns more enjoyable, competitive, and engaging through out.
  10. This shouldn't be allowed

    if you can't kill some just as quick as an archer in full green gear spamming rapid fire and full pulling your bow......I don't know what to tell you other than play the JTC clip.
  11. This shouldn't be allowed

    what a great example of three people standing still with no armor while you're in full gear using spirit whip after debuffing their mitigations further with cent charge.
  12. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    Actually id argue higher gear has LESS durability. Legendary has 10 points to put into stats, none of them would go into durability, unlike the white gear we have now.
  13. Can get on board with easy come suggestions(for god's sake lower leather). The easy go part I don't agree with. People's stuff is already breaking at a good enough speed, if you pvp regularly. Doing both of the above just leaves us at the same point.
  14. 5.8.1

    Patch is incoming. Leave launcher open(don't hit green button) and when patch is pushed it will start to download. Cannot login until patch is pushed.
  15. Feedback Please put in rules in the map creation so that POI's (which are now shared) do not spawn next to a factions temple runegate.