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  1. Correct, he farmed the materials for it and got it, imagine that. Thats how it works in HoA, blue is standard and the people who want to spend the time farming embers etc get better. BTW HoA is recruiting 😉
  2. Runic Shields are buggy.... 0-0 Damage.... And new "Armor" stat on Runic Medium Shield (Not on regular Medium Shield) Guessing this has something to do with upcoming changes. As far as I can tell, not figured into current damage calculations, but does show up on char sheet
  3. Yea I like idea of placer being able to bump people
  4. Yea I really wish there was a friendly version of chain pull to pull out players that are in eminent danger. I will never understand them pigeon holing 40% of players into healers and then making so few type of healers with the least amount of skill / engaging game play.
  5. Maybe the fact you could get kicked while "doing an objective", means maybe that objective isn't actually tuned correctly? But I think they know the current system is completely flawed
  6. Please do not implement AFK timer for EK's, but in campaigns it is DEFINITELY needed
  7. I do think an AFK logout timer would be good to implement just overall, 5 minutes of no moving etc.
  8. Let me start by saying: I got to limited sieges because of my play times, and some of these issues I have heard about but not seen. DO NOT refer to other players in this thread. If you ACTUALLY want changes, refer to the issue, not a person/group. ( @Pann doesn't need more work) Zone caps - Already been discussed in other threads, will hopefully see relief in 5.9 Alt Spies - I don't see this ever changing. Best change could argue for is to get rid of /who in zone. In person number/movement watching will stay as part of the game and any of the "fixes" for this will not be worth it IMO. Siege Equipment Placement - When there are more people at sieges, and often ones that you cannot communicate with, this will become more and more difficult. Is it possible to remove the restrictions on placing if a player is present? Yes a player may get stuck, but usually a "fake logout" will get you out of those, or perhaps it will push a player and that won't even be needed. Siege Equipment in use by incorrect players - There are some complaints of players getting into equipment and either purposely or unknowingly using it incorrectly. Would it be possible for siege equipment to be "owned" by a group instead of a faction? This would require more planning but also could help reduce this issue. Only concern would be a bad actor placing it himself(as a defender where spots are limited) and getting in it. Maybe the placer could "kick" or "ban" a player from using" as another option. Siege Equipment Hitting into ToL room - It is possible to use siege equipment to fire into the ToL room. This seems unintended. The whole power of siege equipment against infantry seems off and is one of the reasons elementalist is so often used(besides the fact half the classes do elemental damage they can't change). Perhaps balistas could only fire outwardly or reassess friendly fire with siege equipment(i think this would be far more interesting if hit ALL players and require more planning, although once again could be griefers who abuse it). Attackers Placing on Defenders Walls - As far as I know this hasn't been fixed, attackers can currently get right next to the wall and place siege equipment in defenders spots. I do not see this as a major issue(since defenders should be able to kill it pretty quickly), but it does seem like something that needs to be fixed. Also, sorry to bother you @vkromas, but do you know if the devs are looking into any of these issues? Are there any other issues with sieges currently? Any other fixes people can come up with? (Once again, talk about issues, not players/groups)
  9. ^ Best thing is to report people in email, and then post about the issue in general, IE what can be done about this issue? Its pretty straight forward and gets everything you want accomplished done within their rules.
  10. could repost it without the name dropping, especially in the bug report thread
  11. I believe either @jtoddcolemanor @thomasblairstated they would look at the server performance after they updated hardware recently. Any feedback? Do we know how the servers are performing now and if could do some small increments and keep checking?
  12. yea, would be more interesting to tax at higher rates the more vendors
  13. Gearing towards means farming embers for, most people don't put in the time to farm the embers so they dont have purple. Parfax post is all about how we can't get embers to make purple gear better than blue. I literally make all the gear so I can tell you the amount of people with purple weapons is 50% or less, and for most save a few exceptions that is the only purple gear they have. Purple is not the "norm" and if your argument is that because less than 50% of our weapons are purple is why you cant compete, then I am not sure this game will ever be competitive for you. People get purples because they put in TONS of time doing mindnumbing farming. So yes, if you want it you have to do the same. Sorry if its not "fair" that they get slightly better weapons because they put in more time.
  14. Chaos had a genuine chance on NA until time change and wasn't able to take any keeps that night. Closer than last one. It's unfortunate Order took the campaign off.
  15. This is probably most accurate. If you are doing everything, it is impossible or at least feels impossible.
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