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  1. Another possible change is to make Armor Breaks/Pen be adaptive(percentage based). Current System - 60% Mits - 20% Pen = 40% Mit Suggestions - 60% Mits - (60x.20) = 48% Mit This allows leather users to not always be at 0% Mit and still allows pen to be useful for tankier targets. I know this conversation is mainly geared at Mit/Pen, but additional concerns I have are that Crit Dmg + AP do not have corresponding defensive Stats.
  2. Yea the Stealth Reveal Mechanics do not work as intended it seems. According to some the checks for stealth only occur if they stealthed near you, not if the stealthed at a distance and get to you, then you activate. IE: Assassin Within 25m(example: not sure on actual range), they stealth, you use reveal ability: you see them. Assassin further than 25m(example: not sure on actual range), gets within seeing distance, use reveal ability: you do not see them. Beyond this I think the bubble ranges need to be re-examined.
  3. Recall

    this is a tangent, but half the "counters" for stealth either don't work or are not effective in their current forms.
  4. The Reaper Ridge Run

    Will admit when wrong, it never happened with just tray swapping, requires logging etc. Also it is not relegated to needing to have demon pact for it to occur.
  5. The Reaper Ridge Run

    Edit: According to tinnis can be done tray swapping. Didn't work when I attempted it. You could still accidentally do it, but it's disappointing and demoralizing to see people play with these bugs in the game either way. For people that do this on purpose.......hope they enjoy the crutch while it lasts.
  6. Guards in Keeps?

    I do think the issue would be better resolved by fixing what should be considered bugs. IE Dissipate / Confessor C / Assassin C going through walls. Additionally I think stealth needs to be tuned a bit from its current incarnation. Those two fixes would probably solve the issue without adding more NPC's. I will say I do like the idea of "paying" for more guards, even for a limited amount of time like mercenaries.
  7. Attributes do slightly effect crafting. Does your elken have more strength than your man? I bet you're right on the verge of the next pip up and the elken's strength gets you there and the man strength is less and doesn't
  8. @thomasblair Phantom Crafting Fails Pay close attention to the video. Sometimes successes actually LOWER it back like a critical failure. Mostly seen/noticed on armor. Can't comment on other crafts.
  9. Ultimate Warrior is healing for three times as much as it should. Tooltip says 10%, is actually healing for closer to 30%. UW:2 buff only lasts 30 seconds. End result is as long as doing regular damage can heal for 60% with a couple seconds of iframes every ~30 seconds.
  10. Late Game Crowfall

    @McTan My point was that everything needs to be set to scale correctly. Which seems you agree on. And I am not talking on an individual basis. I am in a guild, I harvest regularly, I craft regularly, I fight regularly. All retaliates so should scale in some way, just like all attacks do. Some things can scale out of hand and need to be looked at, which is what this current phase of testing allows us to do. I would love to hear others opinions on crafting and late game classes as well.
  11. Late Game Crowfall

    You have told me that things will change. I agree.....but some things won't change unless attention is drawn to it. And to pretend like the developers know how everything will be effected by a change is laughable at best. There are tons of unintended consequences that don't get seen until someone says "hey....this isn't right".
  12. Late Game Crowfall

    So you never thought fessor did too much damage? you never thought the mobility of the range classes was too much? Based on the fact devs( @thomasblair ) made changes to the game directly related to this, I would have to say they and the majority disagreed that it was purely a patch number problem. Most everyone I have talked to would say ranger is now in a good spot and so is confessor. (besides the grumblings of getting past keep walls etc) The fact some classes have scaling advantages and others don't, won't change unless they change that specific thing. The fact that ultimate warrior cd is based on flat damage and the heal scales, won't change unless they change that specific thing. Don't have exact numbers, but believe it takes 1000 damage to trigger UW. Now lets say you have +10% healing modifier and 9000 HP, which you can easily get late game. You deal 1000 damage, heal for 900. Is there not an issue with this? Not to mention, I am 99% sure this heal can crit to heal for even more. I have literally seen videos of champions healing for 3000 from Ultimate Warrior. Ultimate Warrior either needs a hard cooldown(time wise) or be based off % of health taken AND actually heal for only 10%. As far as I see it, you can use UW twice ever 30 seconds.....thats a better heal than most healers. Not to mention you get a couple seconds of invulnerable each cast. EDIT: UW actually heals for 30% instead of what the tooltip says(10%) Besides my beef with the "glass cannon" champion. Thoughts on crafting comment?
  13. @Wolfrain Some people have had issues with their virus scanners etc thinking poorly of crowfall. Could be similar issue and may need to set up exceptions.
  14. Late Game Crowfall

    What are people's thoughts on late game Crowfall? With the speedy skilling a lot of people are in 3rd tier of training and almost maxed on crafting. Couple things I have noticed. Crafting: The amount of materials needed right now feels awkward. This may be due to the fact vendors aren't in and its harder to trade. Additionally it could be due to the fact there aren't more recipes to stratify training. It is currently a big jump from basic>advanced for both quality and quantity of materials. What I would love to see if for the final combines to have more additional optional slots and for the base recipe to have less material requirements. The additional optional slots would be filled by more advanced recipes, allowing the final combine to be used by everyone with the most advanced weapons taking the most resources. Combat: Classes with scaling abilities have a huge advantage late game. One example would be Clerics Retaliate versus Druid Retaliate. One is a shield, and one is a heal. Due to the druid retaliate scaling it is 4x more effective late game. Cleric Shield is ~500 while druid retaliate can be close to 2000. The changes to class/race have also greatly buffed myrmidon and champ. Myrmidon/Half-Giants can now easily stop their crash through use of the half giant racial and the new retaliate changes make it difficult to catch them before they do. Champions have been broken for a long time but now that they are finally fixed they are arguably the strongest class right now. They have the most damage, most sustain, most mobility. Ultimate warrior once again is granted a huge benefit from scaling. They easily heal for 1/3 of their health and it doesn't have a real cooldown. I honestly believe one of the three needs to be adjusted tl;dr Overall I am glad we get to see what the game would like late game and I realize balance isn't a huge deal currently, but I do think scaling needs to be looked at for crafting and combat to ensure all classes do get scaling benefits and once again, I believe a hard look needs to be taken at what is the identity of each class. one class should not be good at too many things(see old fessor, old wood elf ranger, current champ).
  15. It's because the cap is erroneously set at 1%.... reported during test but dont think they got it in time.