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  1. I am sure if it is NEEDED, they will, I don't think it is though, you do. Without further input from the actual people coding thats where we are. They could've easily kept it "picking" a random number between the min and max.......its just that could only be one number now.
  2. and I am guessing everyone will have 10 char slots even if old character. There is NO reason to wipe. Nothing in this patch necessitates it.
  3. I don't see why a wipe is necessary for next patch. The "new" weapon stats are simply the average of the high/low. Given enough time an old axe and a new axe will do the same damage. Could just let old stuff decay out. And this is from someone who hasn't played in months so I would benefit the most from a wipe.
  4. @makkon I believe it does, just does not update the UI until you get hit by something. Use the buff then hit a hog.
  5. No, talking old 3 faction..... with inventory loot
  6. If for some reason Dregs takes awhile to come to Live, would it be possible to throw up a good old Faction ruleset campaign?
  7. In most cases combat wise I would suggest spending all of your attributes in the top stat on your char screen. This is typcially the main stat. If you are a healer I suggest putting it in spirit. Crafters / Harvesters have some min/max considerations that would change my suggestion for.
  8. Any inability to load / install the game I recommend emailing support@crowfall.com
  9. every hour within prime time right? we arent talking 3am inflated influence on the map because play when most people arent
  10. DPS also has a MUCH easier time early game hitting caps with buffs/major disc stats. You can get to MAX AP almost from the get. Great flattening of the curve there. Illusionist should probably be melee only as a start. Theres a reason EVERY ranged dps is running it(except maybe rangers)
  11. ALOT of the optional options are not distinguished as such. That is good feedback for them to fix. and also........... PLEASE fix harvesting disc drops
  12. Doesn't show up in UI UNTIL you are hit. Once you are the UI updates
  13. Difference is they could be handed a legendary vessel or gear etc. What you are advocating is for a player to join the game, get gear, then not be able to use the gear because they haven't played long enough(not because they didnt find it, not because they arent good at the game, but simply because of time) I think you are in the minority and now that I have stated my side and you have stated your side, we should stop spamming feedback.
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