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  1. Starting out in winter is probably a horrible experience. In less than a week will be spring again where harvesting is plenty
  2. 2 Suggestions

    Toxin bug was reported 6 months ago. Multiple other bugs have been pointed out before and never fixed or acknowledged. While I appreciate their push for big ticket items, ignoring blatant bugs for months on end does not speak to confidence that our feedback is appreciated as far as testing. How can I trust the devs to not play the game and listen to my feedback, when they infact don't as proven by bugs that have been in the game forever, reported, and never acknowledged or fixed.
  3. Saw this in last patch north of the keep. Wonder if its a timing issue or getting it to a weird amount with diff tools.
  4. Overflow bug

    It is also happening from racials (3 rings, 2 amulets) Although the majority is probably from deliberately bugging minors.
  5. State of the Cleric

    I shouldve stressed that I do like that the heal block is there and do think heal blocks are vital for the game, I just am pushing for more counterplay and a more scalable heal block. Also I am OK with limited mobility, it is just how the class seems to be built. It is more of a stay in a set location and block. Yes that is not good for the current meta, but I don't think warrants pushing for a change to the archetype.
  6. State of the Cleric

    @Scorn I had the same thoughts on charging based on healing but I was worried that code wasn't in the game so I was trying to find the path of least resistance or use what I already know is in game(like UW). I am worried about making block just a stat stick, considered pushing for more defensive stats on it as well. Putting more stats doesn't make block any more interesting is what I kept coming back to and wouldn't stop people from just going dodge as they are now.
  7. Thanks to @PaleOne for giving the idea of posting about how classes are in the current patch.I hope @thomasblair can stop by and see what it feels like as a Cleric Main. I want to stress that I understand any of my suggestions may be A. unworkable or "not worth the squeeze", B. Already in the Works, or C. rendered moot by other forthcoming changes. Even if this is ABC, I would really appreciate that feedback. Also I implore you: IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE AT LEAST TAKE A LOOK AT THE RED TEXT. Pros + Whats Working with Cleric Great Base Kit Great for Groups and Viable Solo 2 Ults Allowing Offensive / Defensive Builds Relatively Easy to Pick up and Play Con + What Needs a Look At Blackmantle / Heal Blocks Food Issue Charging Heal Ultimate Weapon Changes Auras Non - Scaling Retaliate Single Damage Type / Cleave Blocking Blackmantle / Heal Blocks - I may be wrong, but I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who likes the current state of blackmantle. It is VERY strong and lacks counterplay against. I REALLY liked the change @moneda suggested about changing Blackmantle to a Personal Heal Modifier(-.5) IE making it so the target received 50% less healing. While I definitely want to see this change not only because I think it would be healthy for the game, but I think % based skills are always a good thing. On top of this change I would love to see a Cleanse for Blackmantle added. This provides some sort of counterplay and strategy. I would suggest putting it in Friar/Pixie/Naid/Dryad(basically anything except Field Surgeon. This would be similar to the Field Surgeon ability that cleanses DoTs. My biggest concern with adding this cleanse is the fact blackmantle can be applied every 5 seconds, so a decently short CD would have to be implemented or perhaps a small immunity after casting the cleanse. As a bonus, it would make combat more interesting if there were other cleanses for other untouchable debuffs. Such as armor breaks or things like warp metal. I want to underline that I am VERY happy we have DoT, expose, and even CC cleanses. I just want everything else covered too. On the offensive side, a buff stripper(purge) would add more utility to assassins or even as a disc to add for duelists to take as well. Food Issue - I believe this has been mentioned before but I want to underline again how detrimental it is that clerics(and confessors) stop regenerating mana after below 3 tickers. I do not want to step into the conversation about rate of ticker loss, only the fact that these two classes are unfairly targeted by the mechanic. No other class stops regenerating their resource at below three chicken tickers. What if no pip classes could generate pips, rangers couldn't use arrows, myrms couldn't generate fury etc etc when below three chicken tickers. The same issue is present for clerics. This almost forces clerics to choose Field Surgeon as a discipline in order to make sure they can keep their mana up during battle due to the noble purpose passive. Is there any easy fix to this? Is there something tricky about the code? I honestly just want to understand if that is the case. Charging Heal Ultimate - As a cleric it can be very difficult to charge heal ultimate during a group battle. The reason for this is multifold. The biggest cause is due to the fact you are either the target or healing a target. If you are the target you are laying down puddles and trying to block or dodge. Druids do not have this issue because their main heal is tied to their LMB. The current code limits LMBs as the only way to charge an ultimate as far as I know. Couple possible changes for this is to make Cleric Heal ultimate a "double" ultimate(ie only cost 50%), have it charge easier, or perhaps make it similar to ultimate champion where your heal ultimate is charged instead by being hit. This fits thematically more with the cleric block as well where you don't mind being the main target. Weapon Changes - I appreciate the added heavy weapons to provide for different play styles. My only concern for this is that healers were left out. I am never going to go for a heavy hammer because more DPS does nothing for my capability to heal other group members. With the addition of weapon weight, I think there is an opportunity to create more crafting decisions and trade offs. My suggestion would be to go back to a single weapon recipe but put weapon weight as a separate final combine experiment option. This would force players to choose between base damage, added stats, and power cost/weapon weight. As a healer, I would then choose stats(for SP) and power cost. Auras - I love the HP aura and so does everyone in my group except assassins(thats a whole other bug to deal with). My only complaint with auras is that it is so easy to fall off due to the amount of CC and being a major target in group fights. This in combination with the HP buff change( buff = going from 7750/7750 to 7750/10000) makes auras feel like they have very little actual effect in a battle. In an ideal world HP buffs would keep your % the same[Example 5000/7500(66%) before buff, buffed by 2500 would then make you 6666/10000(66%)] and instead of an aura it would be a longer buff(2-5minutes) that could hopefully be stripped by an ability I mentioned above. Non - Scaling Retaliate - As far as I know, cleric has the only retaliate that does not scale. Everyone else's retaliate is based off % attack damage etc. Cleric simply gets a 500 flat barrier. As I stated before, I believe % based abilities make the game easiest to balance for. My suggestion would be for the barrier to be based off % Max HP. Single Damage Type / Cleave - I hate mudman, and there is no getting around that. Mudman may not be a big deal as disciplines need to be farmed etc, and I hope that is the case. I do think every class should have access to more than one damage type. Now I don't expect lightning hammers to start popping out, there is one thing I want to ask about. Is there a code reason why cleric couldn't use poisoner? Rangers can use it and their arrows become poison type, so figured cleric could too. On the same auto attack focus for my offensive cleric brethren, is cleave(Master of Hammers) still coming? Is it going to be the same effect that the offensive ult has and how portable is the code for that cleave? I assume it would be similar or weaker? Blocking - Lastly, and the one I expect the least movement on is blocking. I don't know how knights feel, but blocking just feels lackluster. Yes it has damage reducation and CC immunity but at the cost of doing NOTHING while blocking. I know this is vague and honestly don't have a good fix with how block is currently set up. Even though the cleric block makes it so you heal others, the reason you are often being hit as a cleric is because YOU are the focus target and your group mates are fine. The CD and justs low response on block also makes it hard to use reactively in small doses. I usually end up having to lay puddles down and block, but I still melt because of heal blocks and the fact I am now way less mobile and easier to focus by melee/assassins. Block play style just doesn't seem viable but with above changes who knows, that could be different. For anyone who actually read the whole thing, thanks. I am trying to focus away from "nerf" talk and stick to my own class.
  8. Counter Disc Change

    All it has done is made everyone switch to slashing and pushed druids up. Pushed clerics down and pistol duelists down. If we could switch weapon types, I would. If you want zerg busting, I would suggest pushing for AoE abilities to not be limited to 5 enemies. Won't get any complaint from me and doesn't just target crushing users who have no choice.
  9. Counter Disc Change

    The hard counter disciplines in the game dis-proportionally effect certain classes due to their inability to change damage types. (Pistol Duelist, Templar, Hard Coded Crushing abilities for Knight+Champ, Cleric) Additionally it is severely changing the meta to avoid their effects. The biggest offenders are Mudman and Militant Mage. Mudman Muck Splatter ability causes any crushing damage to not only effect you but also effect the entire team. Blinding and Poisoning EVERYONE around.This makes it a detriment to bring any crushing damage(cleric+pistol duelist) because of the fear of how this will effect the team fight. Unfortunately clerics have no option but to use crushing which is actually making them less than ideal in teamfights which they were originally designed for. Militant Mages warp metal - Blade users effected by this can't simply stop attacking the user of the ability, they are still effected no matter who they attack. This forces some classes to not be able to use any abilities even if full pips(assassin/templar) and even completely stops myrm from doing any attacking. Honestly, I do not think these counter discs need all these extra effects. I believe the passive + invulnerable shield would be enough but if you want to throw in a retribution ability(like militant/scarecrow) that would be fine too. I think 25% resist, an invulnerable shield you can have up 1/3 the time and a retribution is plenty enough of a counter. Can we calm some of these down to allow more room in group play? @thomasblair
  10. Small Bucklers are .063 weight while medium bucklers are .05. Would assume they would weigh the same or small be less. BTW I hope we get some changes in shields rather than medium being able to have one more plank of stats. EDIT: I assume this is caused by weapon weight for small buckler going through the 25% boost that other stats go through for white+ combine. Weight should not be getting this boost because you don't want it to be greater. I would assume a grey version would have then correct .05. (Math: .05 x 1.25 = .0625~.063)
  11. Can confirm that since fall/winter banewood shards DO NOT drop additive shards even with training. I Believe the shard drops are currently tied to PLENTIFUL and not SHARD % DROP.
  12. It's unfortunate that a number of unneeded nerfs were put in place because of caps being put in. Right now it seems like they chose the "easy" path instead of reworking to work like other auto-crit mechanics. Alternatively they could've kept it at 100% and we would have a reason to use crit chance+ caps(don't think this a thing right now anyways, think its crit dmg). Only thing I am holding on to is a "balance" patch at some point with disciplines/classes to bring some of these aspects back into focus.
  13. @thomasblair The new Heavy Weapons added this patch (Including heavy 2 handers, heavy throwing hammer etc) CANNOT be experimented on. It skips from the assembly success to taking the item.
  14. Do I want positive crit chance defense or negative? Because skills+equipment disagree. Be easier to understand for players if everything good was positive, while everything negative was negative. May require changing backend equations etc but think will be better off that way in long run to avoid confusions for players and instances such as this.
  15. All of this. All of it. I would just give this a like, but i'd rather show the whole thing again so SOMEONE reads it.