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  1. I have no idea why they changed it back to On for default when the majority of players prefer this option off.
  2. I would also like for them to do a faction ruleset for some amount of time.
  3. I do not think there is a "feedback" thread set up currently for HD, so thought this was best spot to post it. Will try to post a couple comments I have had and others have as well. Name Plates There has been suggestions to "hide" player names and instead only show their race / promo combination. Additionally some comments about hiding guild plates. While I can see the purpose for doing so with a small population, i think the need goes away if a large enough player pool. It's a valid idea and wouldn't mind seeing that in the future to see how it plays out. Hungerdome I
  4. Seems a very odd and misguided choice to stop doing HD on tournament client. People interested in practicing for HD tournament no longer have a good place to practice versus other archetypes. It seems like ACE is not taking the tournament seriously if they aren't allowing teams to practice in an environment that mirrors the actual tournament. PLEASE reconsider no tournament client times, or EVEN BETTER, implement a way to make queues be archetypes only for the live server.
  5. Isn't really a feedback thread for hungerdome other than ECS, so best place I know is to post here. Feedback: I enjoy the archetype only mode a lot more than people bringing whatever they want. If ACE adds more archetypes and is open to tweaking them, it would be great if there were two different queues in future. "Ranked" would be archetype only while "Normals" would be bring your custom. Obviously would need population to support this but if you plan to make it any way an esport, then ranked should match the tournament play.
  6. Definitely agree with Factory Station being craftable and able to put in EKs
  7. I dont know how to explain this any more in depth. You make bon tipper in cooking, it gives you this item which is unusable. Assume its deprecated (removed) because you are implementing the new one, which isn't implemented yet. If QA is further confused, make bon tipped on version in test, and see item created is called deprecated and is unuseable
  8. Bon Tipper recipe now makes this, which is unuseable Hopefully we get new version of duration based tipper before this is pushed to live.
  9. @timaus DC'd twice from the last Hungerdome match. First DC was able to reconnect. Second DC was not able. Theory: Can't reconnect if HD queue is "closed" or in some type of "closed" state. Told him to send in logs. Mentioned to Tiggs and she said to definitely bug this and the reasoning/theory is probably correct.
  10. 1. Yes different nodes have more "armor" or "mitigation" that mining breaks through. The higher the rank the better mining you need to do it efficiently. You have a base damage of 100 + Mining in this case. For instance a Rank 1 node I think has 15 mitigation. So using a basic tool with no + mining you will do 85 per swing. Strength also increases your mining stat. 2. HE passive just gives you a base +15 mining - doesn't effect cap. 3. If it is a white "trait" it may be part of their discipline logic. If its green may be a trait needed to use the mining belt. To get discipl
  11. I do think the transition would be better if there was a portal that took you straight from GR to infected and is only useable this way(instead of through lobby) once youve done all the quests on that account to make sure newbies dont go through it on accident
  12. Needs to check for range at end of animation. Seems to check while going up which leaves little to no ability to dodge the ability even though it has an animation that should be dodgeable if it checked at the right time.
  13. I'd consider swapping out bitter cold for cold to the touch. Lowering ice resist isn't very useful in a group setting unless with Archmage which also already has this ability. Additionally Cold to the touch fits more with the "tank" archetype.
  14. I would consider changing out one of the majors for Dirty Fighter. This is supposed to be a damage build and looks more built for tank. Dirty Fighter would add festering wounds which can be critical in heal debuff. In general, a little disappointed Dirty Fighter and Plague Lord were not in any archetype because of how useful the festering debuff is in small scale.
  15. Call storm is definitely not needed and wasteful point like others have said. Minor would be better and I agree weapon finesse probably best choice, blood rose wouldn't be terrible either.
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