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  1. Ganking all over

    What if I'd rather put all the loot on a stealther who could get away? They made it so people have to be in a group to see the doobers drop. Not sure what more you need. It's like you want people to not talk or create any social interaction.
  2. Elken Specific nodes incorrectly say "Fae" in their description. Since no nodes work for specific race trees can't tell if this is simply a copy and paste description error if more on back end.
  3. Half - Giant Specific Training is NOT being applied to Half-Giant vessels. Relogged and restarted client to check. These are the new trees so should have expected some hiccups. Elken Specific Training is also NOT being applied to Elken vessels. Guessing all of them are not properly flagged
  4. Maybe because combos are broke right now and they are all combo based?
  5. ACE: "Lets worry about balance later" *buffs ranger*
  6. Careful tinnis, next thing you know melee will get buffed and leave everything thats wrong with ranged in place. Speaking of energy, probably be a major change but be nice if there were basic quivers and everything was energy based for ranger. I am sure pure rangers would enjoy not having to wait until late game for quivers and would also make it so resource management was an actual issue for them. First things first though, fix what is broke before breaking more poorly made socks.
  7. I literally had to make a ranger to confirm this, because I way they would add an expose punish to rapid fire. But, lo and behold they did. Do the devs just love ranger above all else? You know it's bad when one of the biggest proponents of rangers(Soulreaver) think its gone too far. That needs to be reversed before anything else. Also I hate balancing off of discs even though I think AA causes a lot of the troubles. Things I would like changed besides the ridiculous expose punish on rapid fire: Rapid Fire having a locked distance like AoE's(25m?). If a ranger wants to blow someone up make them get closer. Remove the double ults from rangers and honestly from everyone. Bard requires pathfinding. I also am not a big fan of the fact rangers get to change their damage type easily and have no resource management once they get quivers.
  8. Armor Bonus Change

    You said it better than I did. I can't imagine ever not picking Dex if thats my main stat, but I constantly consider taking dex on my cleric ONLY because of the armor bonus. Every class should have this inner struggle, not just the non-dex ones.
  9. Armor Bonus Change

    Dex doesn't have to take the resists from con, but I wouldn't care if it did.....the bleed defense is a JOKE. Dex gets 3 awesome stats currently. Why do dps classes need MORE armor? They are already super strong(Ranger/assassin/duelist). Strength only gets 2 even if its a major.
  10. Doesn't give exp points, just experimentation success
  11. jtodd actually mentioned this in global today and said the switch of recall to retaliate key was his idea and a bad one, so they are aware of the issue and seem to be working to change it.
  12. Some training confusion

    There were issues with double dipping(training the parent and child at same time). This new system made sure that couldn't occur but screwed up the training of sibling trees. Wish they'd change it as well.
  13. Remove Iframes from Half-Giant Racial

    In all seriousness I do appreciate you pointing at least one thing out that could be done. I assume you play myrm and sometimes people who play a class are against anything that could perhaps make it not as strong a pick.
  14. Remove Iframes from Half-Giant Racial

    Didn't you just tell me it takes half your fury to pulverize? Man it must be easy to fill up fury as a myrm if you think he could pulverize instead of use HG racial. Replacing HG racial with pulverizes that would be 6 in a minute and a half? Maybe pulverize should just be all your fury instead xD
  15. Remove Iframes from Half-Giant Racial

    So in that fight he used blood of the giants 4 times along with everything maybe....with out the iframes....he'd be fine? aren't you arguing for me?