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  1. @pastywhite I suggest tweaking some video settings. Turn off VSYNC, shadows etc. Also play with brightness, supposedly brightness had a huge effect on one person's computers performance FPS wise.
  2. IMO they need to definitely lower the training times for everything. In the feedback thread I had a number of suggestion for crafting but what I would love to see if for general crafting have a 1 for 1 transference and lower the amount in the later skills. That way a "crafter" account will be OK at everything pretty early on but then have to customize.
  3. Crafters have been forsaken by @thomasblair But on a serious note, this is the FIRST time, since I have been main crafting in this game for 3 years+, we have had a FULL wipe with wartribe gear out and it points to some serious issues for crafting. Early Crafting for lack of better words just sucks. PROS of Current System I am happy with the power level of wartribe gear because I realize it needs to be relatively strong for players joining in later in the game. I am also actually VERY happy my guildmates aren't all piling on me to make them gear early on. CONS of Current System Even if I did want to make white or green harvesting/crafting gear, I will fail terribly for a month. Both on assembly and experimentation even if I choose right race, max right stats, and get all the disciplines I can. No runemaking thralls (at least in GR) and no runemaking races making the ONE thing we can't get from wartribes very difficult to make early. Helper Monkey and Risk Management got nerfed, also making it more difficult to craft. Suggestions VASTLY lowering the difficulty of making and experimenting on white and green crafts. (Blue wartribe will be better than both of these, so why make it hard on us?) Add other minor disciplines specifically geared for helping crafting just starting out. Front load the crafting bonuses more. (Possibly make general crafting have a 1 for 1 effect and lower the nodes of the advanced trees) ARTIFACT Feedback There are multiple versions of every color of artifact bind, I believe 6. Meaning there is at least 18 pieces for each wartribe.(Only saw up to blue, maybe higher and more item bloat). There is absolutely no difference or distinction or seeming reason for having different versions. Artifact binds of the same color/type do not stack. Suggestions for Artifacts Each wartribe should only have ONE version per color. Each bind of the same color and type should stack. This is to not only clear up inventory space but also take pressure off the server. Why should the server need to track all these extra items that have no distinction or effect?
  4. With proper training and resources the crafted gear is WAY better than drop gear. Unfortunately if just starting out it is hard to make anything worthwhile. I do hope they make early crafting more comparable.
  5. We tried this before, was boring, people just swapped keeps. Having a 3 to 0 Keep advantage, is better than a 1 to 0 keep advantage. Keep advantages would mean LESS in this scenario than previous. Additionally is allowing players to not fight just so that they get to hold 1 PoI out of 6 really engaging game play? Because thats what happened last time we had more.
  6. Due to current populations, shouldn't we attempt a smaller map for CW? We have plenty of options to avoid PvP(infected/GR), why not make the CW support PvP further through a smaller map. I would suggest 3 Adventure Zones and ONE central keep. Additionally I would HEAVILY suggest lowering the overall size of maps. Not sure how many parcels each one is currently, but I think lowering by a third would be beneficial. (IE if it was 100 parcels, cut it to 66) We experimented with A LOT of keeps, why not try one CW with just one?
  7. Full Wipe or No Wipe, if Full Wipe up training to x10 instead of x3
  8. Additionally, I don't think any of the information provided has been conveyed other than this post. ACE seems to be encouraging community DISengagement. No testers and no posts means no problems, right?
  9. I am going to try to take this on a serious note even though it looks to be off the rails already. I believe the best option for "winning" would be cosmetics or EK parcels. For faction gameplay, I would have players have certain milestones to complete to get crowns or another cosmetic specific currency or just whatever the cosmetic reward was for that CW. I would do the same for Dregs except give a full cosmetic / EK item that was NOT available in any other way. This would make winning dregs, which should be harder to do have a much more valuable and unique reward.
  10. Ussiah

    Max archer range

    around 65/66 is max I believe
  11. Quoted for agreement. We need bonuses for holding certain forts (or have the benefit be being able to local bank from only forts/keeps/bh) And I like your idea about 2 forts flipping back and forth through the night to try and concentrate any conflict to that zone overnight.
  12. I agree a lot with this. They need to work on how resources are allocated. It isn't an easy tasks. Forts / POI's could act as the two delineations you made. With the heavy / best resources being in PoI's with the smaller amount / lower tier being around forts/keeps.
  13. Dropped gear is better than white. You can get dropped gear that is VERY close to blue stat wise and with some of the stats you can get on drops being way better than what you get on crafted. Do I think people should be "automatically" pushed out? No, but I also don't think you should be able to sit in GR getting blues/purples and importing tons of it into CW.
  14. He's referring to the fact you should bring a guard. Also there are locations where multiple people could harvest single nodes together. Or could do motherlodes. We haven't really seen how it is for harvesters because we still have ANYWHERE local bank.
  15. The level difference is more important. Have you seen the difference in a full blue versus full green versus full white? It isn't that much anymore. Was flattened a huge amount.
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