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  1. No significant difference between most classes.

    I think me and McTan are saying the same thing. Lack of identity with classes missing their own class specific powerful abilities. Ranger is getting attention because it has high dps, high range, lots of CC thus crowding out any other class that could potentially be in any of these categories or the classes that have little identity/nothing powerful that is just theirs.
  2. No significant difference between most classes.

    TL:DR - Give Classes Specific Specialties - Use Weapon Disc to Keep These Differences I think it would be valuable to assign a primary and secondary role to each class. Each class would have either access to either two class specific disc or class specific and weapons. All of this through the weapon slot disc. This is all a pipe dream considering would require messing with base kits and possibly adding new abilities. Additionally I honestly haven't played with or against enough some of these so bear with me. Examples:
  3. Do the centaur toggles count as an "aura" and therefor interfere with cleric auras?
  4. Thank you for your response. My logical side expected this to be the way things were done, but as durenthal pointed out, it gets a little frustrating when we have a video like this where the devs, at first glance, appear not to know what we have mentioned in these threads. Obviously, no person can know every bug that is going on, and as blair pointed out recently, they are actually working on some of these things. Additionally, I know how all hands are on deck for 5.3 and that bigger game breaking or all encompassing issues trump ability issues. I do believe that more transparency would be great in the bug reporting. This may be difficult with how busy everyone is, but think it would help the player base feel like they are being heard If there is no "known issue" list that compiles every bug reported......what happens to the bugs that don't make the list? Do you guys constantly review the feedback threads? I hate repeating the same bug on each feedback thread but without transparency I can't tell when I or anyone else has been heard.
  5. Makes me wonder what the point of the current "Feedback and bug" threads are. Very few reported things EVER make it to the "KNOWN BUG LIST" Would be helpful if they at least did this so that we were aware they they knew something was broken and had something to look back at consistently. Instead it makes it look like they have no idea what things are broken when we've told them. Otherwise the feedback thread is just a place for players to "feel" like something will be looked at when in reality its just locked up at the next patch and swept away. Out of sight out of mind.