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  1. Since WT came out I have wanted them to be tied to crafting in some way but yet to do it. I am getting to the point I think they should kill current harvesting and make crafting more of a breakdown of WT and reassembly.
  2. Crafting has steadily been nerfed and WT buffed so that the only thing worth crafting are things you can't get from WTs. Maybe that's the intent at this point. I honestly can't tell. The whole "out-logistic" your enemy through crafting is no longer a thing. Makes it easier for people to jump in, but obviously makes it easy to raise a large army with no real logistics concerns.
  3. Tooltips for Disciplines The tooltips for disciplines when you mouseover the discipline itself and when you mouseover in your skills bar is different. PLEASE make the mouseover for the discipline been the FULL tooltip like it is in your skills. BETTER YET, make the mouseover for the discipline show the calculations. IE 100 dmg + 100% AP (Like we used to see before the dynamic tooltips we have now)
  4. I would say its true champion isn't as strong 1v1 as it used to be and didn't really gain anything in GvG. That may not be champions "fault" though. Mana shield is very strong. Radicals are very strong. Paragon is very strong. (Basically it is the OLD "OP" Ultimate Warrior.....you know the good one before Champs got nerfed) Other things just got stronger while Champ only got weaker from Warrior changes. Still play it because I like the class, but I can easily see reasons to play other things that are more effective 1v1 or GvG. It's in a wei
  5. One of the Devs on the CF streamathon said pit IS getting nerfed. So the "squeaky" wheel gets the grease. My only concern is the over nerf. I hope its just taking rid of some of the AP (the 150 at the end or changing pit fighter passive) but we will see.
  6. Looks like you need to eat, probably have to not be hungry to regenerate fury(i dont play myrm) So eat some food or use the pedestal by the tree in the temple
  7. Form Life Bug Alliance members can SEE orbs but not pick them up. Should be able to pick the orbs up. Just seeing orbs is not helpful. Coalesce Life Bug This ability does not have the same capability as "Form Life". Should be able to see ALLIANCE member orbs and pick them up. Basically Fix form life orbs to be picked up by alliance and give exact same usage to Coalesce Life.
  8. One of the key complaints right now is that there are not enough people in the campaigns (staying in infected) and there isn't enough of a PvP loop or game mechanics. Crafting/Harvesting has plenty but the fort/keep windows and outpost implementation are not enough. While I do think there are ways to improve that system, I have another system in mind. Glory (Honor) System "Glory" would be Crowfalls Honor System Accumulation of Glory and associated Glory Vendors would only be available in Shadows / Dregs. Daily Quests would be implemented that align with typical Pv
  9. Form Life BUGS 1. Form Life is a Pack Leader ability (not dryad) 2. Alliances members can see Form Life orbs but CANNOT pick them up. 3. Why can alliance members not see and pick up druid orbs? Why does a discipline have better usability than the base heal of the class its taken from? 4. Also on the user of form life, when they pick the orb they created up the animation plays 20m above them. (From another users viewpoint the animation is centered on their head) EDIT: If the intent is only to see the Form Life orbs I would roll that back because that makes
  10. Leatherworker and Mail / Plate is perfect as is and basically what I want to see all crafts look like. The "stat weighing" you want to do could be done through your choice of bars and leather. The variance of stats through the experimentation process is rather minor. Could be more complicated, but could see multiple experimentation screens at end to help with this minor specialization. IE - Stat Specialization Experiment Screen then Damage / All Stats / Durability Exp Screen.
  11. With the shift to active crafting, I think it is time to reassess the time(and clicks) it takes to create items. Additionally, as evidenced through the forum, it has been suggested to go more towards "easy come, easy go". Right now, crafting is not easy come. Previously, with crafting tied to passives, you primarily created only items you needed or wanted. With active progression, that is no longer the case. You will create massive amounts of gear to progress. To realign, I suggest crafting recipes be simplified and the majority of sub component recipes be deprecated. Two-Step C
  12. I would love "easy come easy go", but they better fix "easy come" BEFORE "easy go". I will keep reposting, crafting should be two step for everything. REFINE + Combine. (EXAMPLE: Refine Stitched Leather, 5 metal bars. Go to Long sword - Put in stitched leather + 5 metal bars- Combine. No reason for 7 combines at all, just up stats on the refined materials and skip the useless middle steps. ) Once that is implemented, can greatly lower the durability on everything.
  13. And the only reason can't get enough is NOT forts in itself. After all, you just said they were very valuable, too valuable. People agree fort loot needs to go down, but that isn't whats stopping people from logging in.
  14. Yea runics got way nerfed as well. Itemization is boring and every addition has required mass amount of tedium. Stat coating a perfect example of that.
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