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  1. You guys haven’t even been able to do the right...... so what does that tell you?
  2. Imort

    Mage Assassin

    SB Mage Assasins were basically a Turret that popped from stealth...... dumped all their mana(shadowbolt) and then vanished again.
  3. Hands down Nethari..... cause they look cool 😎
  4. LMAO.....think he may have had some of the newbies siding with him. Then a vid of "The Hoff" got posted. Nobody messes with The Hoff. lol
  5. That discipline dosn’t Exist... at least not yet.
  6. Only thing that comes to mind is.....Hammy the Hamster!. Was a great show back in the day......lol
  7. Correct in that burrow is going to start using stam in 5.3. One of the elf? racials gives "perma stealth" as long as you don't move and not sure how stealth is going to work with the assassin yet.
  8. I think if you see that many "red dots" near your fort, its safe to assume your about to be hit hard and already to late to do anything about it. That was half the fun in Shadowbane.....gathering intel and counter intel. At least for those who were dedicated scouts/hit squads.
  9. Yeah..I agree. Definately not a fan of the hunger system
  10. Hey Folks.... Been following this game for quite some time now. .....lurking in the shadows. Old school MMO'er going all the way back to the UO days. Recognize allot of the names while scrolling through the threads on this forum from over the years. In fact, I believe the guy that posted just above "Helped ruin Treachery" with me. LOL Cheers folks!
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