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    Imort reacted to Jah in Alliances: A Discussion   
    Small guilds can win with alliances, or by growing. And there is more to the game than winning campaigns. You can play Crowfall and have fun without ever winning a campaign.
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    Imort reacted to MacDeath in Crowfall Tier List - The Best and Worst Classes Ranked   
    These Tier lists are completly subjective and depend on how YOU and your guildmates fill out the passive trees, spec & equip your vessel(s), and play the game,
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    Imort reacted to PaleOne in Mage Assassin   
    Shade Mage assassin Shroudbourne Wyrmslayer.......
    That's right a pale mage with a big F*cking spear...
    Cold nukes, cold debuff, and cold weapon power dot with the spear-- was nasty..
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    Imort reacted to Jah in Allow players to "bind" to a chosen Fort or Keep   
    We can already get from one end of the map to the other using Recall to Temple. Making it Recall to Fort/Keep instead wouldn't change that.
    Making guilds based out of their own territory rather than faction temples would enhance the territory control game.
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    Imort reacted to galvia in "PvP" in its current state   
    Vanguard won the campaign even if the bugged victory screen said HoA did.

    Capture penalties were bugged this patch and that was identified by the devs and will be fixed. You shouldn't lose more points than you gain by holding something.

    For the record, V was taking a lot of fights on both of those guilds with half their numbers and custard crushing it. Feel free to use whatever crutch makes you feel better, but the reason you're losing has nothing to do with "zerging" and everything to do with your attitude. If you aren't trying as hard to win, you won't. The end. That's why pound for pound Vanguard is the best guild in the game right now - they play the game seriously and actually try to win.

    I'm going to pull out the one piece of valuable insight you shared and highlight it:
    I'm going to focus on the first two days of the test campaign, as we discovered later into the test that the wards in the keep for sieging were broken and it was impossible to capture a keep.

    The first few days had a lot of folks staying home instead of going out to pillage. That is a game theory mistake. This game is a throne war, you need to do politics, you need to talk to other people and you need to take risks. If you are lower on the totem pole, work with others beneath #1 to screw the big guys over or accept your position. If you are a small guild, take advantage of the per member favor cards and wrack up points while you work with other guilds to fight bigger fish.  You don't have numbers? Find some through cooperation or get completely destroyed in every serious PVP encounter. The big boys didn't leave their base because nobody was doing a damn thing to meaningfully affect the game state - why would they go on offense when the status quo only benefits them?

    This is the single biggest problem with the Crowfall community right now. I know it is, because I've personally tried to make a bunch of small guilds on Chaos work together in the previous patches and failed. Nobody wants to work together, nobody wants to actually put in the effort to beat a guild like W or HoA. You all just want to act like they are on some sort of conspiracy poorly made dergs to destroy the game when they aren't. They actively fought one another in the Dregs, and their original alliance was setup to fight the death alliance (a MUCH larger group of people) - and guess who promptly left the game when they got slapped? We've had their numbers available to us and more countless times and not once has the community stepped up. Just throw your hands up and quit I guess.

    We all need to get good.
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    Imort got a reaction from Staff in Fix broken class.   
    You guys haven’t even been able to do the right...... so what does that tell you?
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    Imort reacted to Soulreaver in Best Assassin build?   
    Melee is struggeling in 5.100, mostly because of the changed melee range.  Effectively the 3 m range in combination with desync of the server makes it near impossible to actually hit your opponent.  At the very least makes it extremely easy for the target to kite.
    In comparisen ranged will be able to hit you from a mile away (over exaggeration) with a huge hitbox.  You literally dont even need to have the reticule lit up, you will still hit.
    In addition one of the big reasons to take an assassin would be the anti-heal.  Unfortunately this has been nerfed to being useless, instead everyone takes PlagueLord for the 30m 1hit 1application ability.  Something the assassin needs 6 attacks to match... just from melee.
    So ATM there is really no “best” assassin build, cause the class is broken.  You can make it work, but its not effective compared to other classes ...
    Best of luck
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    Imort reacted to Jah in Crowfall is not a PvP game.   
    You boasted about getting "rings" from me even though you had merely heard of someone on your faction getting one. That is false bravado. You are also boasting about benefiting from a bug.
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    Imort reacted to mandalore in Crowfall is not a PvP game.   
    What kind low tier troll bait is this?  We are happy with our alliance and the leadership between our two guilds work well together.  If you’re not having fun I suggest you change the paradigm but expecting us to end our alliance simply because other guilds can’t get their people to play isn’t going to work.  Chaos and Order have plenty of guilds that could call the banners but the sad truth is those people don’t want to play a game that takes as much time PvEing to prep to be viable in PvP.  Balance has people that are willing to tolerate the hogwash (for now) but don’t expect us to break up because it suits you and not us. 
    As for who’s the Dominate guild?  We all know it’s CSC ( @Phr00t)
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    Imort reacted to Jah in My Takeaways From the Trial of Kane So Far   
    This is true, but it is unrealistic to expect automated scoring mechanics to reward your guild members for you. There are countless ways that people contribute, and it is the responsibility of the guild to make sure those contributions are rewarded, even when those contributions don't show up as numbers on a scoreboard, or automatically earn gold badges.
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    Imort reacted to Jah in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    Balance was not the largest faction. Chaos had more people than Balance on both the first night of the campaign, and the second night when the first siege happened.
    Any campaign is unwinnable when people stop trying to win it. The imbalance in the score right now is a direct result of chaos giving up as soon as they lost the first siege.
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    Imort reacted to Balathan in Is it me, or are leather classes worthless?   
    Leather classes are indeed bad compared to tank classes (as the name of this thread would suggest) this issue has less to do with the damage numbers on leather classes (though they are lowish) and more to do with the relative damage of the tank variants. The current meta is: healing clerics, healing druids, tank fessors, tank champs, damage knights, damage champs. That's it. That's the whole thing... in a game with 33 specs (a few less because no FW but I'm not going to count) we are funneled into these 2 healers and 4 damage specs. Notice I say 4 damage specs and not 2 damage 2 tank specs because while the damage specs certainly do have more damage then the tank specs the tanks specs all have laughably high damage especially against leather wearers. There is no trade off for being more tanky and jumping 1 or 2 armor classes. Armor/weapon scaling on tank classes causes them to have 14k+ health while still autoing for over 1k regularly. There is simply no compensation in the base kits of the leather classes (or on their armor)  to make up for the fact they have 15%+ less mitigations and many thousands less health. For rolling into a tank spec there should be a flat damage REDUCTION not an increase like the tank fessor who gets 20% base damage increase for going tank (sure they have to go melee range but the whole plate armor thing offsets that they don't need that damage boost). The knight and the dps champ are a tad more balanced in the damage to tank ratio, the damage champ is squshier and gets high damage the knight is tankier but gets lower damage, awesome we got some balance. The problem comes with the tank champ and tank fessor. They are tanky enough to not even be in groups for large siege fights while still doing equal or greater damage then some damage specs. If people were actually TANKS when going tank spec instead of these hybrid abominations that require no healing while doing fairly high damage maybe we would have some more class variance. Why do damage when i can be 100x tankier and do 95% of the damage if not more...Take these issues and add the fact most fights are now sieges where we are funneled into tight spaces where tanks have an advantage over squshies by virtue of survive ability (oh I almost forgot, you dont do damage while you're dead incase that was unclear...) and we have this lopsided tank meta where even though we are all tank speced damage toons or damage speced tank toons we can still drop healers and ultimately outlast our opponents in a confined space while doing large AoE damage. Ace make leather great again... but please no 80m ranger rapid fire one shots...
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    Imort reacted to DocHollidaze in GF Crowfall and ACE   
    I mean, people have been mentioning the need for a faction balance incentive since factions have existed in CF. This isn't a new problem, and some of the people being slammed on the forums have been very vocal advocates for it.
    To all the people maligning Balance at the moment, most of them Chaos it seems, I have been playing on Balance for more than a year now, and almost all of 2018 Balance essentially might not have existed - pretty much after Sugoi guild leaders and lots of their people stopped playing and my club/sub-guild of Sugoi basically quit also - Balance was just a sideshow that struggled to get even a 5 man group and when we did UDL or HoA or WB would soon double or treble our numbers to put us down. For my part, I mainly settled with just being a spoiler and custard with the big groups. QQ
    I don't really recall these same Chaos people sharing their heartfelt concern and apologies for me and my Balance brethren while we were constantly outnumbered week-in week-out. The simple explanation for that is most folks are just full of poorly made socks. The rest of the people complaining are just new and have zero perspective and context to the bigger picture and history of Crowfall Pre-alpha.
    The reality is, folks expecting other players they don't even know in real life to *provide* them with a good time is hogwash. Grow up you children. I never expected Chaos or Order to provide me with a good time and fair fights in 2018, it was just the hand I was dealt, and I did my best to create new  Balance guild alliances to give me a chance for content.
    The other reality is that ACE could have prevented this but they didn't, because I don't think they care or are overly concerned at this point. They are heads down working on v5.9 so that the sanctioned campaign can happen. These Trials campaigns are just a distraction to keep people busy until then. J Todd almost said as much during the livestream, but I have paraphrased.
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    Imort reacted to Pann in Call the Banners! - Official Discussion Thread   
    Monster Month ended yesterday. We're in November now. New month, new theme. =)
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    Imort reacted to Soulreaver in 5.7.1 Live Feedback and Bug Reports for 9/14/18   
    Removing the effect of Mantle will just make ppl stack heals again and we will be right back to when : 2 Champs 2 Clerics and a random ruled the game.
    Cut through the BS and leave Mantle - change the extra DoT and focus on making Anti stealth work.
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    Imort reacted to CheezePoof in HOW I FIXED MY GAMEBREAKING LAG/FPS!!!   
    I don't know what system, hardware etc you guys run, but I was playing at a solid 10-20 frames, 150-10k msg ping anytime I turned or walked with a Nvidia 1060, i7-6700HQ, 16gb ram with the game saved on a 128gb SSD. I was at a loss for words, getting very angry because entering combat was a nightmare, I almost gave up to sit in base and learn the crafting menu until beta hoping that would fix it. I had the game on medium and my graphics card settings all to optimization with v sync off and no shadows.
    Enter, the fix: SCREW YOU ANTI-VIRUS!!! I use bitdefender, went to my game profile and changed the battery settings for gaming and turned off real-time optimization. I don't know which 1 of those fixed whatever they fixed (too scared to ruin a good thing checking) but now my combat feels so fluid. I swear I was a solid 40-60 frames in a 1vX fight against PvE mobs the whole time through every animation cast, their knockups and everything. Not a single spike. I actually watch my character glide through the air now on Druid teleports, instead of that 10 fps rubberband. It is beautiful.
    Let me know if this also changed your life <3
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    Imort got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 24/7 testing   
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    Imort got a reaction from JamesGoblin in If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!   
    $179USD gets you in right now with Alpha 2 access.
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    Imort got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Duelist perfect for gankers?   
    Correct in that burrow is going to start using stam in 5.3. 
    One of the elf? racials gives "perma stealth" as long as you don't move and not sure how stealth is going to work with the assassin yet.
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    Imort reacted to PaleOne in What are you looking forward to most in Crowfall?   
    I'm looking forward to killing players, taking their stuff, screenshotting their salty tears and saving them in a screensaver/wallpaper
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    Imort reacted to Tamshin in What are you looking forward to most in Crowfall?   
    I am most looking forward to a LAUNCH DATE 
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    Imort got a reaction from Teufel in Tracking and the Compass   
    I think if you see that many "red dots" near your fort, its safe to assume your about to be hit hard and already to late to do anything about it.
    That was half the fun in Shadowbane.....gathering intel and counter intel. At least for those who were dedicated scouts/hit squads.
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    Imort reacted to Xeen in I am Xeen   
    I found CF searching online, mmorpg.com most likely.  Always hard to find the best games.  Unlike all the terrible crap steam and facebook (facebook lies) spew out...  I think I came across CF years ago, but I didn't investigate it at the time, so no super early backer for me.
    About me: I'm a gamer of over 30 years, prettymuch all types of games (genres and rules included) and every platform up until the Wii.  Strategy and planning are my favorites (Gimme a hex grid and unit details!), but I also like action RPG (Path of Exile) and MMO's too (UO, WoW, Darkfall, SotA for awhile, to name a few).  Not a fan of EVE, didn't play much SWG.  I do a little MOBA once in awhile (used to play LoL, but that community....  I stick to some SC2 mods).
    If I'm not competing against a human rival/opponent, then the game is boring.  AI is way too easy to defeat, though the planning part of figuring out ways to beat overwhelming AI was fun... because one player wasn't meant to be able to perform such a feat.  As a level 60, soloing ZG in WoW (all trash, no bosses) was interesting until I had it down to a science.  Same thing with Black Temple trash mobs and a pile of the other lesser dungeons (could usually kill the bosses in those).
    Plenty of experience as an alpha tester, tolerance for bugs, and the perception to detect them, at least once I've gotten used to how the game is supposed to be.  Love the thrill of a full loot full world pvp game, pretty cool that the rule can change from one campaign to the next and the whole campaign system/changing worlds with persistent character data.  I have mixed feelings about the passive skill gain system and VIP perks in CF.
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    Imort reacted to PaleOne in 5.3 Release Date   
    “I feel a great disturbance in the force, like a whole bunch of Noobs logged in and died”....
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    Imort reacted to Grimmel in Screenshot hanging out waiting for 5.3   
    Very nice water flask - good to finally see one in-game. Interesting that it looks race-specific,  I'm guessing the water flask crafted by a minotaur will look quite different...
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