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  1. Just horses. Also if your horse dies in battle it should be dead forever.
  2. I think it should be a healthy mix. Plenty of stuff you can do by yourself, but for things like sieges or boss battles you need some buddies.
  3. I do want native controller support. I like being able to kick back and just enjoy the game. I also dislike having to juggle ten bazillion different skills.
  4. I'm pretty sure that there is an option to just a pay a one time fee for full, indefinite access. I highly doubt Bioware paid 30%.
  5. Yes provided the game a a good dynamic lighting system so torches and spells can be used to forge through the night.
  6. I think something somewhere between Neverwinter and Dark Souls would be nice. A focus on using your weapon well over skill spam makes for better combat in my mind.
  7. The Secret world had the best questing in any MMO ever made, no competition. The rest of the game was a buggy mess with iffy combat and confusing progression, but the questing was perfect.
  8. These people have years of experience making MMOs. I highly doubt they are dumb enough to try to hack together a large, dynamic MMO on an engine known for being easy to get something running it, but insanely difficult to get something running WELL in. Just because one of the team members has Unity experience does not mean that the team is actually crafting the game in that engine.
  9. Unity's codebase is a mess to the point that source access is useless to devs because it is such a mess no one but the people that made it have any idea which way is up. The only way for a dev to independently add functionality is through writing plugins in C#. You can hack together an MMO with Unity, but it won't be pretty, and has a good chance of imploding under it's own weight after awhile. If the Crowfall team is planning on using a pre-made engine that isn't Hero (please don't be Hero, Hero is bad), the best option would probably be Unreal Engine 4. Everything in the Engine is done with
  10. I would rather that money be spent on having a really good writer write the core quests and lore. Like Brandon Sanderson. Please get Brandon Sanderson.
  11. I honestly think that this is the best model. I can't consistently log in sometimes, and I like not having the financial pressure. If the game is good, I would be more than happy to drop $30 every 3-4 months for fresh content. The "Issue" model that The Secret World has is pretty solid. Just ignore the subscription/cash shop element of it A "Season Pass" of sorts would be something I would be open to though.
  12. Lots of places to explore and treasure to find. A combat system that is both deep and immediately rewarding (something akin to a faster-paced version of the Dark Souls system maybe?) Giant monster boss battles. The ability to play with a controller. Here me out on this last one. I am currently neck-deep in Guild Wars 2 and my least favorite part of it (or a lot of ohter MMOs that I have played) is the sheer number of skills that you have equipped at any one time. In GW2 I have five weapon skills, a heal, three more abilities, and another four toolbelt skills. And that is consider
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