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  1. Hi guys, I have been following the development recently and I wanted to get your opinions on what you like and what you don't like about playing the duelist and is there anything you feel is lacking from the kit.
  2. I wish you best of luck with this project if it's still going ahead. Looking forward to hearing more if it's WIP
  3. After looking at it again you're clearly correct, We are thought that the < means more than and I auto piloted it to mean more than 32. Doesn't help either about the lack of information on the subject and I was finding name suggestions that were 31 characters long and I presumed that it was one short
  4. Because the way we are thought in Ireland <32 means more than 32
  5. Right so I got a response late last night for me, I now get to choose the name of my monarch/hero The rules are as follows must be alpha-numeric, can have 2 spaces and include the special characters ' ` - _ or . They should be <32 characters long. I sent an email to the support to clarify about the 32 characters long, I presume it's meant to be less than 32
  6. Yup all Alpha 2 got an email last night about 10pm saying I got invited, so got up out of bed and downloaded it
  7. So I waited twelve days for an email about the fallen hero etc. and no joy, so I sent an email to support not expecting a reply till Monday or so. I will give a brief update on this once I get it.
  8. Srathor, I bought my pledge from the trusted trader system and I got alpha 2 with that, I was wondering if I should of been included as it's one of the earliest packages or if it only counts from when the pledge was activated?
  9. Although I didn't see the animation if this is indeed the case, can't really go wrong with it
  10. As you prob know by now, the population on the live server is quite low as there is a major patch on the test server that is available to Alpha 1 and the first 2k or so Alpha 2 players, the patch 5.3 should be coming onto live very soon and the population will soar once again
  11. Looking forward to test this class
  12. Sad to hear, hopefully it is a class that needs a decent amount of skill training to get really strong or else we would see nothing but ewoks(?) jumping out of the ground
  13. Gpu does seem to be a problem and I would expect fps issues in combat from the cpu also
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