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  1. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    Same fight - Makuza's Point of View /enjoy
  2. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    More action as the server permits Great fun! /salute
  3. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    5.8 is here (on test) and it's a lot of fun. Here is a little video I've made with 5.8 footage. /enjoy P.S. We are looking for some DPS players as the support/tank part is very well covered.
  4. Having all the options right out of the gate could be overwhelming. We've also been spoiled with access to Everything and Now - much like the millennial generation For me it makes sense to introduce progression - however I agree that Todds pendulum is over the board on the other side. I think a middle ground needs to be looked into and there have already been suggestions on a number of ways to work it out.
  5. Greetings crows and especially EU crows, In an effort to make the EU server a more engaging and fun environment, representatives of the known active guilds have come together and decided upon a faction split based on estimated active numbers that we will have. This post is meant to help alleviate the 'need to go chaos because there are no keeps/forts owned by Balance or Order'. We will do our best to provide a living campaign and an engaging experience for everyone. So far we have come to the following agreement: Balance: Horizon BSF Cutting Edge Chaos: Caldera Northlanders Order: KDS Black Market If you are representing a group of 5 or more people and you would like to coordinate with us please let us know in a PM or in this thread. Let the bloodbath begin! /salute
  6. One more: After choosing Chaos - ALL consecutive attempts to log into another, even after unlinking all from said campaign, had no offer for faction selection but got directly into Chaos. Edit: Clarified by Todd that is the actual intended mechanic!
  7. Camera detach Excuse the 'friendly TS chatter'
  8. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    With 5.8 on test server things are taking up speed. Guild meeting Sunday at 19:00 UTC/GMT. I look forward to what will follow! /excited
  9. Great job Anhrez! Kudos to you! /salute
  10. I think that the 'pendulum' is on the other side now - no matter the speed. A start character should have 2-3 combat skills right to start with. The rest can be in the talents. Maybe give exp from gathering and crafting as well - to ease the exp intake. @testing stuff - with the number of options ahead it will be impossible to test all variations so it will be as promised a continue work to balance things as players find ways to break the system - this only means that we are getting closer to launch so don't be upset on the toys that get taken away and get put behind progression.
  11. Skill Training Revamp for Engaging Play

    I agree and disagree. Agree: It's not really much choice in terms of actual training. It needs some love. Disagree: Actual uniqueness - when we add all the systems in I think actual character variability is huge. Crowfall model is not F2P is Buy To Play so actual the power progression needs to be equal with VIP or without. With that in mind I think many of your ideas you would change your self
  12. Go, Greco! - Official Discussion Thread

    Go go Greco! Congratulations on the accomplishment!
  13. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    KDS is warming up. Guild meeting and extra details on our forums! Ring Ding Ding... /salute
  14. Great news. I'm ringing the bell /cheers