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  1. One turning moment of the evening - the 70% Call made by Sgt. Surelia the Grey:
  2. That's what happens when pixels drive behavior. There is more to life than money and there is more to gaming than pixels and imo in the long run they will bring far better rewards
  3. The KDS Prophet has spoken:
  4. We are especially interested in 2-3 DPS oriented players. Come check us out - we have cookies /salute
  5. Greetings Crows, It's time for a KDS status update as 2019 has started and the Sanctioned Campaign is around the corner. Before 5.8 the EU server had very little activity and in order to put more life into the server we've come together with the active EU guilds at the time. I would mention Cladera, Horizon and Nordlanders as the most active ones. Together we've managed to switch factions in a continuous effort to achieve what we've set out to do. Besides more overall action on the EU server we've managed to have the first Campaign that had an exciting end where Chaos and Balance had a head to head up until last few hours. I would like to take this moment and say Thank You to all involved in these efforts. KDS started with 5-10 actives per evening at the start of 5.8 and now we are at 10-15 actives per evening at the start of 5.8.1. The fact that activity is increasing and people keep logging in it means that the game is on a good path. The new points system is looking good at the moment and we are eager to see how it will feel closer to the end of the campaign. With the launch of 5.8.1. was a pleasure to see our members playing together and always trying to find the bottlenecks and willing to work to remove them so that the guild moves forward at best possible speed. I would like to extent a public Thank You to all of you excellent people. It is a pleasure to spend my online time with you! I look forward to what the future will bring! Yours, Gen. Prom
  6. On your first question - betrayal. In the 3 faction campaign that won't be possible but in the Guild vs Guild it will. The 300 slots of the guild will be able to be filled with (maybe 300) guilds that will swear fealty to the bigger guild. How deep the tree will go with sub-guilds I don't know but I know that in a second a guild leader will be able to take his whole sub tree of guilds and swear fealty to another guild thus changing alliance in the middle of the fight. If that's not betrayal - Game of Thrones style - than I don't know what is
  7. logged off in a tower. probably switched faction until I logged back in the next day. I got spawned near the enemy beach head gate. I died before I figured it out
  8. General Themed vendor Stall is not lighting up the EK connectors. The Rune Themed does. I have not tested the rest but Anhrez said that he used the Necromancy one with success.
  9. How will you prevent everyone to join the same faction in the sanctioned campaign?
  10. Really nice job guys. We've rolled Balance this round. Let's see how things will progress! More crows flying for the win /salute
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