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  1. Really nice job sir! Thank you for all the effort! /respect
  2. A sad example of having fun at the expense of others by using mechanics that are blatantly unintended. I would take it down as it's more of bad press for Crowfall then of any use.
  3. Great Mindset. It won't be easy as most people are looking for the path of least resistance but once you get a few people with this mind set - they are the gold mine of your online time. Good luck with this project! ❤️ /salute
  4. Good luck in your journey! I really like the mindset NA or EU?
  5. KDS is open for like-minded and loyal players. We are not looking for guild hoppers or guild pixels stealing. We had some unfortunately but that's life in alpha when the main core is not around and we are forced to trust newcomers. We are always looking for Infinite Players! /salute
  6. The timer is closing in and the siege is upon us. The Balance enemy is looking for a fight. He is strong, he is looking for a challenge - they always like to fight outnumbered - yet they try to recruit everyone, their mothers and the livestock. We have our troupes in the keep. We also have the crafters as they really want to keep their playground. We might survive this one but looking around it's not looking great. Not enough fighters to keep a breach. Not enough people to man the walls... Still we prevailed - a heroic defense - against an enemy much better prepared and with more numbers. Today is ours though - we wanted to defend and so we did. We might not hold it next siege or if they invite their NA friends over the week-end - then our chances are looking even worse. But we will be there and give them the fight we can now with what we have. Let the crows fly!
  7. Thank you for the nice words @Dracaniaand @CrusaderW Still interested in players that fit our profile - friendly/helpful/loyal/killer looking to have fun! /salute
  8. Full wipe or no wipe. No wipe scenario: - current player base will keep playing for 2-3 month then they will stop waiting for dregs - New players - will not stick around for mentioned reasons and not much 'hooking will happen' Full wipe scenario: - current player base will take a hit - but they will be back - they are hooked already - new players - much better fighting chance - more will stick around for longer - more will get hooked. I would go for a Full wipe as I find it healthier for the game population progression in the long run! One more thing: If you do go for that wipe: Make sure you use it as a marketing tool! Complete wipe to give everyone a fresh perspective before Alpha phase!
  9. yea. none of the 'killers' in KDS has touched Crowfall for more then a day or two, except Byro. The game is not there yet. With actual bank access changes and skill passive wipe I'm pretty sure many 'killers' will start to show up.
  10. Good luck sir! EU or US player base you are targeting ?
  11. KDSProm


    When I picked the thread from the 'latest threads' I missed the fact that it was under the German community
  12. Bone chance! Avoir la communite france activ, encore un fois, c'era un plus tres important pour toute la communite european en Crowfall! Si vous voulez organise eveniments ensemble avec KDS, dans le future, nous seron honoree. /salute P.S. Ma francais c'est pas la meiulleure parce q'il me manque l'exercise
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