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  1. yea - they are all the same 😛 Jokes aside: I can take it as your opinion and I can state that I strongly disagree with your generalizing statements!
  2. And you believed him... Good for you! Welcome! Hugs for Crem 🤗
  3. They figured fast (2h) what was causing a serious performance issue so they took it down. They've applied a fix. QA - which is EU, if I remember right, - has been and probably is testing it atm. If everything checks out we will get access sometime today.
  4. The fact that they are permanent and make slotted disciplines permanent - they are unbalanced atm - no matter how hard they are to make. We've been promised a revisiting of the vessels and some sort of mechanic to keep that economy going and the necromancers happy. I do hope we will get it by launch.
  5. Welcome to Crowfall!
  6. To my surprise, even this active community is against early release. For me it's a BIG NO. Crowfall TEST will be open to ALL backers! That statement by JT tells me that they are bringing online much more then a test server. They are bringing online a full infrastructure to support multiple thousands of players if not tens of thousands. What we play in 5.110 can't hold 1000 people. Besides that the 5.110 in its self needs to be good enough or most non die-hards like us, will instantly give it a bad thought and that will propagate much faster then any good thought. You only have ONE chance to make a FIRST impression!
  7. I guess it's a matter of opinion. I know plenty that will rather not touch a game if they 'have to gather'. I know plenty that enjoy gathering 24/7 and will rather not touch the game if they are forced to pvp, unless they need to defend them self. There is a play style for everyone!
  8. Now that I've figure which Hakrik you are, knowing you as a person @Hakrik, if you need support in Crowfall in anyway - you can count on KDS! We've been playing quite extensively through out last year so our game knowledge is extensive. We would be happy to share, so you guys close the knowledge gap faster. /salute
  9. Haha so it's our Hakrik I thought it was just the same name. I still remember your application as being one of the best I've seen over the years. You will always be welcome in KDS! /salute
  10. Good Luck and Good Fun in the search for All Father
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