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  1. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    by our Beloved Cpl. Azi
  2. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    Greetings crows, It has been a while since I wanted to make a new recruitment movie and today I finally found the time and the inspiration. I hope you will enjoy it! /salute
  3. 'Grind Resource' Skill is granted both by Crafting Basics-> Crafting Basics and Alchemy-> Alchemy Novice - one might be a better version of the first one but they are named the same.
  4. Ganking all over

    Thank you kindly @PopeUrban. I missed this completely and tbh I really like this solution /salute
  5. Ganking all over

    I have been following the game closely but I have failed to see this info. Is this something you, or somebody has tested out, or it's been mentioned by devs. Do you a link for that info someplace? /salute
  6. Not Confident ACE Knows How to Make Economy Work

    On the topic of ratio 40:5:5 (combatants/gatherers/crafters) That ratio would make harvesters and crafters redundant and ACE has mentioned on more than one occasion that they intend to bring back the dedicated crafters and gatherers. IMO they are on a good path to do that and they are using the right mechanics for it. My prime example is the fact that if you train for gathering you get specific results but when you fully gear your character for that activity - gathering - you get better results from the same node. Personally I hope they increase the gap between a fully specced gatherer and somebody that just has the skills. This will make it that Combatants team up with Gatherers and they all work for the common good each being best at what they do. Otherwise we will have the Albion story all over again but it will just take 2 years in stead of 4 weeks where Gatherers and Crafters become an actual drag on the guild progression while @start they were extremely effective/needed. Crafting - this is very hard imo to move away from the 'Alt' status - I hope ACE will find the way - as I see nothing so far to fix that except the actual amount of time to craft something - but it's hard and if they do for me it would be like really pulling a rabbit out of an empty hat.
  7. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    Long time since I visited this part of the forums as I've been busier playing the actual game Hey @Joice/Skyler - I'm really glad to see you about :). I've sent you an invite to the guild so please accept it. @Celtir I'm happy you are enjoying the guild sir. I've enjoyed playing with you as well not to mention that I like the jewels that you make It's time for a status report: Ever since 5.6 has hit we've been really involved and playing every day with a group of 8-10 people. Main focus has been the logistics side in order to determine the best options on what and when to spend the guild resources in order to get a good progression. We've got some primary ideas and next wipe (probably Alpha) will be the time to put all that to the test. Now that we got that covered we have decided to focus more on the business side and the PvP (especially with the hopefully incoming fixes to performance in 5.7). For this push I would especially like to mention Sgt. Harzoo, Sgt. BaronPrius and Psc. Celtir as they have put the most amount of hours into this. With that being said I look forward to whatever the hunger brings /salute
  8. EK cannot be started for 12h+ with the following message 'FAILED - CANNOT FIND AN AVAILABLE SERVER'
  9. @ACE_Jackal @ace-tyrant Any news on when the EK's become available? They've not been accessible for the last 10h or more. Thank you.
  10. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    nah you are just saying that - wait until we run you through dirt and barbed wire
  11. Showcase your guild!

    In agreement to some extent with others but I just read this yesterday and I decided to go with what we have already in order to give you material - so I've submitted. I would really appreciate the option to update that info at some point if more cool stuff gets created and maybe more precise details as the game evolves. Yours,
  12. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    Hello Harzoo, I'm glad to see you again. I know we have not played together since my Albion experience ended back in Beta 1 but I look forward to play along side you in Crowfall. Make sure you join the Crowfall Discord and keep up to date with the KDS forums. This Sunday we will have a guild meeting as we set up for 5.5. /salute
  13. Horizon | [EU]

    Good luck in Crowfall!
  14. ARIA "The Noble House" [EU]

    Welcome to Crowfall! On behalf of KDS I wish you good luck in your adventure! /salute
  15. Bourrins Sans Frontières [FR] [EU]

    Bon chance! I loved the video, you have 2 fights with KDS in there, where we had a proper fight and when you crushed our gathering party. Good fun and we look forward for more! /salute