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  1. I look forward to your presence. I have a feeling about it
  2. If there will be just one single objective for the whole server in the same time interval then not even 1000 will be enough. I'm hoping they will copy the campaign idea and we will get multiple objectives to be covered at the same time for a successful siege. The chess play of info gathering and where to commit what forces - makes for such a great game.
  3. First they will slingshot the Moon into the Sun in order to save Earth
  4. I don't know, I just do up to the point of being sick to my stomach and headaches that last for hours. Also playing MMO's first person I get the same. I could play darkfall though but once I had to go into structures - was game over.
  5. I've been following MMOS for 20 years. None of the titles you mentioned I've backed because none of those devs looked like they know what they are talking about. I did back Star Citizen and 2 years ago I got my money back because I can't play FPS games (I get dizzy) otherwise I still think it has chances. I did back Crowfall from day one as almost every single idea I heard from the devs I was in agreement with. I still am to this day, not with all ideas but with most. Can it fail? Absolutely! Do I think it will fail? If performance can deliver 150 people fighting at a decent framerate then it will be a success. Will I like every single feature? Doubtfully. Will I Play it? Absolutely.
  6. That’s the exact game that makes me tick as well. However managing a large guild and having the option to ‘zerg’ it’s also on my list
  7. a 5 man is a zerg against 1 player a 20 man is a zerg against 5 players a 100 man is a zerg against 20 players a 300 man is a zerg against 100 players Whom ever complains about 'zergs' is either playing the wrong game or they just like to find excuses for their own failures at playing the game.
  8. Our latest production for Valentine's Day!
  9. Thank you for the nice words sir! Nowadays you play your own part at building the environment and I thank you for it! For Valentine's Day - we've worked on a small production. I would like to say thank you to all that had the patience to help out <3. We hope you will enjoy it! /salute
  10. That's not a bad thing. It would take quite an extreme effort to not say something that they might be sorry after. Let them cool down after swallowing the burning coal they've cooked personally and we will get answers
  11. http://prntscr.com/r1pl38 I've added it where it's supposed to be. All videos will be in the first posts - the rest of the tread is for notifying on additions.
  12. In Jan Q&A we've been teased with 'loads of info on 5.110' over the next few weeks - and we got what we got - bad communication on ACE. In Feb Q&A It's been said it's coming and it will be all in one load. So we (the active community) need to hang in there as 5.110 is coming. Could be March but it's coming.
  13. This made me laugh really hard - First the News and after this thread - Thank you ❤️ I can feel the frustration in the active community, but these kind of responses will generate equal amounts of frustration to ACE as well and the result is just an increasing gap between the two - that will help nobody in the end. IMO Problem is not with ACE - Problem is with the active community. Let me try to explain my pov. ACE is not making/marketing this game to the 500-1000 people bothering to keep a close eye on this game. If they would do that then I would wholeheartedly agree with every post in this thread. ACE is releasing an information flow for the masses - and the fact that there are Wartribes in the game is old news for very few people. If you are part of the active community then you obliviously care about Crowfall. Then for a moment put your self in ACE's shoes and try to understand their perspective. I get equally frustrated by the 'funny' marketing news and even more frustrated that I need to pacify my own guild, but every time I do the above exercise then I see the value in the current approach. Patience is a virtue! Yours,
  14. Agreed - and I'm happy to hear that you are the good kind of weird - the kind that spices up the life of the ones around them 🤗
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