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  1. And the strong could only get stronger. That was 'beyond bad' long term mechanic as a result (besides the major exploits) made 4 versions of DF to date to die. Warhammer Online, had even less of an incentive to win then Crowfall does, yet there have been private servers running for many years after the official ones closed. None of that happened for DF.
  2. funny enough most of the KDS players that are playing healers have been playing healers in the last 10-15 years - so it just fits - it's not a choice @Mortys - it's not about training, there was just a class/role imbalance: things that would have changed the fights dramatically: In your favor: 1. 1 or 2 paladins in your team 2. One pull knight in your team 3. One archdruid in your team In our favor: 1 or 2 Rangers in our team - none of them was online at the time. I'm pretty sure you guys are already preparing for some of what I just listed or for something else - as it's not funny to watch from outside how forts are being taken from you 😉
  3. Absolutely support every word of @Angelmaron this topic!
  4. 10v10 KDS +Cal vs V+friends over the two forts on the Order home map.
  5. A 10v10 over two forts - fast and furious. Order kind of gave no chance to Chaos this evening for the forts while in open field fights were more equal. Thank you all for the fun!
  6. haha it's the tool parsing the combat log that can't recognize every thing very well and I've missed them when I checked since they looked like player names
  7. 1h of bloodshed of KDS and CAL vs Vanguard, Winterblades and Norden Marauders
  8. Chaos owns 1 keep. Order owns 2. There is no Balance! (pun intended) KDS and CAL split defensive duties and when the siege goes live CAL informs us of Chaos laying siege to the keep they are defending. We leave a group behind to defend that keep and we move 7 people to reinforce CAL. Once we arrive we figure out that Winterblades have finally dropped their Balance mantle and have joined EU Chaos. Now we are talking 15 to 20 of the strongest PvP players Crowfall community has to offer. What followed was over one hour of PvP with a lot of back and fourth and ultimately loads of fun! I hope you will enjoy this short #warstory /salute
  9. Not the most extensive of Recruitment messages but I feel it's exactly right for the mindset you are looking for Good luck with Recruitment! /salute
  10. If it's made by humans then it most likely can be shafted Now if that requires more effort vs one that requires less effort - I would go for the one with more effort.
  11. Awesome development so far! We have finished building the tools and now we can start rolling out some decent crafted items Thank you to everyone in KDS involved and also to Caldera for lending a hand. Still interested in 1-2 Damage dealing oriented players - we can show you the ropes on what works in current meta. /salute
  12. 'Looking for group' it's a quality of life feature that will most likely find its way in - but now it's hardly the time for it. Social systems are going through a major overhaul atm with the development of Dregs: Guild systems, Fealty Systems and Guild banks.
  13. The whole loot system is made 'against farming'. Encouraging afk farming is not a good idea for a healthy game. Please let the loot system be
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