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  1. It's Monster Month!

    Sweet typo : Not merely the the frightening
  2. I loved every second of it Thank you!
  3. Greetings EU players, I would like to extend an Invite for an all out PvP evening for Sunday 9th of Sep - 17:00-19:00 UTC/GMT It would be great to not totally obliterate with numbers but that's the whole length of my expectations except PvP. If you are interested and able please let us know in this thread. Yours, Prom
  4. Love your work! +1
  5. too little sleep ... That's another issue all together and fits backwards with the post /facepalm
  6. Greetings all, I feel that the impact of the current combo: 1. resource vendors with current prices 2. gold drop range 3. no poor quality drops from gathering 4. reduced resource cost of armor 5. lack of player map presence for PvP Objectives - EU at least Has spiraled into even more of lack of player map presence since the gathering of common materials is not worth the time invested. Please address this in the next patch and some solutions could be a mix of: 1. Increase cost so that the time taken to farm the gold is roughly equal to the time taken to harvest said resources by a 'zero skill' gatherer 2. reintroduce "poor' quality drops 3. The increase interest for PvP and the points system coming in 5.8 should help. Keep up the good work!
  7. Hunger-What positive thing does this add?

    There are plenty of KISS games out there. Crowfall is not it, as a matter of fact it has become even more complex once they secured more funding. /rant on You can make statements about things you have no understanding about that can become really viral for random or exact reasons. Like 'Don't vaccinate your kid as he will become an autistic!' - Who cares if he will die of a million other diseases - at least he did not get the chance to become autistic. (which btw has not been proven, while the reduction of child death is real statistically speaking ) It really helps to 'listen' and 'try to understand' when people more experienced (on the subject) than you spend their time trying to explain the subject. And you should respect that effort and say Thank You. Before you speak about a subject, if you want people to take you seriously for the long term, than first do the research. /rant off /salute
  8. Thank you ACE!

    I've been swept off my feet by your vision back even before the Kickstarter and every move you've made ever since it has always made sense to me. Following MMO development since 2003 it's the first time when I can say that. For that I felt like saying: Thank you ACE! Yours, Prom
  9. Any other LGBT players?

    I'm not sure if you were looking for trolling but in case you were not than rest assured there are all kinds of people around. However from your title and post you are looking for an 'exclusive' while that whole movement is asking for 'inclusive'. Just mix and match and play the game we are all here to play, imho it will be the best outcome for most involved. /salute
  10. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    by our Beloved Cpl. Azi
  11. KDS in Crowfall [EU] [INT]

    Greetings crows, It has been a while since I wanted to make a new recruitment movie and today I finally found the time and the inspiration. I hope you will enjoy it! /salute
  12. 'Grind Resource' Skill is granted both by Crafting Basics-> Crafting Basics and Alchemy-> Alchemy Novice - one might be a better version of the first one but they are named the same.
  13. Ganking all over

    Thank you kindly @PopeUrban. I missed this completely and tbh I really like this solution /salute
  14. Ganking all over

    I have been following the game closely but I have failed to see this info. Is this something you, or somebody has tested out, or it's been mentioned by devs. Do you a link for that info someplace? /salute
  15. Not Confident ACE Knows How to Make Economy Work

    On the topic of ratio 40:5:5 (combatants/gatherers/crafters) That ratio would make harvesters and crafters redundant and ACE has mentioned on more than one occasion that they intend to bring back the dedicated crafters and gatherers. IMO they are on a good path to do that and they are using the right mechanics for it. My prime example is the fact that if you train for gathering you get specific results but when you fully gear your character for that activity - gathering - you get better results from the same node. Personally I hope they increase the gap between a fully specced gatherer and somebody that just has the skills. This will make it that Combatants team up with Gatherers and they all work for the common good each being best at what they do. Otherwise we will have the Albion story all over again but it will just take 2 years in stead of 4 weeks where Gatherers and Crafters become an actual drag on the guild progression while @start they were extremely effective/needed. Crafting - this is very hard imo to move away from the 'Alt' status - I hope ACE will find the way - as I see nothing so far to fix that except the actual amount of time to craft something - but it's hard and if they do for me it would be like really pulling a rabbit out of an empty hat.