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  1. A solution could be to limit gear drop to crafting training curve. Only drop gear with power 90% of crafted gear be available. This way you can have epic gear drop but only when epic crafting is viable as well.
  2. I get your point @APE and agree with the advantages of handmade design. However, in my experience playing on same map becomes boring over time. The POI random distribution makes for strategic choices on which city to choose. Random Resource distribution makes exploration a real game. So when I draw the line I think the random solution gives more flavor and play-ability in the long run.
  3. On your Question: Probably a few months. Is the game ready to be 'played'? Not by a long shot due to many broken things, some inherited and some introduced with the new patch. Judging Crowfall by your regular wow clones/wannabees out-there is wrong as it's actually a game that brings NEW stuff to the MMO Genre and new stuff takes time to make. One example of new stuff is on your list of complaints - The Map. FYI the maps are randomly generated based on input parameters - Island size, number of islands, POI on them, NPC etc. It takes them 15 minutes to generate an entirely new world and then one or more days to hand check for eventual errors. So building a system that spews out entirely new worlds in 15 minutes is a major undertaking. Bottom line - you won't play the same map twice! I get your frustration - most of us feel it as well, I know I do, but when you actually take a step back and look at the bigger picture - it gives me energy to have patience as I know that this ALREADY has the tools to make a great game but the tools need FIXES now and later on fine tuning. /salute
  4. @PopeUrban On the bright side - you already have a name for your favorite Packpig: Jason It is the Alpha of that system so it was expected to be in rough state - I feel like you are judging it from a 'launch ready state' PoV. Overall it needs lots of work indeed! I hope ACE has the time and the schedule sill in a "flexible'' state - as this build I doubt it will be beta ready earlier than 3-4 months from now.
  5. yea - they are all the same 😛 Jokes aside: I can take it as your opinion and I can state that I strongly disagree with your generalizing statements!
  6. And you believed him... Good for you! Welcome! Hugs for Crem 🤗
  7. They figured fast (2h) what was causing a serious performance issue so they took it down. They've applied a fix. QA - which is EU, if I remember right, - has been and probably is testing it atm. If everything checks out we will get access sometime today.
  8. The fact that they are permanent and make slotted disciplines permanent - they are unbalanced atm - no matter how hard they are to make. We've been promised a revisiting of the vessels and some sort of mechanic to keep that economy going and the necromancers happy. I do hope we will get it by launch.
  9. Welcome to Crowfall!
  10. To my surprise, even this active community is against early release. For me it's a BIG NO. Crowfall TEST will be open to ALL backers! That statement by JT tells me that they are bringing online much more then a test server. They are bringing online a full infrastructure to support multiple thousands of players if not tens of thousands. What we play in 5.110 can't hold 1000 people. Besides that the 5.110 in its self needs to be good enough or most non die-hards like us, will instantly give it a bad thought and that will propagate much faster then any good thought. You only have ONE chance to make a FIRST impression!
  11. I guess it's a matter of opinion. I know plenty that will rather not touch a game if they 'have to gather'. I know plenty that enjoy gathering 24/7 and will rather not touch the game if they are forced to pvp, unless they need to defend them self. There is a play style for everyone!
  12. Now that I've figure which Hakrik you are, knowing you as a person @Hakrik, if you need support in Crowfall in anyway - you can count on KDS! We've been playing quite extensively through out last year so our game knowledge is extensive. We would be happy to share, so you guys close the knowledge gap faster. /salute
  13. Haha so it's our Hakrik I thought it was just the same name. I still remember your application as being one of the best I've seen over the years. You will always be welcome in KDS! /salute
  14. Good Luck and Good Fun in the search for All Father
  15. Good to see you around @Hakrik! It will be so nice to have a good amount of player base active on EU! Good luck and good fun in the Crowfall EU adventure on behalf of KDS! /salute
  16. Added 2 more episodes from The KDS Prophet stories by Lt. Surelia:
  17. 2 more Episodes from the story of the KDS Prophet by Lt. Surelia: I personally love this kind of stories /enjoy
  18. Too much time and too much hype and I've managed to add an Event calendar in the GMS. - Events can be created for a specific unit! - Events can have a list of roles that are 'needed' - Guild members can sign up with their roles for the specific event - At the start of the day - all events for that day are being sent to discord Giefvfvfvf 5.110 😄
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