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  1. I see your point @Marklarr but there is also a downside -  if good harvesting capabilities are easy to get then everyone will get them and there will be no Real Gatherer as a specialization thus making the "gatherer player' obsolete.

    There may be tweaks involved but having energetic harvesting behind 1 month of active training looks like a good option. As far as new players go - we really need that catch-up mechanic or you are perfectly right - as 1 month will push people away. So we go around in circles...

  2. I actually like the current system. Makes for different game play if your fort/keep is close to your temple or if it's far away. 
    I actually like "far away'' as it forces commitment.

    The easier it is to get around the maps from one end to the other:
    - the less meaningful Guild Domination of an area is
    - the less Respawn Outposts matter as strategical decisions.

  3. In the Game Theory there are 2 types of games:

    1. Finite Game (Known Players, Known Rules, Agreed Upon Objective, Objective is To Win)
    Problem with this Game is that once you Win a few times it gets boring and the player base will stop. Others will come and take their place.
    This type of players have the highest churn rate.

    2. Infinite Game (Known and Unknown Players, Rules are changeable, There is no Winner, Objective is to perpetuate the game) Players will drop out when they run out of the will or resources to continue.
    Life, Marriage, Economy - those are infinite games.
    The social systems of a game are the focus here.
    This type of players have the highest retention rate.

    A successful long term mmo will need a good marriage of the two systems!

  4. 19 hours ago, yianni said:

    That's my suggestion. You say it's not a pay to win game but in reality if you want to be viable you need more than one account so people who can pay more have more accounts and can be more powerful 


    not to mention that multi boxing is supposedly not allowed 


    so only being able to train two of the three kind of locks us in a specific role only. why can't I be a combat, exploration and crafter character? To achieve this I need multiple accounts . Even with all three passives going people will still need multiple accounts if they want to be self-sufficient 

    than allow to train all gathering skills and all crafting skills at the same time - or the situation will persist

    then allow all training lines on combat as well - or people with multiple accounts can bring different comps at the next fight because they have trained Archers and Tanks and Confessors on 3 different accounts

    where dose it end?

    Allow in-game progression only so only the ones with the best macros and bots can progress faster - Darkfall anyone?

    I'd rather go with 1 line per account just so that ACE makes more money. The fact that we are allowed two is just them being nice!

  5. Thank for the update :).

    @AediusI have a feeling that a 'simple tri faction' won't be 'simple' because of all the new changes to keeps, POI's and probably favor system - so that might be an entirely new set of bugs they have not even touched yet :)

  6. When you have a good knowledge of the variables then things become boring. This does not means it's simple or boring for everyone. I bet 90% of the new players - left to fend for them them self will have tens of hours of fun and testing, hundreds of hours if you take into account the changes of dynamic of combat with stats progression. If those same people get spoon fed what's current meta - then yes is boring for them as well.

    There is no amount of depth that will not be boring once you explore it. That's why JT and TB have repeatedly said that discipline will go periodic changes just to keep the meta changing. That's for live game though - now there are bigger fish to fry then a pass on disciplines.

  7. In most fights there are winners and losers!

    Winning is fun, but too much makes is boring!

    Loosing is rarely fun!

    A good fight - regardless of the outcome - is always fun!


    Now imagine you prepare a siege - and you motivate 200 people to go on the offensive. You prepare for a few days, make plans etc.

    You get the people to the targets and 50 of them will die in the first 10 seconds due to druid or FW bombs. You win the fight! How fun was the siege for the 50 that managed to press 2 buttons?

    If the 50 would have died in 10 seconds to 200 people jumping in them  (You can see them) then the drop of the fun factor is not as extensive as being killed by 10-12 people with Invisible ground traps. And the fact that it takes 1 minute to prepare that bomb is not making it more fun. 

    Such a punishing system can work in an environment where "return to combat' is extremely short. Crowfall is not really such a system.

    I would advocate for NO INVISIBLE INSTA KILL mechanics.

    I fully agree that Crowfall needs some anti stacking mechanics but let them be some decent AOE casted by multiple people rather then 1 person - 3-5 instant kills every 30-60 seconds mechanic. 


  8. 2 hours ago, ComradeAma said:

    @thomasblair Ideally I would like to see the next system.


    All wartribe gear stats are related to a single number, that you have in the campaign editor settings, and you can change with a slider from 0 to the top possible gear (Legendary with 100% amazing rolls).

    When training is wiped, slider value is put close to 0, and stats are very low. Then as account training progresses, we start increasing the value to make gear stats bigger and bigger. Server can handle it automatically, because it knows how much time passed since the wipe.

    The current slider value should produce gear with a bit lower stats (e.g. 5-10%) then the gear that a crafter with the current training can do. In such case a player in the wartribe gear are still somewhat competetive, but if they want the best possible gear for the current training with specific stats for their specific builds, they go to a crafter. Everyone is happy.

    This is the solution that makes most sense to satisfy most sides!

  9. I get your point  @APE and agree with the advantages of handmade design. However, in my experience  playing on same map becomes boring over time.

    The POI random distribution makes for strategic choices on which city to choose. Random Resource distribution makes exploration a real game. So when I draw the line I think the random solution gives more flavor and play-ability in the long run.

  10. On your Question: Probably a few months.

    Is the game ready to be 'played'? Not by a long shot due to many broken things, some inherited and some introduced with the new patch.

    Judging Crowfall by your regular wow clones/wannabees  out-there is wrong as it's actually a game that brings NEW stuff to the MMO Genre and new stuff takes time to make.

    One example of new stuff is on your list of complaints - The Map. FYI the maps are randomly generated based on input parameters - Island size, number of islands, POI on them, NPC etc. It takes them 15 minutes to generate an entirely new world and then one or more days to hand check for eventual errors. So building a system that spews out entirely new worlds in 15 minutes is a major undertaking. 

    Bottom line - you won't play the same map twice!

    I get your frustration - most of us feel it as well, I know I do, but when you actually take a step back and look at the bigger picture - it gives me energy to have patience as I know that this ALREADY has the tools to make a great game but the tools need FIXES now and later on fine tuning.


  11. @PopeUrban On the bright side - you already have a name for your favorite Packpig: Jason :D

    It is the Alpha of that system so it was expected to be in rough state - I feel like you are judging it from a 'launch ready state'  PoV.

    Overall it needs lots of work indeed!  I hope ACE has the time and the schedule sill in a "flexible'' state - as this build I doubt it will be beta ready earlier than 3-4 months from now.

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