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  1. Let me try to give more details on what I mean. Human motivation can be based on Endorphins or Dopamine OR it can be based Serotonin or Oxytocin. Different ways to mess with the human mind - I prefer the last 2. You can see some details here:
  2. For me it has nothing to do with the state of the game play Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Launch. It has everything to do with the principles that guide the development. That is where I feel there is a very distinct approach and that difference gives me confidence in Crowfall.
  3. I know Albion is no longer what it was - and many systems have improved - however the fact that those devs have made so many bad choices - Ending at launch with ' Carleon - one city to lag them all' - has only shown their lack of <insert word form the many that would fit> . I have not touched that game since beta 1 and never will. You may feel it's similar Albion to Crowfall - I feel it's vastly different and Crowfall has an actual chance to be an MMO.
  4. @APELet me try to point out the difference between Albion and Crowfall: - Albion gathering progression - is bound to High End Resources - that you don;t want touched but by your highest skilled Gatherer so he can become better. If anyone else is gathering it - then you loose progression speed. - Albion Crafting - identical to gathering. - Albion PvP progression is bound to PvE farming - making the Amount/Minute of Stats progression limited and - thus you can only have your highest skilled players - keep getting better - if you allow that exp to be spent horizontally in the guild you loose progression speed. - Albion territorial COntrol over Gathering and PvE EXP - was bound to 5 people or 10 people - so you need to keep growing your 5 or 10. - All above activities can be covered more then well by a small group of 20-40 very active people. DF was pretty much the same. Those three major pillars in an mmo make any non power player - an actual drag on guild progression. That mechanic makes small 20-40 man guilds extremely effective while the game is meant to be an MMO - the two don't go well together. Crowfall - up to this point - has, for me, the best social building systems to date - except crafting - that needs fixing in that regard.
  5. For me it was deep intricacies between Gathering, Crafting, Logistics, PvP and Politics - because I find it as a good enough base to build upon. Great combat/siege/conquest system, Risc vs Reward and meaningful PvP can always be modified/added/expanded upon if the first are in place. Because for me the Deep Intricacies are the foundation for social interaction in an MMO. Pixels come and go. Emotions (human interaction) will keep people in game. If you fail the social/community building mechanics in an MMO - it's no longer an MMO and it will die out no matter how many pvp players will have at the start - they will run out of targets. DF and Albion failed miserably at intricacies. EvE did a much better job there.
  6. Could be a matter of perspective. For me - EVERY major principle that has drawn me to Crowfall is very much in place.
  7. and btw Hitler did it very well - we may not like what he has done ( I personally do not) but he has applied that principle and he has managed to create a product that has changed the world.
  8. By no means pursuing a vision means to not listen @APEdemocracy it's a failure - it only worked when it had an enemy - the communist block. Nowadays it's obvious that people would rather 'eat' each other if they have no outside threat. As such the chances to get a response out of a broad spectrum population that is satisfying said population is close to impossible. You will still get a "majority'' and a minority. Not hard o guess who is the loudest - the ones that did not get their way - and then product needs adjusting again. It never ends and it's pointless. If you have a dream - put it down - get whomever resonates with your dream and keep marching.
  9. Welcome to Crowfall! Very nice to see more guilds joining
  10. Asking the customer how to make your product is one of the worst ideas modern business has invented. When Steve Jobs decided to put a Ding in The Universe he did not ask for somebody's opinion - he pursued his vision. I'll take JTodd's Vision any day over our collective opinion on how the stone grows.
  11. Glad to have you join the working class as a leader Good luck with your project!
  12. While waiting for 5.110 I've decided to add the The Integrated Combat Log Parser v.2.0 to the GMS. I've increased performance by a very good margin - that's the best news So now we are ready for some decent combat analysis. Here are a few screenshots for those interested: 1. Teams: http://prntscr.com/r44gyj 2. Top 10 players: http://prntscr.com/r44k0a 3. Top 10 skills: http://prntscr.com/r44kvx 4. Player Stats 4.1. Skills [To the Player] and [By the Player]: http://prntscr.com/r44lqz 4.2. Players [Damage and Heals By the Player] and [To the Player]: http://prntscr.com/r44mg2 I look forward to check some results in 5.110! /salute
  13. I look forward to your presence. I have a feeling about it
  14. If there will be just one single objective for the whole server in the same time interval then not even 1000 will be enough. I'm hoping they will copy the campaign idea and we will get multiple objectives to be covered at the same time for a successful siege. The chess play of info gathering and where to commit what forces - makes for such a great game.
  15. First they will slingshot the Moon into the Sun in order to save Earth
  16. I don't know, I just do up to the point of being sick to my stomach and headaches that last for hours. Also playing MMO's first person I get the same. I could play darkfall though but once I had to go into structures - was game over.
  17. I've been following MMOS for 20 years. None of the titles you mentioned I've backed because none of those devs looked like they know what they are talking about. I did back Star Citizen and 2 years ago I got my money back because I can't play FPS games (I get dizzy) otherwise I still think it has chances. I did back Crowfall from day one as almost every single idea I heard from the devs I was in agreement with. I still am to this day, not with all ideas but with most. Can it fail? Absolutely! Do I think it will fail? If performance can deliver 150 people fighting at a decent framerate then it will be a success. Will I like every single feature? Doubtfully. Will I Play it? Absolutely.
  18. That’s the exact game that makes me tick as well. However managing a large guild and having the option to ‘zerg’ it’s also on my list
  19. a 5 man is a zerg against 1 player a 20 man is a zerg against 5 players a 100 man is a zerg against 20 players a 300 man is a zerg against 100 players Whom ever complains about 'zergs' is either playing the wrong game or they just like to find excuses for their own failures at playing the game.
  20. Our latest production for Valentine's Day!
  21. Thank you for the nice words sir! Nowadays you play your own part at building the environment and I thank you for it! For Valentine's Day - we've worked on a small production. I would like to say thank you to all that had the patience to help out <3. We hope you will enjoy it! /salute
  22. That's not a bad thing. It would take quite an extreme effort to not say something that they might be sorry after. Let them cool down after swallowing the burning coal they've cooked personally and we will get answers
  23. http://prntscr.com/r1pl38 I've added it where it's supposed to be. All videos will be in the first posts - the rest of the tread is for notifying on additions.
  24. In Jan Q&A we've been teased with 'loads of info on 5.110' over the next few weeks - and we got what we got - bad communication on ACE. In Feb Q&A It's been said it's coming and it will be all in one load. So we (the active community) need to hang in there as 5.110 is coming. Could be March but it's coming.
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