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  1. In Jan Q&A we've been teased with 'loads of info on 5.110' over the next few weeks - and we got what we got - bad communication on ACE. In Feb Q&A It's been said it's coming and it will be all in one load. So we (the active community) need to hang in there as 5.110 is coming. Could be March but it's coming.
  2. This made me laugh really hard - First the News and after this thread - Thank you ❤️ I can feel the frustration in the active community, but these kind of responses will generate equal amounts of frustration to ACE as well and the result is just an increasing gap between the two - that will help nobody in the end. IMO Problem is not with ACE - Problem is with the active community. Let me try to explain my pov. ACE is not making/marketing this game to the 500-1000 people bothering to keep a close eye on this game. If they would do that then I would wholeheartedly agree with every post in this thread. ACE is releasing an information flow for the masses - and the fact that there are Wartribes in the game is old news for very few people. If you are part of the active community then you obliviously care about Crowfall. Then for a moment put your self in ACE's shoes and try to understand their perspective. I get equally frustrated by the 'funny' marketing news and even more frustrated that I need to pacify my own guild, but every time I do the above exercise then I see the value in the current approach. Patience is a virtue! Yours,
  3. Agreed - and I'm happy to hear that you are the good kind of weird - the kind that spices up the life of the ones around them 🤗
  4. Happy Birthday! And if it's a troll message then : HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😄
  5. Glad you like it milady :)
  6. If you guys manage to get the sweet spot of fun then the game has succeeded! Good luck in your Crowfall Adventures! /salute
  7. Thank you for your kind words sir! They compel us to continue. /salute
  8. By Lt. Surelia, The KDS Prophet speaks once more:
  9. Nothing like you are just doing! We keep it civil and we shall enjoy his presence in our midst!
  10. 2 more episodes from The KDS Prophet stories Valentine's Day Story Wall Wars 2020 by our very own Sgt. Aurellius aka Braveheart
  11. A recruitment production from our very own Sgt. Aurellius aka Braveheart: /enjoy
  12. He's my Lieutenant so I'll give you my blessing 😍
  13. @Hyriol Thank you sir. About 3 months of coding time in stead of playing time for v3.0 and many other months in previous versions along the years. v 1.0 was used for SWTOR back in 2010 and v2.0 for Albion Online. @WilburVersion 3.0 has been build from the ground up with multi guild support in mind so I'll not be open sourcing it - we do need to keep some advantages. I did opensource the Integrated Crowfall Combat Log Parser for 2 reasons: 1. The sheer amount of data - like hundreds of thousands of records to be processed for a single fight make it hardly feasible to host it for more. 2. It's Crowfall Specific while the GMS it's build for any game out there.
  14. This means that stacks of Poor and Common and Uncommon drops from NPCs and Hunger Crystals will become vendor material as the game progresses. There was a discussion where even a POOR item will yield some xp to a legendary vessel. Was this scratched? Is this in and the wording is not clear enough?
  15. I like your style! I am glad you are part of the Crowfall story! /salute
  16. Our GMS Tool (Guild Management System) got a new feature that killed yet another spreadsheet: The POI System where members can add locations of different Points of Interest on the map allowing for easy sharing of information. In the Crowfall unique and random map system knowing fast where things are located it's extremely important. We are really looking forward to beta test the whole GMS with 5.110! For those interested in what our tool can do here is the WIKI: https://www.gms.kdsguild.ro/doku/doku.php /salute P.S. A small SS of our activity for 5.110 : http://prntscr.com/qu93fi
  17. There is something to think about here - indeed!
  18. I hope to get them at some point as small symbols in a box - like SWG. And Player can choose to show buffs or not. Same for debuffs.
  19. If PvP players can generate high amount of resources through Caravans that effectively shuts down a full game loop and a good chunk of the player base - gatherers. It will take some fine tuning but I'm confident. P.S. Don't make pure PvP guilds more effective then well rounded guilds(PvP, Crafting, Gathering, Trading, Logistics) as that will kill social interaction. Basically make Sphere Interaction more effective then taking a single path(PvP, Gathering or Crafting)
  20. @AAsama looking forward to play along side you one more time sir! /salute
  21. First Guild meeting for 5.110 on Feb 02 2020. Check forums and discord for more details. We are getting some hype going so I'm looking forward to see the new faces but also some of the old faces that will join us for this stage of the game. /salute
  22. SWTOR, Albion Online, Pirates of the Caribbean online, Star Trek online, Vanguard Saga of Heroes, Wildstar - I don't remember paying the sub on any of them as I stopped playing within the first month - and I only stop playing when people stop logging in and there is too few people to create content for.
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