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  1. The story of the 3 way fight through the eyes of our beloved Sgt. Aurellius. /enjoy
  2. For you it's like Polichinelle's Secret :). I've learned a great deal from Yumx back in the day when he was Cal, so you have a Crowfall knowledge powerhouse leading you!
  3. Greetings all, In an effort to build up the EU community, KDS is willing to share ALL current knowledge about the game with pre-established European Guilds that are interested in starting up Crowfall. We've been around on and off since Hunger Dome days 2015-2016, on every patch since Feb 2018 and on a daily basis since December 2018. We can safely say we are one of the top guilds in the Crowfall universe and our knowledge base is quite extensive. The more guilds we get established the better for all of us as the activity will increase. Conditions: 1. The guild needs to be at least 2 years old and have pre-existing online presence in other games. 2. The guild needs to have at least 5 active members. 3. The guild needs to field at least 4 players at most sieges for their respective faction. We will provide contacts on each faction so you can coordinate and assist the pre-existing player base if you don't have them yet. How to: 1. Join us in Discord: https://discord.gg/U4BenY 2. Contact me and we will take it from there. Let the Crows fly! /salute
  4. Paladins are the a class that can deal twice as much Points/Minute - HPS+DPS then any other AoE contender that are limited to mostly DPS or mostly healing. In the combat log parser a paladin can deal 160.000-180.000 Total Damage+Total Healing in a fight while the next is probably a Cleric, Confessor and Myrmidon but they stop at about 80.000-100.000 Total Damage+Total Healing. It's not a solo play class - that's for sure - but in a proper group is the foundation. Feel free to explore and build it but don't complain about it
  5. Prometeu


    good fights Poor 4g guys - they need some gear and plenty of fights - Let's hope they stick around!
  6. Our 3 group set-up is close to finalizing so we are looking at building the 4th group. We are mainly interested in the 'person behind the keyboard' - class and role we will find a balance between your fun and raid utility. If you have questions you can join us in discord first: https://discord.gg/hMmzcS /salute
  7. Good crafting results are not in the Passive tree. They are in the knowledge on how to build your set-up and how to craft. Just pointing out so you don't get disappointed again when you figure out that your epic crafts have green level stats.
  8. Deioth - I appreciate your sense of adventure and wanting to 'go b***s deep' without much game knowledge. What I don't get is why are you so negative after? If you train for gathering you can get good amounts of epic drop in 2 weeks with a white vessel and some blue gear/jewlery. Grind a few days of gathering and have an already existing crafter to make your stuff and you will be in pretty much endgame gear in 3 weeks from starting from scratch - Blue vessel, epic armor/weapons/jewelry. I hardly find that too long. Now the fact that you lack the knowledge - that's a reality and it can be easily fixed if you would either befriend an already established guild or simply join one for 1 month or two until you get your self situated and then move on to yours. Trying to reinvent 'the wheel' when the enemy is in the 'space age' will guarantee a bad experience. What I'm saying is that besides actual game issues that I agree with to some extent, you have also done things the wrong way for the results you were expecting. Think about it and maybe restart the whole process in a manner that will allow you guys to catch up at exponential speed. The game is quite fun and could use more established guilds. /salute
  9. Next campaign KDS will play for the Chaos Faction! The EU guild split should provide a good base for a 3 way action! Let the Crows fly!
  10. Upload: 1. Upload ->: http://prntscr.com/ozhod9 choose file and press upload - large files can take up to 60-90 seconds. ideally if they are over 1k split them in smaller pieces 2. If you recognize Skills that are in the 'Errors' section you can report them to me in here or in discord so I can add those skills. 3. Press the [Fight # ] of the fight you want to upload on the Combat Log Analysis Page - http://prntscr.com/ozhxhh 4. Select the Location of the Fight (Use suggestion Fields if Location is missing) Select the 'Errrors' in the list of combatants and Press Insert Fight -> http://prntscr.com/ozhyu3 If you have used the suggestion field that will require validation by an admin. View: 1. Fights: http://prntscr.com/ozhpy2 - select location 2. Click Checkbox of the fight - http://prntscr.com/ozhr8e 3. Click the Show analysis Button: http://prntscr.com/ozhrz0 4. Click on Player Names for personal stats: http://prntscr.com/ozhsf6 Under [My Combat Logs] you can clean up the 'errors'/unwanted combatants and you can move the fights to New Location. Data will be processed based on logs in the same time frame at the same location. I hope the above helps @makkon
  11. Greetings Crows, With my limited coding skills, and absolutely new to github usage, I've put together a tool that integrates combat logs from multiple people and it shows statistics of fights as well as individual players. It's not a measure of Player Skill to any extent. It's a tool to give some more insight in the combat dynamics of Crowfall. https://crowfallcombatlogparser.kdsguild.ro You will need to make an account in order to use it and make sure the username is your Crowfall name. For those interested it's based on https://userspice.com and my pages are here https://github.com/KDSProm/crowfallCobatLogParser (private so please PM me if you want access) Current Problems that could get some serious improvement: Processing speed of large combat files! I hope you will enjoy using it as much as I've enjoyed making it. /enjoy
  12. Look at Caldera or KDS - active PvP english speaking guilds - same faction atm but that will most likely change due to scenery change on the EU server.
  13. https://crowfallcombatlogparser.kdsguild.ro/combatlogparser/externalview.php?poi=31&start=2019-08-24 19:01:40.394&end=2019-08-24 20:11:05.69 If you have the patience and the server will not crush you will see a few things about that fight. My coding skills suck so I'll need to get back to the drawing board in order to open that tool to a wider audience. EU server It's alive and that's the most important thing so Thank You all for that!
  14. And the strong could only get stronger. That was 'beyond bad' long term mechanic as a result (besides the major exploits) made 4 versions of DF to date to die. Warhammer Online, had even less of an incentive to win then Crowfall does, yet there have been private servers running for many years after the official ones closed. None of that happened for DF.
  15. funny enough most of the KDS players that are playing healers have been playing healers in the last 10-15 years - so it just fits - it's not a choice @Mortys - it's not about training, there was just a class/role imbalance: things that would have changed the fights dramatically: In your favor: 1. 1 or 2 paladins in your team 2. One pull knight in your team 3. One archdruid in your team In our favor: 1 or 2 Rangers in our team - none of them was online at the time. I'm pretty sure you guys are already preparing for some of what I just listed or for something else - as it's not funny to watch from outside how forts are being taken from you 😉
  16. Absolutely support every word of @Angelmaron this topic!
  17. 10v10 KDS +Cal vs V+friends over the two forts on the Order home map.
  18. A 10v10 over two forts - fast and furious. Order kind of gave no chance to Chaos this evening for the forts while in open field fights were more equal. Thank you all for the fun!
  19. haha it's the tool parsing the combat log that can't recognize every thing very well and I've missed them when I checked since they looked like player names
  20. 1h of bloodshed of KDS and CAL vs Vanguard, Winterblades and Norden Marauders
  21. Chaos owns 1 keep. Order owns 2. There is no Balance! (pun intended) KDS and CAL split defensive duties and when the siege goes live CAL informs us of Chaos laying siege to the keep they are defending. We leave a group behind to defend that keep and we move 7 people to reinforce CAL. Once we arrive we figure out that Winterblades have finally dropped their Balance mantle and have joined EU Chaos. Now we are talking 15 to 20 of the strongest PvP players Crowfall community has to offer. What followed was over one hour of PvP with a lot of back and fourth and ultimately loads of fun! I hope you will enjoy this short #warstory /salute
  22. Not the most extensive of Recruitment messages but I feel it's exactly right for the mindset you are looking for Good luck with Recruitment! /salute
  23. If it's made by humans then it most likely can be shafted Now if that requires more effort vs one that requires less effort - I would go for the one with more effort.
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