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  1. In first EU Campaign we have achieved the second place and I would like to congratulate all our members for the effort of pushing infrastructure and keeping up with the campaign while learning the ropes at the same time. This we have not have achieved without our old friends from Click, Harbingers and the newest friends from Imperium Belli. A shout out to you guys as well! A congratulations for the win to Vanguard and their alliance and a BIG Thank You for providing a strong opposition! Looking forward to what the next one brings! /salute
  2. Greetings crows, Finally found the time to clean that roster and keep actives and alts. I'm sure I've made some mistakes and if that's the case please reapply and PM on discord for acceptance. Recruitment wise: If you have already applied to KDS on our website and you are still interested please PM in Discord and I'll take a look at your application. This week we will open up recruitment for 10 slots. First come first served but equally quality of application. /salute
  3. The first defended Keep Take over on EU. Thank you all for the fun evening and especially everyone in KDS and our allies for making this a possibility! /salute
  4. Greetings Crows, Crowfall Dregs system is like a mouse trap for new guilds. They will bring Shadow (3 faction classic) online at some point but until then without the knowledge new guilds are not in a great spot. Here are our offers: 1. Get a few guys in KDS and learn the game from the inside - but they need to respect all our rules and play like regular members. 2. Join us as in alliance and learn from there - certain limits especially about civil behavior will apply. 3. Simply PM me and I'll guide you from there - regardless of how friendly or toxic your gameplay is. You can only be as good as your best enemy allows - and beating people because they lack knowledge is not fun. Let the Crows Fly! /salute
  5. We are open for recruitment again. We don't need the player base but we want to serve as a platform to keep more people into the game. So if you are a group of players that wants to get fastest access to game knowledge we are open for that and you can either get the info or even join us as players or allies until you get your footing and we will gladly shed blood with or against you later. /salute
  6. This is hardly our first rodeo and it's fair game. I originally thought that you actually are the kind of person that would get a kick out of that kind of action but it turns out it was not planned and that makes me sad because it was mostly a problem of communication and patience. We'll try to do better at keeping our people in the loop and I wish you good fun in the world of Crowfall. No hard feelings form KDS. /salute
  7. On behalf of KDS a warm welcome to Crowfall! /salute
  8. A warm welcome to the Crowfall scene! /salute
  9. Glad to have you guys on the EU side of the game! I look forward to whatever the winter will bring /salute
  10. Great mindset for a guild environment It will be a pleasure to fight with or against you guys! /salute
  11. Tight and strong group! Adrenaline is on the menu when they are around I look forward to seeing crows with or against EITC! /hugs
  12. Welcome to Crowfall guys! Lot's of fun times ahead /salute
  13. Very happy to shed blood with or against you guys 🤗! /salute
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