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  1. Aliepo Campaign has come to an end. KDS would like to say thank you to our friends from Caldera and The Black Hand Order that have been our allies in this campaign and have helped up getting this victory. We would not have done this without you guys. The V alliance, though not at full force but still with NA presence, gave us quite a fight especially at the start with some tough sieges. Thank you for the pressure! After Summer though only Nordic Marauders were left holding the flag for the V alliance and they took all fights regardless of odds. Kudos to them for that. Another
  2. Greetings Crows, With 6.200 around the corner it's time for a KDS&EU Server Status Update. Over the last few months of Crowfall Beta we have been having a good time playing at a steady pace. One of our objectives, as through the whole development process, was to help introduce new players to Crowfall and help them close faster the knowledge gap. We have done that in two ways: 1. Recruiting new players - about 70 people have been going through KDS since the start of Beta 2. Helping Guilds new to Crowfall like Furia and TBH (The Black Hand Order) 3. Helping CAC - the French Comm
  3. Adding the Infected flag mechanic to EK’s should go a long way to making those testing battlegrounds a reality. Let the players handle it from there...
  4. Like everything in life - the more you know about a finite (limited by mathematical computation) subject the easier everything is. Now you are comparing a knowledgeable approach to a fresh perspective and being offensive in the message speaks more about the experienced person. You will find your self very lonely in any PvP games with that mind set. If you have the experience - share it and allow others to catch up faster and actually offer you a proper challenge! Beating newbies is pvp only for some! /salute
  5. My player vs your player My Gatherer vs your Gatherer My Crafter vs your Crafter My Merchant vs your Merchant All the above are still PvP and all were promised at the start. The good news is that THEY ARE ACTUALLY ALL IN! The bad news is that they still need balancing vs 'My Fighter vs your Fighter' game loop. /salute P.S. My reply assumes that the OP is referring to those subjects and not to PvE
  6. Like everything in life 'It's a matter of Perspective and Taste'
  7. Something to strive for: /salute
  8. Considering they are quite frequent in the field, in the guilds with extensive game knowledge, I doubt they need more buffs. With 6.200 everything gets reworked in terms of talents and disciplines - so any proper discussion should be postponed.
  9. I think they were nice but that also meant some of map space with no content/inaccessible. My guess is that they will be back at some point
  10. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I do like Mixed Campaigns as a solution to low population. Otherwise I prefer the lower ping for two reasons: 1. The whole gameplay feels a lot smoother, game is more responsive and combat feels more fluid. 2. Large number battles are far less of a slide show with lower ping and no matter how much more performance improvements ACE brings there will still be a threshold that will be reached. Is this a time for NA and EU parallel campaigns - most likely No because of the momentum loss. So for today I totally agree that a mixed campaign wou
  11. Considering 6.200 is in 2-4 weeks from now - that brings a great structural change to classes and disciplines - time to make that build into a launch candidate will be most likely longer than 2 months to hit the XMAS mark. On top of all that performance still needs a good amount of Love - it's also true that we have not yet properly tested latest changes due to lack of campaigns to motivate enough people to whack at each other. I expect a launch not earlier than February 2021 - but they can always surprise us
  12. That's just unnecessary bandwidth and power consumption as everyone will keep their pc on and connected where they gain the most. People that are online and play a lot they get better output through sheer game knowledge, muscle memory and access to better gear - they don't need actual stats on top of that. Carrots to be engaged with the game are always a great things. Raw Stats Power just because you play more are a bad thing as that will drive most population away from the game. Most people have RL as well
  13. I'm thinking it takes less dev time to offer full files then to make file modifiers. If that's the case then they should not spend the extra time on making smaller downloads - but rather on actual game development.
  14. Welcome Diane. It's great to see you here. I do remember the Tiggs name from SWG back in 2004 - Good old times - it was my first MMO experience so I'm totally biased
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