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  1. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please ) about 6.500 Combat Balancing - is going the right direction UI Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Player Retention Rate Lack of playable content (HD and a 3 faction campaign would provide that Lack of a HELP chat channel - expanded across all worlds. General chat is locked to World and New Player Questions remain unanswered giving them all a bad taste. If you want to help you actually h
  2. Greetings fellow crows and ACE, I've been around for the last 30 months and played almost daily and so far I have agreed with most decisions taken. I think ACE has build very Solid Systems that could make some Great games. However the current game is badly balanced on many levels and that makes it very unattractive. I have hopes because IMO it's a matter of Balance and not Core Mechanics. I was hoping that getting close to launch we will get that pass on balance and make The/A Game and not just a bunch of systems thrown together. I'm also thinking that balancing can be done lat
  3. Great job! I love seeing the Crowfall Vision, as I understood it, coming to fruition! ❤️
  4. Could be an alternate rule set but it would not be my first choice.
  5. Hello sir, We are always looking for likeminded players. If after reading our recruitment post we look like something you could enjoy then please follow the instructions and make an application! /salute
  6. KDS Exchange Our Trade Hub is operational! Come as a Customer, Leave as a Friend! /salute
  7. I loved them back in SWG - I feel they add to immersion.
  8. Imo this is not an issue in the pixels/power advantage curve. Sounds very good on paper -- 25% -- so people want to buy VIP but has close to zero impact. Great choice tbh.
  9. Atm Switching tray is blocked by CC. I find this extremely cumbersome because I need to visually check if my bar has switched so I don't press other skills that will kill my rotations.
  10. Imo Death is the only real equalizer (for all) - for now at least. For the living diversity is the base (special/niche) I think we are talking apples and oranges. Focus on the ideas and let the ignorance be ignorance.
  11. It's a large scale sandbox pvp game. It can't work for small/medium guilds unless the small/medium guilds find some fun sand in the sandbox on their own. If you expect a game systems to favor a small guild that can't be exploited to oblivion by any large guild then you need more experience with the genre. It's very simple: A large guild can always make a small guild to compete at that scale. And have the large (rest of) guild to back it up. A small guild can't make a large guild to compete at that scale. Bottom line: Small guilds are shafted by default. Find your own f
  12. Q: Will EK be given the 3 faction banners so that players can choose any size teams and allow even more customized content to be created by the community?
  13. Performance has seen some significant improvements since the start of beta. Performance was my greatest fear for the success of the game but now I'm past that. More performance improvements are coming according to the devs and considering they have kept their word so far - I have hopes that it will get even better. As for my background - I have played the game close to daily since Dec 2018. /salute
  14. Greetings fellow crows, 6.400 is here and we see that we have a change in population flow. Usually we had a drop in activity rate after the first few days. Now we see more and more action everyday and that gives me hopes that we are on an a good path to increased activity. I look forward to the next few weeks - I hope that many many crows will fly! /salute
  15. Old native Americans believed that Photography was stealing their souls. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C Clarke We humans fear change by nature. The pandemic has already changed our lives - for some with a heavy mark. Technological advancements have changed our lives. Not all for the better but as a race we seem to have progressed. This technology (vaccine like) is going to change our lives again. I can't say if for better or worse though. As a medical doctor I can tell anyone that there is no guarantee! "The
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