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  1. Considering 6.200 is in 2-4 weeks from now - that brings a great structural change to classes and disciplines - time to make that build into a launch candidate will be most likely longer than 2 months to hit the XMAS mark. On top of all that performance still needs a good amount of Love - it's also true that we have not yet properly tested latest changes due to lack of campaigns to motivate enough people to whack at each other. I expect a launch not earlier than February 2021 - but they can always surprise us
  2. That's just unnecessary bandwidth and power consumption as everyone will keep their pc on and connected where they gain the most. People that are online and play a lot they get better output through sheer game knowledge, muscle memory and access to better gear - they don't need actual stats on top of that. Carrots to be engaged with the game are always a great things. Raw Stats Power just because you play more are a bad thing as that will drive most population away from the game. Most people have RL as well
  3. I'm thinking it takes less dev time to offer full files then to make file modifiers. If that's the case then they should not spend the extra time on making smaller downloads - but rather on actual game development.
  4. Welcome Diane. It's great to see you here. I do remember the Tiggs name from SWG back in 2004 - Good old times - it was my first MMO experience so I'm totally biased
  5. Glad to see more communication happening ❤️ Keep up the good work and give us a place to slaughter each other !
  6. I've been playing this game for like 20 months almost daily. I find it to be in a comparable if not a better state than most AAA mmos launches I've played last 20 years and I don't think I've missed many/any. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so all I can say is that I totally disagree with you! /salute
  7. It's healthier to focus on the game and/or on the community and less on the personal.
  8. In my educated way I will say that we can agree to disagree!
  9. If PvP is stale for you try RL: hiking, swimming, heavy lifting, scuba diving, mountain climbing. I'm convinced nothing computer games related can help you there.
  10. I would like to have it being introduced as an intended mechanic. The fact that it got removed it's a sign that it was most likely not intended to work the way it did. /salute
  11. @monedathat tech is already in so it's just a matter of actually putting it to work on that loot table. I fully support the idea of re balancing that loot distribution with empasis on green stuff vessels/jewels to be doable with Infected or above drops. Oh I disagree - you might not loose the drops but you do waist time and potions which is farming bone time ... so there is a pvp cost associated with it.
  12. One evening out and we got 7-8 fights, some of them together with our allies Furia and TBH. Here are 4 fights we had only as KDS:
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