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  1. Greetings crows, It has come to my attention, and I have seen discord screenshots, where KDS members are poaching people from other guilds to join us. We are truly honored by the effort some people put into taking the KDS name in the mud as it means that we are actually doing a good job. To clarify: 1. If that would actually be a KDS member it would mean he has understood NOTHING from what KDS stands for and we would part our ways. 2. If somebody would actually join us on a promise of 'position' or 'pixels' that would also make for a short relation so they should reconsider. 3. KDS policy on considering applications from players from other guilds: 3.1. Original Guild goes inactive and the member can always go back to their original guild if they reform - no hard feelings attached. 3.2. The player really wants to join KDS and he gets approval by his current leadership. 3.3. That guild and the player don't see eye to eye on matters and the player has left already. Like any system may have it's failures but we do strive for it. /salute
  2. Please add the option for Guild chat to bubbles - that will be used as a Marker for coordination in combat - like a Commander symbol in GW2.
  3. Castle defense 37 KDS+ 2 from a 3man guild, vs ANKI + Cyberbullies around 80 attackers. Another 20-25 EITC+Click as a third party looking for blood. You could hear the tension in the silence of our Teamspeak. I want to express my deepest respect for the determination and the discipline of every KDS member that has made this possible - from our gatherers to our pvpers.<3 Enjoy,
  4. The main problem I see with a single dregs is that EU guilds will get shafted in Conquest because the NA Time Zone sieges are at 3-5 AM while EU TZ sieges are in NA midday so NA can leach Forts and participate in EU sieges. NA Alliances are big while EU is running around with 20-40 people guilds/alliances - that will also most likely force EU to coagulate into 1-2 alliances just to 'survive' leading further to: - probably no internal EU conflict. - All the small EU guilds will be forced to merge into bigger guilds if they want to 'play' the endgame because there won't be Alliance slots for 3-10 man guilds. It's not the end of the world I just want to make as many people as possible aware so they know what's coming - at least in my understanding of dynamics. /salute
  5. Thank you for giving me something to play for 30 months straight already. I'm too old to be fanboy so I'll settle with any other title 🙏
  6. Considering the core mechanics of crowfall (character and world) that is 'non issue' as you are not stuck with a specific world or in a queue like in most classical approaches.
  7. you can get 15k gold in one hour in GR farming - 300 gold per day/vendor = 50 days of fees
  8. Good luck and lots of fun in the Dying Worlds New Horizon! /salute
  9. I think your problem is that you want something you have played before because most other games do exactly that - copy previous games. Try something new but in order to do that you need to let go of prejudice and that takes effort. Mammals in general have an inherited fear of new and humans are still mammals. Takes neocortex (the part of the brain humans have over mammals) to 'want to explore' and that's a conscious choice. It's up to each of us to want to make that choice. It has bugs and lacks polish, balance and quality of life - making it hard to swallow - I totally agree on that part.
  10. In first EU Campaign we have achieved the second place and I would like to congratulate all our members for the effort of pushing infrastructure and keeping up with the campaign while learning the ropes at the same time. This we have not have achieved without our old friends from Click, Harbingers and the newest friends from Imperium Belli. A shout out to you guys as well! A congratulations for the win to Vanguard and their alliance and a BIG Thank You for providing a strong opposition! Looking forward to what the next one brings! /salute
  11. Greetings crows, Finally found the time to clean that roster and keep actives and alts. I'm sure I've made some mistakes and if that's the case please reapply and PM on discord for acceptance. Recruitment wise: If you have already applied to KDS on our website and you are still interested please PM in Discord and I'll take a look at your application. This week we will open up recruitment for 10 slots. First come first served but equally quality of application. /salute
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