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  1. Just add some cosmetic rewards - or even some EK stuff - statues/ houses - etc and you got the population problem solved regardless of level of wipe.
  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again: ACE has build so far the stage, the puppets and the strings. What we've been watching/playing are the first 5 minutes (on repeat) of a many hours show. So far they have build tools. Now they are getting close to actually using them. I think this whole show is about to be unraveled and it might actually turn up into a roller-coaster.
  3. I'm of multiple minds here: 1. Have it SMITE style - everything fast and easy to reach max stats! Makes it easy to get into but very little emotional attachment to pixels. 2. Have it LINEAGE style - everything is A GRIND! Hard to get into but builds best emotional attachment to pixels due to sheer effort to get them. 3. Have it KOREAN style - where RL cash will buy you actual progression and subsequently power. I hate the 3 option with all my being. I think the best solution is a good marriage between 1 and 2 - and luckily enough ACE seems to go for the same th
  4. Happy Holydays Everyone! May we all have a better 2021😇! /salute
  5. Welcome to Crowfall! I really like the mindset. /salute
  6. The Winning EU Campaign Guild got to claim 3 empty legendary chest... Not easy to manage pixels/beta status vs effort put into this campaign.
  7. This is still in the game - Camp-> House -> Armor Chest http://prntscr.com/w6jk5a but basic resources don't give dust anymore.
  8. It's been a long and meandrous road for many of us. We get stuff rushed to us without enough testing - because we are not playing on test and they don't pay enough testers. At the same time I remember more than once when this community asked for the latest changes to be deployed to live asap and "we'll deal with it". Current build, is not as bad as the sep/oct one but is not great either in terms of bugs taking the fun out of the game. Making a game and keeping a live service (maintaining enough interest in the population) it's not the prettiest of pictures and many of us have w
  9. The guilds that have already invested Mats and Gold in current campaign could use some sort of reimbursement. At the end of the day is just pixels but there was people's time invested in it and we don't need another reason to push people away from the game.
  10. Really bad design choice unless there is a dev agenda that we are not privy to.
  11. Those resources just kill the rest of 21h of gameplay.
  12. Winning a fort, in a 3 way fight, in the last 8 seconds...
  13. First we got pushed out by NM, ABYS and Furia. We respawned and went back with like 7 min remaining. I only got 5 minutes of footage but it was something to remember! Thank you to all involved - great fights and even loosing would have felt epic! Enjoy!
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